New Luminar AI Video Shows More AI-Powered Tools to Rapidly add “WOW” to your Landscape Images

Luminar goes all in with AI, and maybe it’s not a bad idea in times where social media presence is also very important for many businesses.

In fact, if you are a content creator that relies also on sharing often on social media, speeding up the workflow is crucial, hence I can see all this smart automatization becoming very useful to optimize your time.

Now Skylum posted this new video showing how their new Landscape AI edits your images automatically and fast on the new Luminar AI (preorder here) with features that go well beyond the much talked Sky Replacement AI, such as:

  • Composition AI finds a perfect composition for your picture in one click
  • Enhance AI builds a brightness map of your photo, analyses and finds the uneven lightning and colours in your image, and then helps you balance those regions with a simple slider
  • Sky AI automatically detects and changes the sky, and also adjusts the lightning to match the sky. We have a ready to use set of skies, but you are always free to add your own.
  • Atmosphere AI is one of the most advanced tools that reconstructs your 2D image in 3D in order to add realistic atmospheric effects. You can fill your picture with realistic looking fog, haze or mist.

You can now preorder the new Luminar Ai software with pre-order discount.

Video Below

Adobe and Iridient add Fujifilm X-S10 Support

Adobe & Iridient

Adobe added support for Fujifilm X-S10 cameras.

Also, Brian has released Iridient Developer 3.4.1 and X-Transformer 1.6.8 updates which adds Fujifilm X-S10 support, fixes bugs and brings other improvements.

Capture One

Speaking of RAW converter, we remind you that Phase One has launched a pre-order campaign fro Capture One 21.

  • if you own an older Capture One version (ver. 12 or older), you can now upgrade to Capture One 20 and you’ll get a free upgrade to Capture One 21 as soon as it released
  • if you own Capture One 20 already, you can pre-order Capture One 21 with a 20% discount using code “PREORDER2020

How to access the deal:

  • Login to Capture One
  • Go to the upgrade page and enter your license number
  • Upgrade to C21 and get the 20% discount using the checkout code “PREORDER2020“

You can get Capture One 20 here and upgrade here.

Fujifilm X-S10: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama, Moment, Focuscamera

Gear Talk Detox Corner: Stunning Selection Images Taken of Fujifilm X Series Gear (Watch it if you LOVE Photography)

From time to time, we should be reminded that light, moment and inspiration matter more than megapixel, specs and AF speed.

I mean, I am the first to admit that I find it also enjoyable to talk about gear here on FujiRumors. It’s just fun, there is no way around it. :)

But the words we speak here, the chats we have, I don’t print them big, frame them, and put them on a wall. I don’t print and frame the specs sheet of the latest camera.

What I do print instead, are the images I am most happy with.

Images impregnated with precious memories, like the first travel I made with what would become my wife in France, or the first time we slept high up on a mountain hut, and we enjoyed the sunrise over the wonderful Dolomite peaks.

Or my first travel in South East Asia, and the all new (and crazy) photographic opportunities that opened up to me there, the encounters and the surprises, the landscape.

Sometimes all this comes too short here on FujiRumors.

I am so busy, I work a lot, I teach my lessons, I blog, the rumors, the endless number of emails I try hard to reply all.

But despite this, I try to find my space to shoot as much as possible, and I also try to write articles like this one.

And let’s be clear: I know these articles don’t get many views, and at the same time one single of these articles costs me hours of work. You might think they are therefore not worth the effort.

But I see it differently.

I sometimes just need the inspirational kick that stunning work of other fellow X shooters can give me… and if it can be an inspirational kick also for a small number of FujiRumors readers, too, then that’s fine for me, and reason enough to keep these articles coming.

With that said, give it a look down below… and after that, grab your gear and go out shooting… which is what I will do now.

My old dog, my wife, my X gear… a sunny hill nearby… autumn colors… and I might get back with a nice memory captured on my SD-card today, who knows.

So, I am off now… have a wonderful day and weekend.

Image Roundup

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Oh, Look! Blockbuster MONSTER HUNTER Poster Image Snapped with Fujifilm X Series Gear… Although it’s Not Full Frame ;)

Evidently some still don’t get it that APS-C is not for Pros, and this is why we continue to see this:

And now we can add another one to the bunch.

The upcoming Hollywood blockbuster “Monster Hunter” poster image has been taken on a Fujifilm X-T2 (with XF50-140mmF2.8 lens) by fellow Fujifilm X shooter Coco Van Oppens (IG: Cocostills  – IG: monsterhuntermovie)

Coco has shared this information here at our massive X-T group.

I will share the trailer of the movie below, as well as a 1 hour interview with Coco (I’ll let it start at minute 47:08 for you, which is when she talks about the gear she uses. But make sure to watch it all as soon as you have time).

Here is some of the gear she uses:

  • Fujifilm X-T2 / X-T3
  • Fujifilm X-H1
  • XF 16-55mmF2.8
  • XF 50-140mmF2.8

She is looking at the Fujifilm X-T4 as well.

Why does she like Fuji? A lot of reasons:

  • the dials – she does not need to go through the menu
  • electronic shutter
  • fast autofocus
  • out of camera quality

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Video + Interview

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