The Guardian Nominates Fujifilm Shooter and WPP Award Winner Yasuyoshi Chiba “Agency Photographer of the Year”

image courtesy - Yasuyoshi Chiba (via The Guardian)
image courtesy – Yasuyoshi Chiba (via The Guardian)

Do you remember when back in 2020, photographers using Fujifilm X and GFX gear creamed off tons of prestigious awards at the World Press Photo Awards, including the top spots for the two most prestigious categories, World Press Photo of the Year and World Press Photo Story of the Year?

Well, Yasuyoshi Chiba, the winner of the World Press Photo of the Year, who took this amazing image with his Fujifilm X-H1, has now been nominated “Agency Photographer of the Year” by The Guardian.

Congratulations again to Yasuyoshi Chiba and make sure to check out his instagram here, where all the images shared so far are taken with the Fujifilm X-H1 and Fujifilm GFX100.

As for the images in this specific reportage from Tigray (Ethiopia), Yasuyoshi Chiba used his GFX gear with the one lens I dream to own for my GFX100S, the Fujinon GF50mm f/3.5.

For the full article check out TheGuardian here.

One more thing:

Yasuyoshi Chiba is planning to do photo exhibition of the images of Tigray from Ethiopia (and Sudan for refugees) in February and March, both at Fuji’s imaging plaza (below is info, in japanese though). Pictures at the exhibition are all taken by GFX100+GF50mm.

Some Fuji Pro Work:

Not enough? Well, then know that photographers using Fujifilm cameras also…

  • won the world wildlife photography award (story here)
  • made the cover of the TIME magazine (story here)
  • won the World Photography Arts&Culture Award 2015 (story here)
  • won the First Prize of the World Press Photo Category “Stories (stroy here)
  • made the front page of the Wall Street Journal (story here)
  • were good enough for God’s work (story here)
  • captured America’s most hated man (story here)
  • distracted a French presidential candidate during his interview (story here)

Hey Jared… are you really sure about that Fuji, LOL? ;)

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Fujifilm X-T3 (Silver) Marked as Discontinued: Let me Explain What’s Going on!

There is a bit of confusion regarding the Fujifilm X-T3, as the silver X-T3 is marked as discontinued at BHphoto.

So let’s say two things first:

Now, many would have expected the Fujifilm X-T3 to be quickly discontinued after the launch of the Fujifilm X-T4, but so it wasn’t. The X-T3 remained a pretty successful camera for Fujifilm also after the launch of the X-T4.

What Fujifilm did, though, was to rationalize production a bit. So they reserved most of the bundle options for the X-T4 and few only for the X-T3 (as we reported here).

Also, recently, in order to simplify sales, Fujifilm removed the battery charger from the box and called it the X-T3 WW (where “WW” stands for worldwide). Different market would require different plugs, some markets even banned chargers due to environmental issues.

This move saves Fujifilm time and money and the savings tumbled down to us customers making it even more affordable than the “normal” X-T3 when discounted.

And in fact, just as of now, you can pre-order the Fujifilm X-T3 WW, which will start shipping on January 13.

But here is the thing:

In order to rationalize and simplify as much as possible (and hence make the X-T3 as affordable as possible), Fujifilm offers the X-T3 WW only in black (you can’t pre-order it in silver as it doesn’t exist).

Conclusion: the Fujifilm X-T3 is not discontinued. In fact you can pre-order it right now and get it shipped in a few days. Only the silver X-T3 seems to be no longer in production, not even in its X-T3 WW variation. But the black X-T3 is here to stay for still quite a while, don’t worry.

But you can still find some silver X-T3 samples around, for example AmazonUS has a few left here and Adorama is seeling some bundled with a lens.

FujiRumors Turns 10 Years Old Today (just as the Fujifilm X Mount)

Do you know what’s the most brutal way to feel old all of a sudden?

Well, as a primary school teacher myself, I can tell you that that there is nothing that makes you realize more brutally how quickly time flies than meeting after many years one of your students that you remember as little kid, but suddenly you see them as grown-up human beings.

And yet, in these days it’s not my teacher job, but FujiRumors, that makes me suddenly feel very old.

In fact, FujiRumors turns 10 years old today, making this blog just as old as the Fujfiilm X mount itself.

Gosh, to me it seems like yesterday when Fujifilm introduced the legendary Fujifilm X-Pro1 along with these three lenses and I wrote my very first article on FujiRumors. And today, 10 years later, we are at 7,969 articles.

It’s been a fantastic journey, where I met tons of passionate photographers and felt part of such a wonderful community. Without you guys, this place would be very sad and desolated, and I am so thankful that you make it into something special.

Because sure, I put my heart in this blog, but you all are its true soul, the energy that moves it and keeps it alive.

I really feel blessed to be part of this community.

But hey, no time to rest and contemplate. Fujifilm has big plans for the next decade. And the Fujifilm X-H2 in May 2022 will mark the new (and trust me, amazing) chapter for Fujifilm .

There is lots of work to do. I will keep up this journey for as long as I can. It would make me happy if you’d stick around here and make FujiRumors also part of your journey as a Fujifilm X and GFX shooter. I promise I’ll try to do my best to be worth of your time.

love you guys,

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Fujifilm X-H2 Announcement in May and Celebrating 10 Years of Fujifilm X Series

So now we know it:

As we reported earlier today, Fujifilm has announced the 5th generation X series camera to be launched in May 2022.

No more than that.

However, FujiRumors readers know it since May 2021 already: the first X series camera to feature an all new sensor and processor will be the Fujifilm X-H2. And actually, not only one, but two Fujifilm X-H2 will come in 2022.

Sure, that’s the huge news of the day.

However, I allow myself to bother you for the second time this Sunday, to hightlight something that otherwise probably would pass unnoticed.

In fact, Fujifilm has released a couple of videos to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Fujifilm X mount (the X-Pro1 was launched in January 2012), and in addition to the Fujifilm X Summit in May, they also annouced a new video project called “Reflections” and a #10YearsOfXMount hashtag campaign.

So we have the following:

  • Fujifilm X Summit in May: 5th generation Fujifilm X Series cameras – Fujifilm X-H2
  • Video Project “Reflections”: Fujifilm would like to feature X-users who they came to know during their 10 year journey. The first video will be released on the 26th of January.
  • #10YearsOfXMount hashtag campaign: Fujifilm will set a theme each month, and you can share a photo about that theme on your social media using the hashtag. The theme for January is “my best photo” (you know which one is mine)
  • GFX Challenge Program (we reported here): Fujiflm will select 50 projects, then narrow it down later on to 15 and in the final round 5 projects will be selected

What we know from previous teaser is that Fujifilm will launch a stacked BSI X-Trans APS-C sensor.

In the same video (you can see below), the Fujifilm manager also says:

  • X-Pro1 was announced 10 years ago on January 9, 2012
  • customers feedback was very positive especially due to the X-Trans sensor and high quality lenses
  • Since then, Fujifilm as introduced about 30 camera models and over 40 lenses

You can also find other celebration videos down below as well as chech out the dedicated Fujifilm X 10th anniversary website.

Also the Fuji Guys and X Photographers started sharing their celebration videos. You can see them all down below, and I will add more videos to the article once they go online.

Fujifilm X-H2 Rumor Recap


BREAKING: Fujifilm Announces X Summit in May with 5th Generation X Series Camera (Fujifilm X-H2)

Fujifilm has just announced the next Fujifilm X Summit for May 2022.

The manager introduces the X summit saying:

  • 5th generation X series cameras
  • further evolution of X series based on expertise of the past 10 years

I wonder, what could it be?

FujiRumors always told you that the first Fujifilm camera featuring a new sensor and processor will be the Fujifilm X-H2. Moreover, we told you there won’t be one, but two Fujifilm X-H2. We also gave first specs and price indications. You can find it all down below in our Fujifilm X-H2 rumor recap.

So, while the Fujifilm manager does not mention the Fujifilm X-H2, FujiRumors readers know what the manager is talking about. ;)

Fujifilm X-H2 Rumor Recap

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