New Fujifilm Summer Deals: Save up to $500 on X and GFX Cameras


The Fujifilm summer deals are back.

This time, the deals include Fujifilm’s rangefinder styled cameras, but no X of G mount lenses.

I remind you that the Fujifilm X-Pro3 is coming this year, as FujiRumors already told you months ago. That’s the reason for the nice X-Pro2 price drop. And also my lovely X-E3 gets a discount.

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Fuji Guy Billy: APS-C Crop Factor Cheating? :: f/2 X Mount Zoom Lenses? :: Fast G Mount Lenses Potentially Coming :: And More


The third episode of the Fujilove podcast with Fuji Guy Billy just went online (episode 1, episode 2, episode 3). You can listed to it all at sticher and Fujilove.

It’s a 1 hour podcast, and you can find it all summed up below, in case you have no time to listen to it all right now.


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APS-C Crop is Cr&p, Amazon Goes Crazy, Fujifilm 2019/2020 Release Timeline, X100V, XF16-80, GF50 and More Top Articles for July


I guess many of you were (and hopefully still are or are going soon) on holidays in these weeks.

So maybe, between a jump into the refreshing water, a mountain hike and a whole day city exploring, you might have missed some of the articles we have shared in July.

Hence, for your convenience, here are the top 15 FujiRumors articles for July.

Personally, my travel is done already, as I have been to stunningly beautiful Croatia with that fanboy SonyAlphaRumors guy.

We will see if I can sneak in another trip into what remains of my summer break. If so, make sure to follow my Instagram to see where I am hanging around.

But even if I can’t travel, I live in a wonderful spot of this planet. Beauty is all around me, and my Fuji is always ready to capture it.

Oh… and my wife is starting out with photography this summer, so I can’t be more happy than this anyway :) #proudhusband

Enjoy your summer!

TOP 15 July Articles

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Fujifilm Patents Touch Sensitive Top Dial with Adjustable Settings Control


Fujifilm has patented a touch sensitive top dial, that, depending on which part of the dial you touch, gives you access to certain settings.

It’s obviously just a patent, hence a concept. But I thought it could be interesting to discuss this solution. Is it something Fujifilm should go ahead with?

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Fujinon XF16-80mm f/4 R OIS WR Owner’s Manual Available


The Fujinon XF16-80mm f/4 R OIS WR owner’s manual is now available for download here.

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