Fujifilm Releases NEW FIRMWARE Updates for X-T2, X-Pro2, X-H1, GFX 50S and Announces FW for X-A5 and X-T100

New Fujifilm Firmware Updates

Fujifilm just released new firmware updates for a bunch of cameras.

Of course you heard it here first ;)… and if you like to be the first to know, make sure to

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Full Firmware Details & Download links

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Fujifilm XF10 Annnounced – Launch Coverage LIVE BLOG


Fujifilm XF10 Pre-orders: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama

XF10 Official Fujifilm Info

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Facebook User Groups for Fujifilm X-T, GFX, X-H, X-Pro, X-E and X100 line

XF10 First Look Reviews & Samples

  • ivanjoshualoh – XF10. Big Capabilities Compact Camera
  • keithwee – An user’s Review of the Fujifilm XF10 camera with lots of samples: the love that’s pocketable


Fuji Guys – FUJIFILM XF10 – First Look

Fujifilm Global FUIFILM XF10 Promotional Video

Fujifilm X-Trans Vs. Bayer: Pros and Cons of Going Bayer or Sticking with X-Trans Sensor

X-Trans Vs. Bayer

First and foremost, let me say that I LOVE X-TRANS.

But the fact that I love X-Trans, does not prevent me from discussing the big Bayer Vs. X-Trans debate, that has recently been fueled again by DPReviewTV in the X-T100 review and Tony Northrup in his X-H1 review, in the most objective way as possible.

So today’s question is: is there any reason why Fujifilm should go Bayer also on higher end APS-C Fujifilm X-series cameras?


Some people do probably not have the 5 minutes of time it needs to read this article. They will read the headline, and arguing in favor or against X-Trans/Bayer by default :) .

So for those people, who refuse to read the article and don’t go beyond the headline, I will at least make a bullet-point list, in the hope they will read that one at least.

This is a super short condensation and simplification of more complicated subjects, and as such it is naturally an inaccurate list. Each point will elaborated and clarified in all its shades below.

X-Trans Pros

  • less color noise at high ISO
  • less moiré (an advantage that will become negligible once APS-C sensor go beyond 30MP)
  • sharper compared to cameras with same pixel number and optical low pass filter, unless the processing in camera is very aggressive, like on X-A5 and X-T100
  • more pleasing “film-like” grain at high ISO

Bayer Pros

  • 20%-30% less processing power required (possible benefits listed below)
  • cheaper to produce than X-Trans

Brutally short conclusion:

  • X-Trans is better for image quality
  • Bayer is better for features and speed, unless Fujifilm can compensate for the extra 20-30% processing power required by the X-Trans sensor with a more powerful processor (present in Fujifilm X-T3), new sensor tech for faster sensor readout (maybe stacked sensor) and better heat management (present in X-H1)

If you want, you can now start your 5 minutes reading time :)

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FUJIFILM Launches FILM SIMULATION Instant Noodles, Their Plan B in Case the X and GFX Series Fails!

Fujifilm Noodles – The Future

Fujifilm is known to be a very creative company, always open to new markets and ideas.

For example, they used the materials of their dying film rolls business to produce cosmetics (see also “how Fujifilm survived the digital age“).

A flexible company like Fujifilm coudn’t miss the digital camera train, and they released the amazing X and GFX series cameras and lenses.

But what if all this fails?

Well, Fujifilm has a fantastic Plan B: Feed the World!

In fact, Fujifilm Korea just launched the Fujifilm Film Simulation Instant Noodles.

Not kidding guys.

Check out the official Fujifilm Korea page here, as well as their facebook page here.

Noodles: a market that can’t be eaten up by smartphones, so definitely more future proof than digital cameras ;) .

Some FR-readers are already beta tasting the noodles now, and share their feedback at our facebook page here. Also Roy Cruz has already his Fujifilm Noodles First Look at his youtube channel here.

I remind you that Fujifilm technology is already making beer tastier, as we reported here.

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… have a fantastic Sunday,

Fujifilm X-E3 in Brown at Listed at Fujifilm Canada

Fujifilm X-E3 Brown

The brown Fujifilm X-E3 has been listed a few days ago at Fujifilm Canada here. Thanks to these images, we can see for the first time how it the backside looks.

In my eyes, the Fujifilm X-E3 looks so good, that it would cut a fine figure in every color. But I still prefer the black or silver versions, though.

Overall the brown colors seems to fit better to the brown X100F.

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Fujifilm X-E3 with XF10-24 @ 14mm

Fujifilm X-E3 with XF18-135 @ 70mm