BREAKING: Fujifilm X-H2S to shoot 40 fps Bursts


According to our trusted sources, the 26 megapixel stacked BSI sensor Fujifilm X-H2S will shoot up to 40 fps in electronic shutter.

If I am not wrong, that’s 10 to 20 fps faster than any full frame stacked sensor camera out there.

So, on paper, the X-H2S will be significantly superior to those cameras in terms of bursts.

But on paper also Sony cameras are weather sealed ;).

What I want to see on May 31 (the date of the X summit) is how well those 40 fps work, hence how much Fujifilm has improved its autofocus.

Because Sony, Canon and Nikon are all doing a better job in this area.

So, dear Fujifilm, offer 40 fps makes sense only if you can get at least an 80+% hit rate out of those massive bursts. Otherwise it will remain a feature for the specs sheet, but not for the real life use.

I don’t know you, but I can’t wait for May 31… lots of questions are going to be answered on that day.

Oh, and don’t leave me all alone here on FujiRumors on May 31. Join us for the Live Blog and non-stop launch coverage.

Fujifilm X-H2 and X-H2S rumored specs list:

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Instant Camera “Instax Mini 11” Price Revision


Fujifilm announced a 15% price increase on the Instax Mini 11.

Oh well, let’s hope other Instax products or even Fujifilm X/GFX products won’t be affected by price increases.

Press Release

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The Power of Fujifilm Colors: Leaving Fuji for Nikon Z and Back to Fuji for the Colors – A Story and an Image Roundup


FR-reader Gerben’s wrote me an email that hunted me for several weeks and finally motivated me to do something that I hardly have time to do anymore for the reasons I’ve explained on my birthday: an image roundup.

So what did Gerben write me? Well, in short, he left Fujifilm for Nikon Z but then switched back to Fujifilm for one main reason: colors!

Dear Patrick,

I have been using the xpro3 for some time, i quite liked it except the small grip, and rear LCD (I noticed i take quite a few quick shots of my daughter via the rear LCD) and some other things. Therefore I decided to look around and try Nikon. I read color rendition was about the same and face detect was better.

So i traded in my X-Pro3 and bought a Nikon Z6 and the 50 1.8s. Almost everything i liked: comfy grip, nice buttons, highly detailed EVF and LCD, top LCD, fast AF and face AF, great high ISO and so on.

But to my horror I noticed one thing was off quite often, the colors.

This was probably due to WB, but i shoot mostly family and JPEG and the skin tones either looked greenish in low light or to saturated red in good light.

Then i picked up the original X100 and shot a few scenes. BOOM, the colors and WB were right without any tweaking. Just sooc provia jpeg. Wow. I always thought fuji jpegs were great but that Canon and Nikon have good jpegs to.

It seems Fuji is still better. I really wanted to like the Z6, but if all factors are awesome but the colors are meh then its a no go for me. So i turned back the lens and body. Now waiting for my refund. Luckily my trusty 35 1.4 wasn’t sold yet. I am probably getting the X70 and X-T1 as i like the colors an X-H1 for low light and video. Ow yeah i also have the old D700. This older sensor renders sooc jpeg colors much nicer then the Z6 and are quite similar to my X100.

So i had a quick flirt with Nikon mirrorless but am back now at the Fuji camp. Guess ill be reading your post more often.

And in order to help to make non-Fuji-shooters understand what Fuji colors mean, I looked at the images shared at our Film Simulation group and picked a few of them for all of you to enjoy.

One important note: some images ARE edited.

Editing is allowed in our group. But it’s allowed, as long as one does not start to fiddle around with the colors in post. So you can add/recover shadows/highlights, sharpen, edit out disturbing elements from your image, add some contrast and whatever you want to do. But the colors must be Fujifilm colors, hence the film simulation profile must be selected in post. No other filters applied and don’t play around with the color tools in the RAW converter of your choice.

We have this rule, because SOOC is great, but here on FujiRumors we believe that also RAW shooters profit from great Fuji colors, as it shortens their editing time.

And I know what I talk about, because when I edited the tons of images I took at the wedding I photographed, just scrolling over the film sim profiles in Capture One and in a matter of seconds see which film simulation gave me the best mood for that particular picture, was a true time saver! I just focused on editing other aspects of the images, as Fuji took care of the colors for me.

Final note: members of our group also often fine tune their film simulation and make recipes out of them. If you are curious to know more details about the specific recipe just ask them in the comments of their post about it.


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Last Deal Standing (but it’s a GREAT One)



Thanks to the current rebate, you can bring home a brand new Fujifilm X-T3 WW (without charger) for $999 only. And if you get it with the XF18-55 kit lens, you’ll pay only $1,299.

And yes, I know everybody is waiting to see how the Fujifilm X-H2S looks like. But no matter how stellar its specs will be, at $999 the X-T3 will remain an incredibly attractive option also after the launch of the X-H2S.

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THE FINAL WORD: Fujifilm X-H2S Cooling Accessory, Good or Bad? Vote this POLL

the accessory in the image shows the front side of the Tilta for Canon R5 - not the actual accessory for Fujifilm
the accessory in the image shows the front side of the Tilta for Canon R5 – not the actual accessory for Fujifilm

I have rarely..

No wait, let me re-phrase it.

I have NEVER experienced such a divise discussion about a Fujifilm accessory as in case of the upcoming Fujifilm X-H2S external cooling accessory.

So it’s time to sum up all the position in one single survey and see if Fuji’s solution is appreciated or not.

But before you vote, keep in mind this:

  • the X-H2S will record videos also without this accessory. It’s not that you press the record button and the camera will instantly overheat
  • if you do a mix of photos and not too long videos, you don’t have to attach the cooling fan to the camera
  • the cooling accessory is probably more something for when you plan to make longer continuous videos (an interview, etc) and want to make sure you don’t occur in any overheating issues
  • this accessory is NOT like the improvised suboptimal third party Tilta solution for the Canon R5, so the backside of the accessory will NOT expose the fan and it will also be slimmer and more efficient

My take?

The DNA of the X-H line is in the letter “H” which stands for “Hybrid”!

And being hybrid, it has to work fine for both stills and video shooters.

This also means that compromises are inevitable: stills shooters tolerate the selfie screen vloggers love, and video shooters will have to tolerate to occasionally have to mount the cooling accessory on the camera for longer video recordings (how long we will see on May 31).

This is why overall I applaud this solution. it gives video shooters the option to record long videos under bright summer sun without any overheating worries and at the same times gives stills shooters a more compact and affordable camera.

But what about you? Feel free to vote the survey down below.

Regarding the optional attachable external cooling Accessory for X-H2S....

View Results

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