Fixing Fujifilm Charger Blinking Light Issue, Third Party Batteries Comparison, Best Tripod Ever & More (Accessories Roundup)

ddookkuu - Leather Camera Straps

ddookkuu – Leather Camera Straps

Fujifilm Accessories Roundup

I regulary get questions about the best 3rd party batteries for the Fujifilm X System.

We reported about it several times here on FujiRumors, last time here, when ultralightphotography compared 13 third party batteries for Fujifilm.

But given that many seem to have missed our battery specific roundups, I will share again today…. and of course a lot of new stuff :) .

Batteries & Chargers

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3 Big Errors FUJIFILM Makes in the Camera, Lenses and Instax World


3 Big Fujifilm Mistakes

Fujifilm is doing a lot of things right… but not everything.

So what I want to do today is to highlight 3 errors Fujifilm makes, 1 in the camera division, 1 regarding its lenses and a last one in the Instax world.

You might argue that this is just my opinion, and that’s correct… but also consider this:

Working everyday for such a large Fujifilm community here on FujiRumors, hence reading an average of 124 comments a day as well as a countless number of emails and personal messages on our social media, gives me a privileged insight of what are the needs and wishes that circulate amongst Fujifilm lovers.

So here are 3 errors I am sure will find a good number of you guys agree with me.


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Fujifilm X-T3 Registered Online – Made in China


Fujifilm X-T3

The Fujifilm X-T3 has now been registered online under the name “FF180003” (spotted via nokishita)

It will be Fujifilm’s first flagship camera made in China.

Fujifilm X-T3 Made in... What do you Prefer?

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The Rumored Specs

Rumored Fujifilm X-T3 Specs so far

  • Announcement at or before photokina 2018 (end of September)
  • 26MP X-Trans sensor
  • maybe stacked sensor (still do be confirmed by trusted sources, so grain of salt)
  • new processor
  • no IBIS
  • shipping October/November
  • touch screen
  • better battery performance (probably by keeping same battery, since Fujifilm registered a new battery charger for NP-W126s batteries, as reported here)

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Luminar 2018 – Update 1.3.0 Released with Fujifilm X-H1, X-E3, X-A20 and X-A5 Support


Luminar 1.3.0

Today Skylum has released a new update to Luminar 2018!

The 1.3.0 update includes numerous features enhancements and bug fixes for the Windows and Mac versions.

It also adds support for Fujifilm X-H1, X-E3, X-A20 and X-A5.

The update is completely free to all Luminar 2018 users.

You can get Luminar 2018 (and also Aurora HDR 2018) with $10 discount by using coupon code “FUJI“.

Below you can find the list of fixes and updates.

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