Mirrorless Camera Market Share 2019: Fujifilm Third after Sony and Canon and a Quick Look into the 2020 Market Share


You might remember how back in November 2019, we shared the worldwide mirrorless camera market share data for 2018 here (for the DSLR+mirrorless data check out this article).

Now a year has passed, and Techno System Research, a major marketing research company located in Japan, has published the data for 2019.

So what changed between 2018 and 2019? Let’s compare:

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The Ultimate Fujifilm Film Simulation Guide :: Get Bleach Bypass & Co in C1 on Older Fuji Cameras :: & More – X-Trans/Film Sim. Roundup


X-Trans / Raw Converters / Film Simulations Roundup

These days I am catching up with all the content you guys shared me over the last few weeks and months, and I promised to share at some point.

So, after a big camera roundup and a big lens roundup, here is a X-Trans Raw Coversion film simulation roundup.

Why all this in such a short time?

Well, because soon Fujifilm will unleash a product-strom, with the announcement of:

And all this goodness will come on January 27.

Ahead of January 27 there will be lots of rumors, and after that, FujiRumors will cover everything you need to know about the new products.

So I am using this weekend of realitive quiteness to catch up. And I know there is still content you guys sent me that has not yet been shared. I have it all saved. And at some point I’ll share that one too.

I really do my best, but it’s a huge amount of content you send me and that I have to check out. And no matter how hard and how much I work, it’s not easy to keep up sometimes.

Down below you can check out today’s roundup.

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Fujinon XF50mmF1.0 and XF10-24mmF4 MK II Reviews, Hope for XF18mmF2 MK II, Viltrox, TTartisans and Much More – Lens Roundup


Here is lens roundup, from Fujinon X lenses to native third party options.

Lots of stuff to check out if you want :).

We start with Fujinon XF lenses and then third party options to follow.

Fujinon XF50mmF1.0: Customer Reviews on AmazonUSCustomer Reviews on BHphoto

Lens Roundup

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Irix Teases Fastest GFX lens Coming soon and Additional Tidbits about the Upcoming Irix f/1.4 lens


We have already leaked product images and sample images of the upcoming Irix f/1.4 lens for the Fujifilm GFX system.

Today, exclusively here on FujiRumors, we have more information for you:

  • 102 megapixel resolution ready
  • Durable construction (and weather sealed)
  • Painterly depth of field
  • Smooth focus ring for silent shooting

The GFX Community

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