DJI confirms Ronin-S will get Fujifilm X Support via Firmware Update


Recently DJI launched the DJI Ronin-SC with partial support for Fujifilm cameras (full news here).

Once the news hit the web, some FR-readers wondered what happened to the firmware update, that DJI promised to deliver for the DJI Ronin-S to finally support Fujifilm cameras.

As you can see above, DJI confirmed on Twitter, that that engineers are still working on it.


Fujifilm Manager: “GFX100 Orders are Incredibly High”. Zack Arias: “I Might Sell my Phase One”


Fujifilm manager Toshihisa Iida was at the Fujifilm GFX100 launch event in India, along with Zack Arias.

It’s a 1+ hour video, that I have conveniently summed up below in a 2 minutes read time for you ;).

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STC Optics Clip Filters for Fujifilm X Available with Special FujiRumors Deal and GFX Clip Filters Coming September

How to Instal the Clip-in Filter? Tutorial Video at the Bottom if this Article

How to Instal the Clip-in Filter? Tutorial Video at the Bottom if this Article

STC Optics Fuji X Clip Filters

The STC Optics Clip Filters for Fujifilm are finally available for purchase at the STC Optics shop here, and they come with an exclusive deal the FujiRumors community.

If you buy a STC Optics clip filter, just use coupon code “FUJIRUMORS.COM” and you will get a free stackable aerospace-grade metal clip filter case.

The deal ends July 28. Usage limit per user: 1

Read all instructions to get the deal in this STC article.

The Fujifilm X system clip filter currently provides 11 filter functions. Actually, it should have 12 but the UV-IR CUT of infrared 650nm is not ready yet, so if you guys need it, you can send an inquiry to STC Optics.

Coming for Fujifilm GFX

STC Optics told me, that the Clip filters for Fujifilm GFX will ready in September and be compatible with GFX50S, GFX50R and GFX100.

Advantages over Conventional Filters

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The Travel Trinity: Fujinon XF 16-80mmF4 vs XF 18-55mm vs XF 18-135mm Specs Comparison


The Travel Trinity

Two of the most popular and loved travel lens options for Fujifilm X shooters are the Fujinon XF18-55mm f/2.8-4 and XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6.

But there is one lens, that might rule them all: the just announced Fujinon XF 16-80mm f/4.

The XF16-80 sits nicely between the XF18-55 and XF18-135 in terms of size and price, but it stands out from the rest by offering 6 stops of OIS and a new feature, where the lens automatically detects if you are shooting on a tripod, and automatically adjust OIS accordingly.

Optically it’s all still to evaluate. But initial impressions as well as full size samples can be found in our live blogging.

In this post, we are going to just compare the mere specs of the travel trinity. So, if you want to compare filter size, weight, size, minimum focus distance and more, access this dedicated BHphoto specs comparison page.

Personally I am very happy with my XF18-135mm, which snapped my favorite image of 2018 and makes it hard for me to replace it with anything, unless the XF16-80 has some significant image quality advantage.

Time will tell how the XF16-80 stands up against the other zooms, and of course you’ll be the first to know, if you follow FujiRumors on Facebook, Instagram, RSS-feed, Youtube, Flipboard and Twitter.

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