Fujifilm Refuses to Pay Ransom after Cyber Attack, Restores Servers and Reports Attackers to Police

Fujifilm has recently suffered an unauthorized access to their serves, which forced them to shutdown their network. They also announced a delay in shipping of some product as a consequence of the network black-out.

Now, according to a Fujifilm spokesman who talked to verdict.co.uk, Fujifilm refused to pay any ransom and restored the servers from backups. As a consequence

The company’s computer systems in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa are now “fully operational and back to business as usual” […]

The company has started bringing its network, servers, and computers in Japan “back into operation” and is aiming to be fully up and running “this week”. It has also restarted some product deliveries, which were particularly hard hit by the cyberattack. […]

“Fujifilm Corporation in Tokyo does not comment on the demand but I can confirm we have not paid any ransom,” the Fujifilm spokesperson said.

This is a bold move by Fujifilm, as, if not paid, Fujifilm risks that all the attackers where able to grab will leak at some point, or shared with competitors. But Fujifilm Europe told to Verdict that

“Fujifilm Europe is highly confident that no loss, destruction, alteration, unauthorized use or disclosure of our data, or our customers’ data, on Fujifilm Europe’s systems has been detected.”

Well, if Fuji is right, all good. If not, we might get massive leaks soon.

Down below you can also find the latest official Fujifilm statement and the story can be read at verdict.co.uk.

Unauthorized access to our server

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Landscape Photography X-T4 vs GFX100S Sensor Size Obsession, Can Your Computer Handle 102 MP Files and More GFX Roundup

I get it that the brand new Fujifilm GFX100S and the Fujinon GF80mmF1.7 get all this attention.

But the Fujifilm GFX system is more than that.

Hence, here is a roundup that includes lots of GFX gear, not only the GFX100S and the GF80mmF1.7.

Warning: it is a massive roundup!

In Stock Check

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The Roundup

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Fujifilm Managers Optimism: Potential GFX Customers Number Overwhelmingly Increasing, X-S10 Attracting Young New Customers, 5G and More

The Japanese website phileweb published an interview with Fujifilm managers.

They talk about the momentum the Fujifilm GFX series is experiencing, about the harsh COVID-19 situation, the introduction of the Fujifilm X-S10, the possibilities 5G might offer and more.

Overall, they seem very confident and positive about the future of their imaging division.

Worth to note is the part of the interview, where Fujifilm explains they find it a pity that people just store their images on their phones, and that they try to find ways to motivate people to print.

Once again, statements like these denote the huge photographic culture Fujifilm carries in their DNA, which among the others translates also into a wide variety of ergonomically different cameras that are crafted to be fun to use for different types of photographers.

I feel that for Fujifilm, photography is more than just getting hyperbolic specs on paper. It’s also, and mainly, about cultivating and incentivize our passion and fun for photography.

Down below you’ll find everything summed up, including some parts that I leave exactly like google translated it.

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FAST DELIVERY: Fujinon GF23mmF4 Takes a Delightful 6 Feet Drop – VIDEO

Here is a little weekend curiosity.

A fellow FR-reader ordered the lovely Fujinon GF23mm F4, but the courier had the brilliant idea to give that $2,6K precious box a delightful 6 feet drop. You can see it all captured in the video. He tested the lens, and so far it seems the lens survived jump. And yet, things like these should not happen.

And do you have a horror delivery story to tell?

My worst, was a courier, who simply left my new computer in front of my door, right on the street, where all the people pass and it could have been taken away by simply everybody. Lucky me that I live in a super small village where everybody knows each other, and I think the last “crime” we saw in our forgotten village was a drunk guy pissing on the walls of the church a few years ago ;).

I mean, I understand we all want our package as quickly as possible, but I prefer to arrange a delivery for another day and a wait a bit longer, rather than having my gear flying around or abonded on the street.

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