This Guy Turned his Fujifilm X100V into a Limited Edition X100VI using Stickers

Here is a little weekend curiosity.

At the recent X Summit Fujifilm announced the limited edition Fujifilm X100VI. Fujifilm also has a dedicated page for it here.

The limited edition X100VI camera body is engraved with the corporate brand logo from Fujifilm’s founding in 1934, along with a unique serial number. And only a limited number of 1934 samples is made wordwide.

Well, now a guy over at the Chinese Weibo platform has crafted stickers to transform his X100V into a budget-friendly imitation of the limited edition X100VI.

I am not sure if he plans to sell those stickers, or if it is only for his personal use.

Regardless, I anticipate it won’t be long before a similar sticker finds its way to the market. So, if you happen to acquire a second-hand limited edition X100VI online, exercise caution to ensure it’s not a low-quality sticker imitation. Be certain to receive all the accompanying perks, including a special box containing a unique strap, soft release button, and history cards.

Speaking of buying the limited edition X100VI, as far as I know, it is still not available for sale anywhere and you’ll have to go through Fujifilm to get it. Contact your local Fujifilm support and ask them how it works in your country, because it’s likely that different countries will handle it differently.

via asobinet via Weibo

Fujifilm X100VI Cut in Half (vs X100V) and IBIS Unit Size Compared

I thought it could be a nice curiosity to share a side by side inside look at the Fujifilm X100VI vs X100V, as you can see from the image shared in this article and spotted at the Japanese website

It’s interesting to see how Fujifilm was able to squeeze a completely newly designed IBIS unit into the small camera body of the Fujifilm X100VI.

And now you can also see why the tripod mount had to move a little bit forwards: it had to make space for the IBIS unit.

Speaking of IBIS unit, you can she size of it compared to older IBIS unit here, which was shared as a part of the summary for the X100VI development story by the Japanese website dclife.

Fujifilm X100VI Sets Historic Pre-Order Records: “I Have Never Seen Anything Like This” says Fujifilm UK General Manager

X100VI – Making History

Amateur Photographer has asked Fujifilm manager Theo Georghiades, as well as store owners, how things are going with pre-orders for Fujifilm X100VI.

Here is what they say

  • Fujifilm X100VI experiences unprecedented success
  • General Manager of Fujifilm UK, Theo Georghiades, says the X100VI is making “”our biggest preorder numbers in history“”
  • The manager adds the X100VI is “Fujifilm’s biggest ever launch in terms of numbers. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
  • WEX Photo Video says the X100VI is “on course to break all records for WEX

It looks like the Fujifilm X100VI is making history, not just for Fujifilm, but across all brands.

In fact, in a video of SonyAlphaRumors here (also embedded below) Andrea (certainly not a Fuji fanboy) is saying that the Fujifilm X100VI is gathering 50x more preorders than Sony A7CII and Sony A7CR combined.

While this is great news for Fujifilm, potential buyers might have to brace themselves for extended wait times. And on ebay massively overpriced Fujifilm X100VI have already started to appear.

You can read the full article at AmateurPhotographer.

Fujifilm X100VI Sparks Frenzy at CP+: Enthusiasts Queue for 30 Minutes for a Hands-On Experience

The Fujifilm X100VI excitement is reaching new heights!

As CP+ unfolded today, reports from the Japanese website have unveiled an astonishing scene – a 30-minute queue forming just for enthusiasts to get their hands on the Fujifilm X100VI.

It’s downright unbelievable, especially considering this frenzy occurred on a regular workday (Thursday). One can only imagine the pandemonium expected over the weekend.

Having attended several photography fairs myself, including twice at the largest photography fair in the world, Photokina (2016 report here2018 report here), where manufacturers typically unveiled their top-tier offerings, I’ve toured booths from Canon, Nikon, Leica, Fujifilm, Sony, Hasselblad, and more. Never, in all my experiences, have I witnessed a 30-minute queue just to touch & try out a new camera.

The buzz surrounding the X100VI is nothing short of extraordinary. The anticipation and demand for this camera seem to have surpassed anything seen before.

X RAW Studio Adds Fujifilm X100VI Support

Fujifilm X RAW studio added support for Fujifilm X100VI.

X RAW Studio ver.1.22.0 – download here
The software update Ver.1.22.0 incorporates the following issues:

  1. Applicable model for the “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO” is added.
    Applicable model : FUJIFILM X100VI
  2. A bug is fixed that prevented the application from starting with Ver.1.20.1 under macOS11 or lower operating systems.