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DPReview Declares Fujifilm X-T4 Best Hybrid Camera under $2,000 and Fujifilm X-T4 vs Sony A7III Comparison


DPReview updated its Buying Guide, and now officially recommends the Fujifilm X-T4 as the best hybrid video/stills camera you can buy for less than $2,000, hence, according to DPR, if you are looking for the best balanced video/stills camera, the X-T4 will serve you better than the second placed camera, the Sony A7III. That’s at least according to DPR here.

Fujifilm X-T4 vs Sony A7III?

Down below you will find:

  • don’t miss this – Fujifilm APS-C is Dead? Nikon Z5, Sony A7III, Canon R6 vs the Fujifilm X Series Art of Balance
  • a comparison between Fujifilm X-T4 and Sony A7III (with summary)
  • Hugh Brownstone calls the Fujifilm X-T4 the best balanced and least compromised camera on the market

Fujifilm X-T4: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / FocusCamera

Fujifilm X-T4 vs Sony A7III

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Fujifilm X-T4 Eye Cup Disassembly


One of the nice little touches of my Fujifilm X-T4, is that it has a clickable eyecup, that prevents it from accidentally sliding off.

Yukosteel was intrigued to take a closer look at it, and disassembled the Fujifilm X-T4 eyecup.

At the end he writes:

There are 17 parts in total in this eyecup! […] It’s the most complex design of the eyecup I ever seen, and assembling it feels like working with a wrist watch : )

Check out the full disassembly process and images at yukosteel.

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DPRTV Fujinon GF30mm f/3.5 Review: “Impressively Sharp, Who Needs a Wildlife Lens Anymore ;). Totally Recommended, Except for One Thing…”


DPReview TV has now published their Fujinon GF30mm f/3.5 hands on review, which was filmed with a GF30mm F/3.5 mounted on a Fujifilm GFX100.

The lens is another winner, and can easily keep up with the 100 megapixel of the Fujinon GFX100.

At some point of the video, he took a video of the forest, with a deer far away in the distance, and then cropped in and says “who needs a wildlife lens anymore“. Of course he said it as a joke, and the GF30mmF3.5 can’t replace a proper wildlife lens, but it was also a statement made to underline that with the combination GFX100 and GF30mmF3.5 you are in photographic crop-heaven.

The biggest problem with the GF30mmF3.5? Well, there is the GF32-64mmF4 (compare both lenses specs & price here).

You can find the video above and summary of the video down below:

  • 24mm full frame equivalent
  • is surprises how compact it is: just over 500g
  • 58mm filter thread
  • very chunky aperture ring and two-step phase between aperture ring and focus ring means you are not going to confuse where your fingers are
  • a very nice tactile experience
  • basically no real chromatic aberration and longitudinal chromatic aberration
  • about 32 cm minimum focus distance, hence you can get fairly close to objects and with that 3.5 aperture get nice and soft background
  • flare is pretty average, lots of ghosting. Sometimes you see rainbow pattern, but that’s not the lens, it’s reflection coming from the sensor, which you can see on a lot of modern cameras
  • autofocus speed is fine, it is not super fast, but on medium format you don’t need ultra fast focussing lenses
  • bokeh is not Chris’ favorite, not the greatest out there, a little bit busy around the edges, and gets more busy if you stop down the lens, but that’s not the end of the world on a wide angle lens
  • it’s a very sharp lens, especially wide open Chris was quite impressed. Very impressive at f/3.5 from center to corner, and corners sharpen up more really nicely if you stop down
  • he took a shot of a deer from far away and cropped in and said “who needs a wildlife lens” (of course joking, but to underline how sharp this lens really is)
  • like the other GF lenses, also this one is optically excellent lens
  • it’s capable of supporting the 100 megapixel resolution of the GFX100
  • nice compact lens, balance nice on GFX50R
  • as for video, the GFX100 got a recent firmware update that supports ProRes Video
  • in video, the lens has very little breathing
  • the entire episode was shot on the GF30mm f3.5
  • compact, fairly wide aperture lens for your GFX system, Chris would totally recommend it, except for one thing: there is also the excellent GF32-64mmF4
  • the GF30mmF3.5 is a little bit better optically compared to the the GF32-64, but the IQ of the 32-64 is great, too
  • but if you like primes, or if you maybe have already the GF45-100mmF4, this could be your lens

The Fujinon GF30mm f/3.5 is now in stock.

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Fujifilm EF-60 Flash and EF-W1 Commander Coming Soon


Fujifilm is about to annouce the new Fujifilm EF-60 flash and the EF-W1 commander, as reported by nokishita:

It seems that FUJIFILM will announce the new flash “EF-60” and the commander “EF-W1” equipped with radio wave wireless function in the near future

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