Fujifilm X-H1 Wins EISA Award 2018 for Best Mirrorless Camera. But Can We Trust Any Award and Do They Make Sense?


Let’s Talk Awards

It’s time to say a few things about these awards, and to start a debate:

  • Do they make sense?
  • Can we trust any award?

Can we Trust any Award?

Let me explain….

When a few months ago Fujifilm did not win anything at the TIPA awards (except for the Instax SQ10), I tried to understand why this happened.

Did Fujifilm products simply suck, or is the story a bit more complicated?

So here is what I’ve heard:

If a company wins an award for a certain product, then this company must pay TIPA, EISA or other award companies thousands of dollars if they want to get the license to use the winning-logos for their products.

This could explain why TIPA, EISA & Co always have so many categories.

It’s a big business! Which isn’t bad per se…

But now I ask you guys…

… if a company decides to stop paying for award licenses, because they prefer to invest their money into real R&D for their cameras and lenses, how likely is it that this specific company will win something the following year?

More precisely…

… if an award company has the feeling (or even knows) that a certain company won’t pay for licenses anymore, then will they prefer to give more awards to products of other companies, which they know are more willing to pay for them?

I’m sure not… I mean, I am sure they will just reward the cameras and lenses that deserve it, even if they know (or think) they won’t be able to sell the licenses afterwards, because rewarding the gear that deserves it, is more important than making money by selling as many licenses as possible.

Or do you guys think differently than me? ;)

Do these Awards Make Sense?

How important are these awards, in the era of internet?

I mean, everybody is reviewing everything on websites and on youtube. People can easily read and compare hundreds of reviews, as well as select reviewers they trust and value their (free, unpaid and independent) opinion.

I wonder, does Fujifilm really need that nice logo to display at the photography fairs and magazines under their product that says “best camera in category xy“?

Also here… I would like to hear your opinion.

may you have a rewarding day ;)
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Fujifilm X-H1 (save $250): BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama, Focuscamera

And The Winners Are…

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Matt Granger Fujifilm X-H1 Review: “Phenomenal, Best Ergonomics, Survives Water Bucket Attack and Quite Good Battery Life”


Fujifilm X-H1 Review by Matt Granger

After Jared Polin’s very controversial Fujifilm X-H1 review, now it’s time for Matt Granger to share his thoughts about the X-H1.

Here is what he says about the X-H1 (tested while travelling through wonderful Laos, where he also used the X-T2):

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RUMOR: SIGMA Will Make FUJIFILM X Mount lenses if X series Camera Sales Increase by 20%


Sigma Lenses for Fujifilm

Back in 2014, when Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki was asked if they will ever make lenses for the X system, the CEO answered:

mirrorless cameras are very promising future products. We always plan to expand our product line for mirrorless cameras. If possible, we would like to support as many systems as possible. But our engineering resources are limited.”

At time the X shooter community started to have a bit hope, but sadly those nice Sigma ART lenses never came for the Fujifilm system.

But why?

Well, according to a new source (thanks), Sigma will consider making lenses for Fujifilm X system if they see about a 20% increase in Fujifilm bodies shipping. Take this rumor with a pinch of salt for now.

A 20% camera shipping increase is a very difficult goal to achieve, especially since competition is growing strong in the mirrorless market. But Fujifilm has a pretty affordable powerhorse coming soon: the Fujifilm X-T3. Let’s hope it will help to get closer to those 20% increase.

So while at this point it is difficult for me to remain optimisitc about Sigma supporting the X system in future, the current workaround is use one of the smart adapters for the Fujifilm X / GFX systems, which will allow you to use Sigma lenses with autofocus on your Fujifilm camera.

You can for example use the Fringer Smart AF adapter, with since firmware 2.20 supports the Sigma 50/1.4 ART, Sigma 85/1.4 ART, Sigma 17-50/2.8 OS, Sigma 50-100/1.8 ART, Sigma 24/1.4 ART, Sigma 135/1.8 ART, Sigma 100-400 and more.

… have a fantastic day,
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Jared Polin Fujinon XF 90mmF2 Review: “Super Buttery Bokeh, but Freaking Slow Autofocus” – Video Review Response by Damien


Fujinon XF90mm F2 Review by Jared Polin

Recently Jared published his (not so positive) Fujifilm X-H1 review. We have written a response-article to his review, and Jared also replied to our remarks in the comments.

Now the next review is up, and it’s about the Fujinon XF90mmF2, a much-loved lens in the Fuji X community.

Overall a very positive review (who can resist to the Fujinon charm? ;) ), except for one thing: “freaking slow autofocus“.

Here are some points he makes:

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