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Top 20 Fujifilm Manager Statments about Fujifilm X-H2, X100V/X-T3 Firmware, Monochrome, Open X Mount, Fixed Lens GFX and More


With the Fujifilm X-T4 about to hit the market (and actually already shipping in some), Fujifilm managers all over the globe are giving tons of interviews to make the world ready for the best camera it has ever seen to date: the Fujifilm X-T4 :).

Of course, I pre-ordered it, too :)

Now, for your convenience, I always provide a practical summary of all manager statements in my various article, and yet, with so many interviews, there might be some statements you might have missed anyway.

So I thought I filter out those statements, that I consider most relevant, and put them all into this article.

However, there is so much more interesting stuff to read, and so I strongly recommend you to check out all the original articles. I will provide all links below.

Manager Statements

And here are the links to all the interviews:

  • April 14: Fujifilm Manager: “We Open the X Mount to Third Parties. X-H Line Continues. No GFX Fixed Lens Camera & More”
  • April 13: Fujifilm Manager: “I think There will be a Fujifilm X-E4, but it Might Skip one Sensor/Processor Generation”
  • April 11: Fujifilm Manager: X100V/X-T3 Firmware, Fujifilm X-H2 will Come, Zero Monochrome Chances, 32 Megapixel Limit for Current XF Lenses & More
  • April 11: Fujifilm Manager Talks X-T4 and More: “We Want to Continue Fujifilm X-H Line. Fujifilm X-T3 Firmware Update under Consideration”
  • April 10: Fujifilm USA Manager: “Fujifilm X-T4: Lots of Pre-Orders and Available Mid-May”
  • April 8: Fujifilm Manager: “New Fujifilm X-T3 Firmware Update? Fuji’s Philosophy is Not to Abandon Products Once a Successor it Out”
  • April 6: Top Fujifilm Manager Toshi Iida Talks Fujifilm X-T4, Strong X-T4 Pre-orders, How COVD-19 Affects Fujifilm, GFX vs FF, Anamorphic Lenses and More
  • April 2: Fujifilm Manager Explains Impact and Challenges of Covid-19, from Fujifilm X-T4 Shipping to Huge Increase in Online Printing
  • March 27: Fujifilm Manager X-T4 Interview: Vary Angle Screen has Advantages also for Still Photographers, APS-C is Sweet Spot

And here some of the key statements:

  1. Fujifilm will open X mount to third party lenses (Tokina makes the start)
  2. Fujifilm wants to make the GFX system smaller and lighter
  3. no GFX fixed lens camera planed
  4. Fujifilm GFX100 sold 50% better than expected. Strong sales in China
  5. Fujifilm will keep 3 camera lines in the GFX series: GFX50R rangefinder, GFX50S DSLR style and GFX100 with integrated grip
  6. Priority for GFX is faster autofocus, but currently there is no 50/60/70 megapixel sensor for GFX with phase detection pixels
  7. several managers confirm that there will be a Fujifilm X-H2 [but trust FujiRumors… it’s still a long wait]. It will introduce innovations into that series. It looks especially on the video side of things
  8. there are zero chances that Fujifilm makes a monochrome camera for the 10th anniversary of the Fujifilm X series (2021)
  9. several managers are very confident that there will be major X-T3 firmware updates [you bet there will ;)]
  10. current Fujinon XF lenses can resolve up to 32 megapixel. If cameras with more megapixel are launched [the rumored 43MP?] then there is need for new lenses
  11. there will be a firmware update for Fujifilm X100V. It won’t change the heat management itself, but improve the warning when thermal limit is reached
  12. X-T4 has a new synch terminal cap mechanism [for people like me, who keep losing it, this is a welcome news]
  13. all X-T4’s are made in China
  14. X-T4 pre-orders are quite strong
  15. Fujifilm believes the vary angle LCD screen is the best solution, as it’s the most flexible one
  16. Fujifilm wants to expand the video lenses lineup, but they currently do not consider anamorphic lenses
  17. at the moment their roadmap does not contain any ‘Mark II’ products but they will be working on new versions of many of their ‘key’ lenses. On the other hand, another manager says that if Fujifilm updates older lenses, then this will kill sales of originals because people will expect them all to be updated
  18. if customers react well to XC 35mm F2, there will be more of these lenses
  19. despite COVID-19, for now, all R&D plans remain unchanged
  20. an Italian Fujifilm manager says he thinks there will be an X-E4, but it might skip 1 sensor and processor generation

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