Message to Source: Message Received and…

Dear readers, sorry to bother you with it, but a few minutes ago I received a message from an anonymous source. It came to me via rumor box, so I have no idea, who it is and how to contact it. My only way to contact the source is via FujiRumors. I hope you don’t mind, but making a public post is the only way to reach out to the source.


[UPDATED] Thanks :)

Thanks a lot for you message and insight.

Also, it is strange you got no confirmation message when sending the mail via rumor box. And in fact something must have gone wrong, as I believe I did not get the “full” message you wanted to share with me. Would you mind try again? Maybe with another browser? Otherwise you can also contact me at fujirumor@gmail (you can use a fake email if you want). Of course also in that case everything will remain 100% anonymous, and I won’t make a single step, without you approving it clearly.

Fujifilm X-T4 Accurate Rendering: See the Button placement, Ergonomics, Dials and more!

I know everybody is refreshing FujiRumors, waiting for some leaked images of the Fujifilm X-T4.

Well, while waiting for them, I thought I could make you an accurate rendering of the Fujifilm X-T4.

ATTENTION: What you see are not the real Fujifilm X-T4 images. These are renderings I make based on information I have received. I took an X-T3 and applied changes to give you an accurate idea of the Fujifilm X-T4. Buttons, dials, screen, grip… it will all look so close to the real X-T4.

Got it?

As for the battery, take a look at the Nikon EN-EL15b battery, and you’ll get a 95% accurate idea on how the Fujifilm X-T4 battery will look like.


  • editing now and coming soon…

Image Comparisons X-T4 vs X-T3 (to be updated soon with backside)

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Photographing my first Wedding: The Gear I Bought, The Fujifilm X-T4 Dilemma and is My Friendship at Risk?

Back in mid January, I wrote this article, where I told you that my best friend asked me to photograph his wedding.

Well, actually not his entire wedding.

There is an official photographer, but he will stay only until dinner. He will then leave, and my friend asked me if I can cover it from dinner onwards.

So I asked you…

… in order to be ready for the shoot, any tips and tricks, also from a gear point of view?

The article received a massive response with over 230 comments.

I did read them all, but was not able to reply to all of them, as then all the mega buzz started for the X100V announcement and the Fujifilm X-T4 rumors. Not to talk that January is always extremely busy also at school, and now in February I started a video project, which takes lots of time, too.

So I thought I post one big response article now, that touches three main points: the gear, how I should relate with the official photographer and something that came unexpected for me: the risk to destroy my friendship.

Let’s go in order:

The Gear and X-T4 Dilemma

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New Firmware 1.50 for Fringer EF/FX Adapters Released

Fringer has released firmware 1.50 for the Fringer EF-FX Pro II and Fringer EF-FX II smart autofocus adapters.

The main improvements of Fringer EF-FX Pro II & Fringer EF-FX II Version 1.50 include:

  1. Bug fixed: Focal length was always 300mm when using EF300/2.8L II with 1.4X and 2X TCs. Now it’s 420mm for 1.4X and 600mm for 2X.
  2. AF performance of following lens has been improved further.
    EF24-105/4L IS II
  3. Introduced smooth video AF for the following lens.
    EF24-105/4L IS II
  4. Added following lenses to the tested and optimized lens list:
    EF28-135/3.5-5.6 IS USM
    TAMRON SP 24-70/2.8 VC A007
  5. Bug fixed: Some of TAMRON17-50/2.8 VC B005 were wrongly recognized as SIGMA 17-50/2.8 and cause AF malfunctions

You can download the update file and release notes of EF-FX (Pro) II here. Follow the instructions in the release notes or the user’s manual to upgrade the adapter.

Both Fringer EF-NZ and Fringer EF-FX Pro II can be ordered now at BHphoto here and at the Fringer webstore.

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CP+ 2020 Show Canceled and Fujifilm Pulls Out from WPPI Show

The CP+ in Japan has just been canceled due to the coronavirus. You can read more here.

Also, a FR-reader informed me (thanks), that after many years, Fujifilm will not be at the WPPI wedding & portrait show in Las Vegas. I checked, and indeed they do not show up in the exhibitors list. There will, though, a Fujifilm rep at the B&C Camera booth.

I remind you that Fujifilm will skip Photokina, too.

Get ready to see Fujifilm less at big trade shows, and more on dedicated Fujifilm X Summit events.

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