Fujifilm launches “FUJIFILM X Webcam” to Run Your Fujifilm X/GFX Cameras as a Webcam


Fujifilm has just launched FUJIFILM X Webcam, which will allow you to run some Fujifilm cameras as a webcam.

A few notes from FujiRumors:

  • It is only for PC… but…
  • also the much praised Canon Webcam Utility software is PC only
  • it looks to be compatible with the same list of cameras that you can tether with

If you are looking for a free solution to run your Fujifilm camera as a webcam on a Mac, this is your workaround.

Press Release + Fuji Guys Video Tutorial

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Fujifilm Camera Remote 4.5.1 Released


Fujifilm Camera Remote App

Fujifilm Camera Remote 4.5.1 update has been released.

  • Bug Fixes and performance improvements
    *Above feature varies depending on what camera you use

You can download the iOS version at the AppStore and the Android version here.

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Fujifilm GFX100 will Get Free ProRes RAW via Firmware Update Soon and Unclear if X-T4 will Get it Too


We received report (thanks), that Fujifilm will soon release a free firmware update for Fujifilm GFX100, which will add ProRes RAW capabilities to Fujifilm GFX100.

ProRes RAW is a new codec released by Apple, that allows for much smaller video file sizes than before, while retaining the higher quality video data rates and editing capabilities, of the original Uncompressed RAW video.

If the Fujifilm X-T4 will get it too, it’s still unclear. But we know, those things are always harder to achieve with X Trans sensors (such as pixel shift, too, for example).

Speaking of pixel shift, that’s also to come with a firmware update on Fujifilm GFX100, but I am not sure when this will happen. Fujifilm is still working full power on it. It will be released, only when ready.

Looks like the Fujifilm GFX100 will be covered with lots of Kaizen firmware love!

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RISESPRAY 35mmF0.95 MKIII now $299 Deal and REVIEW by a Guy, Who Stupidly left Fujifilm for Sony and then Switched back to Fuji :)


The RISESPRAY 35mm f/0.95 Mark III Standard Lens for Mirrorless Camera (Fuji X-Mount) is now $100 off with coupon code. All details here at AmazonUS.

  • PREMIUM OPTICAL DESIGN: 12 circular aperture blades, 8 groups 11 elements lens structure with high quality multi-coated optical glass, ensures low image distortion, excellent image sharpness and contrast. 35mm focal length is equivalent to 52.5mm on APS-C camera. Perfect for portraits shooting with fascinating background blur effect.
  • COMPATIBILITY:Compatible with SONY E/ Fujifilm FX/Micro 4/3/Canon EF-M/Nikon N1 series interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras
  • AMAZING LARGE APERTURE: Designed with high quality multi-coated optical glass. Exquisite body features amazing maximum aperture of F0.95, which creates fascinating background blur effect and sharper image quality. No worries about the low-light & night scene, just shoot and enjoy the safe and fast shutter speed.
  • EASY TO USE: with the focal length scale and smooth focal ring. After a short term learning, it’s very easy to focus what you want and feel the unique charm of the manual lens, and lets you more concentrate on the image itself.
  • WHAT YOU GET – lens, lens front & rear caps,MCUV filter ,star 4/6/8 point filter,metal filter case and microfiber cleaning cloth. NOTE: Camera NOT INCLUDED.

If you are interested in a review, there is one made by Jonathan, who contacted me and let me know about it.

But before we go to the lens, here is

A little over a year ago, I (stupidly) sold all of my Fuji X gear to move to Sony (and then back to Fuji again).

Well, that sounds familiar, for example:

So, what does Jonathan think about the Risespray 35mm f/0.95 MKIII (which has 12 aperture bladed vs 9 on the Mitakon)?

  • build quality surprisingly good
  • It is all metal and glass
  • focus ring is quite smooth with just a very slight hint of play in it
  • aperture ring also turns very smoothly and is unfortunately clickless
  • Risespray is a bit smaller and lighter than the Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 MK II
  • Flare will cause issues, but no more so than the Mitakon
  • Image Quality: I’m very satisfied with the results
  • I’m not seeing anything bad enough to make me want to send this back

You can read it all and see more samples at jonathanhrovath.

If you want to check out the lens, you can do so at AmazonUS here.