Cambo ACTAR 19mm Shipping in October also for Fujifilm GFX

When it comes to lens selection, the Fujifilm GFX is expanding at a rate of 2/3 lenses a year, delivering some of industries best lenses.

But so far, Fujifilm has not yet released a tilt-shift lens.

This is even more strange, as back in February 2019 Fujifilm mangers asked us which lenses we would like for the GFX system, and all the options they gave us, was to vote on tilt-shift lenses (see the official Fujifilm survey here).

Now, as you know, Cambo is already offering since a few years not the popular Cambo ACTUS G also for Fujifilm GFX.

But very soon Cambo will also announce the brand Cambo ACTAR 19mm lens, which uses the optical elements of the Nikkor 19mm, which is wide enough to cover the 44×33 medium format GFX sensor and still offers 5 mm of shift.

Delivery will start in October.

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Fujifilm GFX100 ProRes RAW does Not Support White Balance Adjustment

Jordan from DPReview goes over the latest Final Cut Pro update, which improves ProRes RAW support, including important new features such as the ability to change your white balance and ISO after the fact!

Now in Final Cut Pro you have a drop down menu to set your ISO, you have a slider for your white balance and a slider for exposure compensation.

Currently this is only supported in Final Cut Pro, but other video editing software should follow.

But there is a problem!

Jordan points out in the video, that not all cameras get those two much needed features (ISO and white balance adjustment).

At the moment there seems to be full support only for Z Cam cameras and Panasonic cameras.

The Fujifilm GFX100 supports the ISO adjustment, but not the white balance adjustment, which is so important when shooting RAW video.

Other cameras are even worse. The Nikon Z series does not support either ISO nor white balance adjustment.

Jordan concludes:

I hope that, whoever is responsible, Atomos, Apple or the camera manufacturers, they can get to work and make all of these cameras fully compatible with these features

Dear Fujifilm, set up a zoom meeting with Apple and Atomos, and get this fixed soon, please!

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PreRes RAW Support Table

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Fujifilm GFX 100 vs Salt Water Teardown: Weather Sealing Could be Better Around the Dials, but IBIS Unit Could Stabilize a Small Child

Fujifilm GFX100 Teardown

Lensrentals made a teardown of a water damaged Fujifilm GFX100 (it was used in an underwater housing for GFX100 and some water went in).

The main criticism:

The outside part of the camera could be better weather sealed. They write:

Did you notice all those weather resisting barriers and gaskets in the teardown? Yeah, me neither. I did notice some wide-open areas around the command dials you could shine a light through, and pour water in if water happened to be around.

That’s interesting, as Fujifilm managers clearly said that one tricky point to weather seal are the areas around the dials, which is why Fujifilm said here they removed some dials on the Fujifilm GFX100, so it’s better weather sealed. Looks like the dials, that remained, could need an additional sealing.

A $10,000 camera should be better weather sealed, period.

But other than that, the construction is top overall notch. Lensrentals writes:

A medium format camera has a big-ass shutter and shutter slap happens. Fuji has advertised a shock-absorbing shutter, but I hadn’t realized they mounted the entire shutter assembly on springs, it’s not mechanically attached to the body at all.

everything in here was as well supported and robust as you could ever hope. The IBIS unit looks like it could stabilize a small child, and certainly is strong enough to support this big sensor.

Make sure to read the full story and check out all images at lensrentals here.

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AVAILABLE NOW: Atomos Enables 12-bit 4K ProRes RAW Recording with Fujifilm GFX100 via Firmware Update

The Beta testing is over, and you can finally download the final AtomOS 10.53 firmware update for Atomos Ninja V to allow for 12-bit 4K ProRes RAW recording on the Fujifilm GFX100.

You can download the firmware 10.53 at this page.

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Firmware 10.53 details

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