Samyang AF 12mm F2 X ePhotozine Review: Excellent Performance at an Excellent Price!


The brand new Samyang 12mm f/2.0 autofocus lens for Fujifilm X is in stock since a few weeks now.

So how does it perform?

ePhotozine tested the lens and is extremely happy with it. Here are their Pros and Cons:


  • Outstanding central sharpness
  • Low central CA
  • Fast and virtually silent AF
  • Weather sealing
  • Close focus
  • Well-controlled distortion
  • Modest vignetting
  • Excellent price


  • Some edge CA
  • No OIS

You can read the full review here.

NewThird Party Fujifilm X Autofocus Lenses Group


Happy New Year 2022 and Thanks to…


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I wish all FR-readers a happy New Year 2022 and would like to say a few thanks to:

🖤 to our amazing sources, who are always helping me to find the right track in the thick rumor jungle
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Viltrox 13mm f/1.4 Pre-Orders Available Now


You can now pre-order the upcoming Viltrox 13mm f/1.4 for Fujifilm X Mount at Pergear here. The official announcement will take place on January 3rd.

We have already covered reviews about this lens here and here.

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These are the Top 10 Articles on FujiRumors in 2021 (Spoiler: Fujifilm X-H2 Wins ;) )


What You Did and How I’ve Tried to Honor it!

Let’s start by highlighting what you did in 2021 for FujiRumors:

  • about 50,000 comments on FR-articles (about 130 comments a day)
  • 151,680 votes in our polls

Your massive participation is the reason why Fujifilm reads us with greatest care, as proven multiple times such as here, here and here.

I did try to honor your massive participation by working as hard as I could, with the added challenge that this year I became father, which made working consistently on FujiRumors not always the easiest thing.

But I did try hard, and here are some numbers. You judge if that’s good enough to deserve your time and trust.

  • 867 blog posts written in 2020 (average of 2.37 articles every single day of the year – weekends and “holidays” included)
  • 83 rumors shared
  • 92,8% correct rumors (rumor check here – but quite frankly, it’s more a 99% accuracy. I explained why in this article)
  • about 18 messages written every day to those of you who contacted via, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram Direct
  • 560+ replied comments in the various FujiRumors articles
  • 100% Free ;)

Phew!! :)

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Day with most Contacts

January 27 with the following articles (all this just a few hours after my son was born!):

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Fujifilm X-H2 Rumors Recap

Since apparently the topic of most interest also for 2022 is the Fujifilm X-H2, here is a recap of rumors we have shared so far in 2021.

And 2022…

… will be a whole lot of fun, trust me… just follow FR if you want to know more ;).

Social Media Boom

Our social media and pages have reached new heights compared to 2020.

And also our facebook groups grew massively compared to 2020.


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