Why I am Staying with APS-C, Myths of Primes over Zooms, 3 Areas where Fujifilm Needs to Improve, X-H2 Wishlist and More – Roundup


Here is a roundup covering a few topics, from differences between full frame and APS-C, to wishlists about the Fujifilm X-H2 and recommendations on some areas where Fujifilm must improve. Also, a video with an X-H2 wishlist.

I’ll include also a little tips and tricks section.

Sorry guys, now I go back to my beer and the second half of the Italy* vs Turkey match.

* FujiRumors is Italian ;)


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This 3D Printed Fujifilm X100V Case Gives You X-Pro3 Alike Hidden Screen


I am probably one of the few out there, who finds the hidden screen of the Fujifilm X-Pro3 a certainly audacious, but also interesting concept. And overall, if I’d have to choose between a rangefinder alike Fujifilm camera with selfie screen or one with hidden screen, I’d go for he hidden one.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate selfie screens (in fact it was a true blessing to have one on my X-T4 during my online teaching lessons), but I feel like there are some myths around them that have to be debunked, and I’ve tried to do so in this article.

With that said, if you are one of those who might be intrigued by the hidden screen concept but own a Fujifilm X100V, then here on etsy there is a little 3D printed X100V case that will hide your screen and make it more X-Pro3 alike.

The Fujifilm X100V itself, though, is out of stock almost everywhere since several weeks now. And so is lots of other Fujifilm gear, probably mainly due to the shortage on parts announced by Fujifilm.


Fujifilm Resumes Shipping of Orders after Cyber Attack


Here are the previous episodes in bullet points:

Today Fujifilm issued a statement, saying that the network is recovering and starting from today, they will resume orders for products and services that were partialyl suspended.

It seems like slowly everything is getting back to normal.

Notice of delay in delivery due to communication failure and resumption of orders

Due to unauthorized access to the server used by Fujifilm, a communication failure occurred in our network, and we are currently in the process of recovery. From June 9th (Wednesday), we will resume orders for products and services (photo prints, etc.) that were partially suspended. In addition, the delivery date may be delayed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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Fujifilm Refuses to Pay Ransom after Cyber Attack, Restores Servers and Reports Attackers to Police


Fujifilm has recently suffered an unauthorized access to their serves, which forced them to shutdown their network. They also announced a delay in shipping of some product as a consequence of the network black-out.

Now, according to a Fujifilm spokesman who talked to verdict.co.uk, Fujifilm refused to pay any ransom and restored the servers from backups. As a consequence

The company’s computer systems in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa are now “fully operational and back to business as usual” […]

The company has started bringing its network, servers, and computers in Japan “back into operation” and is aiming to be fully up and running “this week”. It has also restarted some product deliveries, which were particularly hard hit by the cyberattack. […]

“Fujifilm Corporation in Tokyo does not comment on the demand but I can confirm we have not paid any ransom,” the Fujifilm spokesperson said.

This is a bold move by Fujifilm, as, if not paid, Fujifilm risks that all the attackers where able to grab will leak at some point, or shared with competitors. But Fujifilm Europe told to Verdict that

“Fujifilm Europe is highly confident that no loss, destruction, alteration, unauthorized use or disclosure of our data, or our customers’ data, on Fujifilm Europe’s systems has been detected.”

Well, if Fuji is right, all good. If not, we might get massive leaks soon.

Down below you can also find the latest official Fujifilm statement and the story can be read at verdict.co.uk.

Unauthorized access to our server

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