Fujifilm Q2 FY2023 Financial Results: Significantly Increased Revenue from Digital Cameras Sales


Fujifilm has announced the financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2023 (July to September).

Needless to say that Instax is the goldmine. But there was also a “significantly increased revenue from digital cameras“.

Revenue from digital cameras increased significantly, mainly due to solid sales of X-H2, X-H2S and X-T5 released in the previous fiscal year. Sales of X-S20, which was released in June 2023, also fared well. […] We will continue to offer attractive products by achieving overwhelmingly high image quality with the large format in the GFX Series and the best balance between image quality and size in the X Series.

Instax and Digital Cameras together did give the imaging business a significant boost.

Revenue and operating income increased by 19.5% and 85.5% year-over-year, respectively, due to brisk sales of instant photo systems and digital cameras.

And all this has been achieved despite Fujifilm being incapable of delivering all the cameras mentioned in the report for many months in certain countries (mainly Asia), and some experienced worldwide delivery problems (X100V).

Fujifilm cameras mentioned in the Financial Report:

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Sony A9III: The Revival of Global Shutter and a Glimpse into the Fujifilm X-H3s?


The “Old” Global Shutter is Back

The Sony A9III has hit the market.

In the headline I wrote that this is the revival of the global shutter, simply because global shutter cameras are nothing new. In fact, cameras with older CCD sensors already featured a global shutter.

But as back in the days of CCD sensor cameras, the global shutter is not the answer to all problems, and as just everything in life it comes with its Pros and Cons. Let’s talk about it.

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Third Party X Mount Autofocus Lenses Ranked by Popularity (among FR readers)


Back in July I asked which autofocus lenses do you own.

It was a huge survey that included all XF/XC lenses as well as all autofocus lenses currently available for X mount for a total of 65 lenses.

Now, the first 27 position are controlled by Fujinon lenses.

We have to go to the 28th position to find the first third party autofocus lens.

Down below I will share list of third party lenses ranked by popularity among FujiRumors readers.

My Personal Gear

Third Party AF Lens Popularity

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Fujifilm GFX100 II Firmware Update with Important Fix


Fujifilm has just released a new firmware update for the Fujifilm GFX100 II. It fixes an issue that many were complaining about. All details below.

Firmware Details & Download

Fujifilm GFX100 II ver.1.11 – download here
The firmware update Ver.1.11 from Ver.1.10 incorporates the following issue:

  1. The firmware bug is fixed that the EVF display ⁄becomes abnormal using some other manufacturers’ flashes and commanders, such as Godox’s.

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