Nikon Z50: the Lucrative Sub $1,000 APS-C Market Gets a New Competitor – Z50 vs Fujifilm X-T30 vs Sony A6400 vs Canon EOS M6 II

Nikon has launched the Nikon Z50.

Just like Sony (and unlike Canon and Fujifilm), Nikon decided to use the same mount for two different sensor size systems.

The Nikon Z50 is a direct competitor to the Fujifilm X-T30, a very successful camera for Fujifilm.

The lucrative sub $1,000 APS-C market is getting a new and strong competitor, and of course we customers all welcome that.

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No Joke: Official JOKER Movie Images taken With Fujifilm X Series Gear ;)

 Photo: Niko Tavernise / Warner Bros. - taken with Fujinon XF50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR

Photo: Niko Tavernise / Warner Bros. – taken with Fujinon XF50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR

The Joker

Yesterday I was out with my wife watching the Joker movie, and I was so impressed by Joaquin Phoenix acting performance, that, once home, I googled for stills taken of Joaquin on the set of Joker.

I quickly stumbled on a series of brilliant images take taken by photographer Niko Tavernise (website500pxTwitterInstagram).

Then I checked the EXIF data, something familiar showed up:

So I kept going through the images at and I saw…

…. that many images were taken with Fuji X-T2 and Fujifilm XF50-140. A few of them can be seen below.

Niko also used the Sony A9 with FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM, but as a Fujifilm blog, I’ll share only some of the Fujifilm images.

Congratz to Niko for his stunning set of images and make sure to check out his work at: website500pxTwitterInstagram.

image EXIF found at the following sites: theverge here, here and manintown here.

Speaking of Fujifilm behind the set, check out also:

Joker Images (and Trailer) Below

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New Fujifilm FF190005 Camera Registered – Two Fuji Cameras Coming Soon?

Fujifilm has registered yet another camera, the FF190005.

This means we now have two more cameras (in addition to the X-Pro3) coming in not so distant future:

Usually it takes 1 to 3 months (but in some cases also 6 months), until a registered camera is officially announced.

Many are dreaming of Fujifilm X-H2, Fujifilm X-T4, Fujifilm X100V (X200). Follow FujiRumors, to find out the truth ;).

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Fujifilm Launches ‘Create Forever’ Storytelling Workshops in USA and Video Tutorials + Glossary Series

Fujifilm has launched “Create Forever”, a series of free tutorial videos and storytelling workshops.

The Create Forever content series is a celebration of storytelling. It’s a celebration of being in the moment, doing what you love, and building a legacy that will be enjoyed by generations to come. We want to inspire you to tell your story, teach you how best to tell it, and provide you with a stage to share it from.

We believe everyone’s story deserves to be heard, so sign up for a workshop, upload an image, and become part of our community.

Fujifilm’s driving force behind the Create Forever campaign is to encourage creators to go forth in the pursuit of making something that matters to them.

And while it is technically a marketing campaign, it surely goes well beyond what we perceive as such and I invite you to check out the dedicated Fujifilm Create Forever page and the workshop section.

To me, this shows once again the great photographic culture Fujifilm has.

Also, check out the Fujifilm Glossary mini tutorial series (all videos below).

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Create Forever Series

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Fujifilm vs Canon Colors Blind Test Battle – Here are The Results!

Fujifilm VS Canon – Colors

Canon and Fujifilm both have excellent reputation, when it comes to color science.

Now Andrew compared Fujifilm with Canon RAW as well as JPEG colors.

What we can say ahead:

  • with RAW files, it’s harder for people to have a clear preference
  • with JPEG files, the differences are stronger

The JPEG comparison is more indicative for the so called “color science“, since with RAW files also the converter plays a role.

So, if you don’t have time right now to make the full blind test, I recommend you to go to minute 5:37 of the video and make the JPEG comparison only.

Before I disclose my results, I’d like to say that:

  • I consider Canon colors excellent, and if I should switch brand tomorrow morning , just for the sake of colors, I’d go Canon!

*** TOP TIP ***
turn off “truetone display” on your Mac/iPhone

The Problem

Since I love you so much, in order to give you a more objective feedback, I went through all the comments on the video, and tried to sum them up in a ranking.

It was not easy to summarize, because:

  • sometimes people did not specify enough (example: “Canon is best”)
  • In case of comments like “Canon is best“, I assigned a JPEG point to Canon, although I am not sure those, who made such comments, really made the test
  • In case of Fujifilm, sometimes people did not specify if Classic Chrome or Provia. In which case, I assumed they mean standard Provia
  • In case of close results (just 1 or 2 points of difference), I gave it a “same same”

Overall, reading the comments, I had the impression that those, who said to be Fujifilm shooters, had a very open minded and honest approach to the test. Bravo!

The Results

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