The Camera Industry Crisis: Who Will Fall and Who Will Survive? My Opinion, Your Vote!

Recently we published an article, where Nikkei experts predicted a dark future for the camera industry. It’s an interesting one, that goes beyond the statement “smartphones are to blame for that“. Make sure to read if first here.

This is kind of a follow up article to that.

Here are a few considerations, and then feel free to say your opinion in the comments and to vote the survey down below.

Let’s start!

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Fujifilm Manager Explains Large Format GFX sensor: 70% Larger than Full Frame

Medium Format, super full frame, large sensor… there are many ways that Fujifilm called its GFX line-up, and now they seem to stick with the “large format” definition.

I personally find there was nothing wrong with medium format. The Pentax 645 was called “medium format” for years, the Hasselblad X1D, too, and nobody ever complaint about that.

It’s just when Fujifilm joined the sensor size 70% larger than full frame, that suddenly some youtubers found the definition “medium format” no longer appropriate. Really, sometimes it feels like if Fujifilm does it, it must be bad.

And now to the video.

Fujifilm published a video, where they repeat, that the sensor is 70% larger than full frame, and they explain why they call it “large format”.

The video is titled “Understanding Fujifilm GFX Large Sensor Imaging“. You can find it down below and see also a summary.

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Fujifilm EF-60 Flash and EF-W1 Commander Officially Announced

Fujifilm just announced the following two products:


Press Release and Videos

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