Shoten UMS New Universal Medium Format Adapter

Focus Studio Co., Ltd. released the SHOTEN UMS (Universal Mount System) adapters.

The UMS mount adapter has a two-part structure and is a new idea that you can change only the mount part of it so you can mount the adapter on different camera systems.

Down below a video on how it works.

For us GFX shooters these are the adapters of relevance:

  • M645-FG-U (Mamiya 645 Mount Lens to Fujifilm G-mount)
  • P645-FG-U (Pentax 645 mount lens to Fujifilm G-mount conversion)
  • P67-FG-U (Pentax 67 mount lens to Fujifilm G-mount conversion)
  • HV-FG-U (Hasselblad V-mount lens to Fujifilm G-mount conversion)

You can read about it more at the Shoten website here.

These Fujifilm Products Won the EISA Awards

Many years ago a bunch of people had a brilliant idea: why don’t we team up to give away meaningless awards that companies will pay us lots of money to “win”.

The idea turned out to be extremely successful.

Since then, once a year, on a tropical island sipping their mojito’s, a group of people meets with the difficult task to make up as many categories as possible to make every brand win and maximize their profits.

Today the concept still works, the tropical islands have fast WiFi, and selecting winners has become more fun than ever.

Anyone out there who wants to team up with to create an award?

We can discuss this idea on my all time favorite place in the Caribbeans (where I jumped from 46 feet cliff as you can see here).

* this is a satirical post (sort of)

And the Award goes to…

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Fujifilm USA Celebrates World Photography Day with Meetups in New York, Los Angeles and Austin on August 19 – JOIN for FREE NOW!

To celebrate World Photography Day, Fujifilm will be hosting meetups in New York City, Los Angeles and Austin on August 19 from 1 to 5PM. You’ll meet up in a bar and then go for photo walks, shootings with models, there will be snacks and more.

The event is hosted by official Fujifilm Creators* and local retailers (for example BHphoto for the New York City event).

The event is free and you can book your spot now here.

I wish to every FR-reader who joins any of the events a super-fun and nice day!

*Note: Fujifilm Creators are on “Stage 2” of the new Fujifilm USA X Photographer program. How you can become a creator and an X photographer in USA is explained in detail here.

New York
Vig Bar, 1-5PM EST
12 Spring St,
New York, NY 10012

Los Angeles
All Seasons Brewing, 1-5PM PST
800 S. La Brea
Los Angeles, CA

Lustre Pearl, 1-5PM CST
114 Linden St.
Austin, TX 78702

Japanese Fujifilm Manager: “Long Debate if to go Full Frame or Medium Format and Fujifilm X-T1 Saved the X Series”

Japanese Fujifilm Mr. Takashi Ueno released an interview to Map Camera on youtube.

It’s all in Japanese, but the guys over at dclife provided a summary of it, which I will share down below.

  • Fujifilm X-T1 was the first camera to put Fujifilm’s future stake, and luckily it sold very strong
  • without Fujifilm X-T1 the manager would not make this interview today [meaning Fujifilm would not have continued the X series if the X-T1 would have failed]
  • Fujifilm deliberately chose not to go full frame
  • it’s not that by doubling the mounts Fujifilm would have also doubled their R&D resources. The resources remain the same
  • for those who wanted larger sensors, it was not good for Fujifilm to tell those customers to look for other brands. Customers who liked the Fujifilm colors and concept. So Fujifilm decided to add the GFX system for them
  • there was a long internal discussion if they should go full frame or medium format [admin note: FujiRumors has the true internal story on the moment that convinced Fujifilm to go Medium Format]
  • The X series will continue to evolve
  • All camera products are the same, but the functions of cameras today are completely different from what they were 10 years ago, and I think the expectations people have for cameras are changing rapidly. On the other hand, I don’t think it’s a good thing to stay the same without changing, and I want to keep the basics in mind, but I want to evolve by properly grasping the needs of users.“.

The X-T series is the one camera that more than any other camera combined determinates Fujifilm success and future. This is why the Fujifilm X-T5 will be crucial.

This were just the bullet points. I will also share the full Google translated part for you:

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