FUJIFILM Camera Remote Ver. 3.4.0 with Support for iOS12 and Android9

Fujifilm just released FUJIFILM Camera Remote App ver. 3.4.0 with the following improvements:

  • Support for iOS12 / Android9
  • Updates of supported cameras.
  • Bug Fixes and performance improvements.
    *Above feature varies depending on what camera you use

You can download the iOS version at the AppStore and the Android version at GooglePlay.

We recently asked you guys in a FR-Poll, which improvements you’d like to see in the Fujifilm Camera Remote App. Hundreds of comments, thousands of votes and one common denominator: Fuji’s app needs a huge re-design! Check out the article here.

Organic Sensor to be Used in This Panasonic Camcorder in Early 2019

Organic Sensor

L-rumors.com just shared the image of the first Panasonic 8K camcorder featuring an organic sensor and they also shared some specs:

  • Camcorder coming in late 2019, as Panasonic officially said here
  • Global Shutter (exposes all pixels at the same time and read the data all at once). This will at last kill the distortion caused by rolling shutters.
  • 88 at 60fps
  • Panasonic said the sensor has “high sensitivity” and “wide dynamic range” but did not share exact numbers
  • It has a step less electronic ND filter (Panasonic said it does NOT chabge color balance when using it)
  • Sensor can switch between “high-sensitivity” mode and “high-saturation” mode

I remind you that just recently here, Panasonic said that the development of the organic sensor with Fujifilm continues. This could be the first application in a digital camera for this sensor.

In December 2014 our sources told us here, that there is a crucial problem to be solved with the organic sensor: heat generation (and battery drain).

The Fujifilm/Panasonic organic sensor cooperation itself was officially announced back in June 2013 here.

Let’s hope this good thing will finally be mirrorless camera fit. Sony needs some competition in the sensor business ;).


Fujifilm Quick Tips, BOKEH is Overrated, How to Become a Unique Wedding Photographer and More Tips, Tricks and Inspirations

Denae & Andrew – Bokeh is overrated

Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

The year is ending, and after having bombarded you guys with about 1000 gear centric articles and hundreds of rumors, I thought this Sunday we take a little break with a more tips, tricks and inspirational oriented article.

We start with Fujifilm’s own quick techniques tips series and then share content from all over the web, mostly shared by Fujifilm X shooters.

And don’t panic guys, the high fever that plagues me since 4 days does not stop me from working on the rumors. So hold on tight, we could have fun again very soon 😘.

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Fujifilm Series

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Iridient Developer 3.3.4 and X-Transformer 1.1.1 Updates

The Iridient Developer 3.3.4 and Iridient X-Transformer 1.1.1 updates are now available for download!

These updates fix an issue with the new D RANGE PRIORITY modes found on the X-T3 and X-H1 models. The X-Transformer update also brings the DNG baseline metadata values (color, white balance, exposure, etc) inline with the newest Adobe software values for recent camera models (X-T3, GFX 50R, XF10).

Iridient X-Transformer 1.1.1 for macOS and Windows can now be downloaded here and X-Transformer releases notes are here.

Iridient Developer 3.3.4 for macOS can now be downloaded here and full release notes for this Iridient Developer update.

Luminar 3 with Libraries Pre-Orders Start Now with Special Discount

Luminar 3

Skylum will launch Luminar 3 with Libraries on December 18.

You can pre-order Luminar 3 with Libraries for a reduced price along with additional bonuses until December 18.

Pre-order offer until December 18 (after Dec. 18 it will cost $69):


  • New users can purchase Luminar for ​$59​​ (​$49​​ with coupon code “FUJI“).
  • Current users of Luminar 2017 can upgrade for ​$49​​ (​$39​​ with coupon code “FUJI“).


  • US$20 gift card to Manfrotto & Gitzo
  • 3 video tutorials by Dan Kordan
  • 3-month ViewBug membership
  • 2-month KelbyOne membership
  • Free eBook from Rocky Nook
  • US$300 OFF Iceland Photo Tours

Press Release

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