Cameralabs Fujifilm GFX100 Review: “I’m Struck at How Easy it is to Enjoy 102 Megapixel”


Gordon from Cameralabs published his full Fujifilm GFX100 review.

Down below are his findings:

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Fujifilm X-E3 with XF 23mm f/2 Combo Marked as Discontinued/Back-Ordered


When Fujifilm launched the Fujifilm X-E3, they made something terribly smart, that I strongly believe contributed to the success of the Fujifilm X-E3: they sold it bundled with the Fujinon XF23mm F2 for the attractive price of $949, basically making you save $250 over the regular price of $1,200.

And for months, this combo kept up selling decently.

But something strange is happening these days.

The Fujifilm X-E3 with XF 23mm F2 combo is starting to get listed as back-ordered or even discontinued all over the world.

BHphoto here and Adorama here listed the black X-E3 with 23/2 as back-ordered, whereas WexUK here is a tiny bit more explicit:

We no longer sell this product and will not be receiving any new stock. Check below for availability of second-hand units.

At the time of this post, you can still find a limited number of black X-E3 with 23/2 at AmazonUS.

So far, it seems only the black X-E3 with 23/2 is back-ordered. The X-E3 black body only as well as the silver X-E3 + 23/2 combo are still available at BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS and also WexUK. But I don’t know what will happen once also the silver combo one runs out of stock.

Maybe Fujifilm decided that it’s time to end the nice combo deal.

I will contact sources, and try to figure out what’s going on. Once I get reply, I’ll update this article.

Fujifilm X-E3: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS, FocusCamera

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Craftsmanship of Fujinon Premista Lenses Cine Lenses


Fujifilm published a short video, where they show the process of manufacturing the Fujinon Premista 28-100mm T2.9 and Fujinon Premista 80-250mm T2.9-3.5.

From polishing, inspecting, coating, cementing, painting, lens grinding, assembling, optical adjustment and more.

They explained they applied to the Fujinon Premista lenses the same technologies they applied for their 4K and 8K lenses.

The Premista lenses are pretty light, and Fujifilm says they worked to minimize the weight of even tiny components as small as 1 gramm.

Fujifilm says that in the Fujinon Premista lenses you find both, the quality of their flagship HK Premier lenses and also the compact size of their Cabrio ZK  lenses. That’s why they think they made the best lens ever.

You can see a short movie shot on Fujinon Premista below.

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LAST WEEK of Fujifilm X/GFX Deals (Maybe)


Fuji X/GFX Summer Deals

Officially, technically, theoretically, this should be the last week of the Fujifilm X/GFX summer deals. But practically, I have no idea what will happen after July 27.

Down below is what you can save, if you buy your Fuji gear today.

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DJI confirms Ronin-S will get Fujifilm X Support via Firmware Update


Recently DJI launched the DJI Ronin-SC with partial support for Fujifilm cameras (full news here).

Once the news hit the web, some FR-readers wondered what happened to the firmware update, that DJI promised to deliver for the DJI Ronin-S to finally support Fujifilm cameras.

As you can see above, DJI confirmed on Twitter, that that engineers are still working on it.