“Kaizen? Other Companies Want Cameras to be Like Toilet Paper, But Not Fujifilm.” Will Fujifilm Rise Up to the Top with GFX 50R? – JChristina

Fujifilm – The Dark Horse Mirrorless Camera Wars?

Yes I know, it might seem strange to write a pro-Kaizen article right after Fujifilm pulled off the massive X-T2 firmware because it was faulty. Fujifilm did earn quite some attacks becasue of this, and some are making fun out of this situation.

So maybe Fujifilm should do it like any other brand: do not offer any major firmware update at all, only mini bug-fix updates, so they will avoid attacks.

Or maybe not… maybe Fujifilm should continue to deliver huge firmware updates for older cameras like they did over the last 6+ years. And in all these years I remember I think 2 or 3 rollback firmware updates overall.

Well, I gladly accept the remote possibility of a buggy firmware, if what I get is years of excellent support for my cameras via firmware update.

And I know that overall, Fuji’s Kaizen approach is applauded by many, and today we would like to feature a video JCristina. He says about Kaizen:

  • Kaizen Firmware updates makes them stand out from Sony, Canon and Nikon. They don’t just fix things, but they give you more that extend the life of their cameras
  • Most camera manufacturers want their cameras to be like toilet paper. They want you to use it for a set period of time, throw them in the garbage and they buy another roll

JCristina continues by discussing Fuji’s decision to skip full frame and go directly medium format. Especially the Fujifilm GFX 50R will be a smart move to make Medium Format go mainstream.

  • They don’t play the full frame war. They have one of the best APS-C cameras on the market, and they went directly Medium Format
  • The Fujifilm GFX 50R will soon give you a medium format mirrorless option at the price of the Sony A9
  • Watch Fujifilm, and what happens after photokina, if they rise up to the top with that medium format GFX 50R

The Fujifilm GFX 50R will be announced at photokina at the end September (or shortly before).

The price for the Fujifilm GFX 50R has not yet been set, simply because this is about the last thing Fujifilm decides. Only one thing is sure: it will be significantly more affordable than the Fujifilm GFX 50S.

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FUJIFILM Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2017 – Imaging Solution Significantly Increased

Fujifilm just published the financial results for the fiscal year 2017, which ended May 31, 2018.

It’s again a triumph for Instax products, a market dominated by Fujifilm (a triumph that came quite luckily, as we reported here), but also the X and GFX series seem to do well.

  • In the Imaging Solutions segment, consolidated revenue amounted to ¥383.0 billion (up 12.1% from the previous fiscal year), due to the significant sales increase in the electronic imaging field of the optical device and electronic imaging business. Consolidated operating income amounted to ¥56.0 billion (up 52.0% from the previous fiscal year), due to the improvement of profitability in each business.

In the Earning Presentation Transcipt Fujifilm writes:

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Fujifilm X-T2 Firmware Update 4.01 Released – Rollback to Previous Version. Fujifilm GFX, X-Pro2 and X-H1 Firmware Postponed

Fujifilm X-T2 Firmware Update

The latest major firmware update 4.00 for Fujifilm X-T2 has introduced quite some bugs, and evidently Fujifilm needs a bit more time to fix them all.

Hence, just half a second ago, Fujifilm released Fujifilm X-T2 firmware update 4.01, which basically re-uploads the older bug free firmare ver.3.00 (no slow motion, F-log & Co), as well a public apology (full press text below).

2 days ago we rumored that Fujifilm is working on a bug fix firmware update. Today’s rollback firmware confirms the rumor. Here are the bugs Fujifilm is working to solve:

  1. When RAW files, which were taken by X-T2 (before firmware ver.4.00), are converted in camera (ver.4.00) or by “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO”, they are not converted properly.
  2. When pressing the shutter button halfway under certain conditions, the live view can flicker.
  3. In rare cases, a hang-up can occur.

Thanks to Fujifilm for quickly delivering this transitional solution and we look forward to re-upload the bug-free Kaizen firmware soon.

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Regarding the Malfunction of the FUJIFILM X-T2

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New firmware 1.80 for Fringer EF/FX Adapters Released. EF-FX Pro pre-order Open Again and Shipping May 25

V1.80 firmware for Fringer EF-FX Pro and Standard has been released. Please go to fringer’s website to download the firmware file and read the release notes.

Version 1.80

1. Re-optimized EF-S 24/2.8 STM to improve its PDAF accuracy

2. Added following lenses to the tested and optimized lens list:

  1. EF 300/4L IS
  2. EF 300/4L IS + 1.4X
  3. EF-S 17-85/4-5.6 IS
  4. TAMRON SP35/1.8 Di VC F012

3. Begin with v1.80, you may check adapter’s firmware version through Fujifilm’s method, i.e. press and hold “Disp” button and then power on the camera.

4. IS working modes changed for the following lenses to fix the unstable IS issue.

Their IS function will always be activated as long as IS switch is on.

  1. EF 100-400/4-5.6L IS
  2. SIGMA 100-400/5-6.3 C

Fringer EF-FX Pro is open for pre-order again. This batch would be shipped on May 25. Please go to fringer’s store to place your order.