Fujifilm X100V/X200 Coming in… The Answer in This FujiRumors Article!


Looking at the Fujifilm X series camera release timeline we shared last year, and comparing it with the current rumors, we can say that it turns out to be pretty accurate… except for one camera: the Fujifilm X100F successor (may it be called X100V or X200 or whatever)

The X100 line had a refresh cycle of about 2 years, and given that the X100F was launched in January 2017, everybody speculates it will come very soon, at least within 2019.

But trusted sources now informed us, that the Fujifilm X100V (or X200) will be launched in 2020 only!

This time Fujifilm decided to wait longer than ever to give us a successor.

And by the way, if you want to know which is the Fujifilm facebook group with less gear talk, less gear shots, less gear discussions and mostly focussed on the art of photography and images, than this is definitely our Fujifilm X100 facebook group.

I think this is representative for the people, who buy this camera: never think about gear again. Get the camera, one lens only, and go out and shoot. It’s all about being focused on taking pictures.

The liberation of limitation!

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The Rumors Are Coming

I am making my last checks, collecting the last information, gathering permissions, but all I can say for now, is that a couple of big rumors are coming on FujiRumors.

And while I know that all your eyes are pointed towards the allmighty Fujifilm GFX100, which will be announced on May 23, we will have to talk about plenty of other stuff, too, very soon, here, only on FujiRumors :).

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Nissin MG80 Pro Flash


Nissin MG80 Pro

Nissin launched the Nissin MG80 Pro, an advanced flash with 60GN(83w/s), built-in Air10s commander and master slave features.

Special features

  • Wide Variety Battery System – Patented and effective design
  • Durable Quartz Tube & High heat-resistant material adopted
  • Built-in Air 10s commander & master slave
  • High power LED modelling(8W) with silent cooling system

The Nissin MG80 Pro is equipped with a patented “Wide Variety Battery System” design to overcome the battery replacement challenge, which not only supports NiMH battery but also Li-ion (14500). Also, it is an advanced NAS 2.4GHz*1 Wireless built-in commander strobe for both on-camera and studio shooting.

Product PageCompatibility Chart

via nissin facebook – via fotomagazine

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Matt Granger Dislikes the Fujifilm GFX50R, ePhotozine Highly Recommends it as Step Up from Full Frame and More – GFX50R Roundup


Fujifilm GFX 50R Roundup

Yes, I am a Fuji fanboy, otherwise I would not have opened FujiRumors in times, where many of you probably didn’t even knew that Fujifilm makes digital mirrorless cameras.

But this does not stop me from sharing everything, the good and the bad, that people say about Fujifilm.

In today’s roundup, 100% focused on the Fujifilm GFX 50R (which now costs $3,999 only!), I will share a huge amount of Fuji GFX50R reviews.

On the positive side, we notice the ePhotozine review, which highly recommends the Fujifilm GFX 50R and says:

Delivering medium format image quality, the camera is a step up in performance compared to a full-frame DSLR or mirrorless camera, with excellent noise control, and exceptional levels of detail possible. […] the next step up in image quality […] Highly Recommended

Also lensrentals is happy and says:

Incredible price point for camera and exceptional image quality

On the negative side, we can find Matt Granger’s review, who says it has the “worst ergonomics on any camera he ever used” and he is disappointed with its focus tracking capabilities. He does not recommend to buy this camera.

Matt has spoken very good about Fujifilm many times in the past, so do not start attacking him about being a Nikon/Sony fanboy or biased in any way. It’s just his opinion after having used the camera.

Want to see and read it all? Then check out the (massive) Fuji GFX50R roundup below.

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And remember, Fujifilm GFX gear is now hugely discounted:


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