Fujifilm X-T4 and X100V will NOT Come January 23 along with Fujifilm X-T200 and GF45-100mmF4


We have just reported about the GF45-100 and Fujifilm X-T200 leaks.

The date for the announcement is January 23.

But I want to make clear, that the Fujifilm X-T4 and Fujifilm X100V will NOT be announced on January 23. The announcement will happen later.

FujiRumors told you already in December (!!!) that the Fujifilm X100V will be announced in February.

The date leaked is February 4. If both, the X100V and X-T4 will be announced there, or there will be different announcements, I will work and let you know soon.

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Fujifilm X-T200 and GF 45-100mm f/4 Announcement January 23 – First Images


Nokishita has spotted the Fujifilm X-T200 registration and the first images here.

The Fujifilm X-T200 is compatible with USB-C and uses NP-W126S batteries.

And just as FujiRumors already told you weeks ago, it comes with X-A7 alike vary-angle screen.

FujiRumors already told you that the Fujinon GF45-100mm will be announced in late January, and not in February. Finally nokishita confirms it.

The announcemt will be January 23.


Fujifilm Admits Fujifilm X-Pro3 EVF Defect to “Small Percentage” of Units

via Etienne Waldron via dpreview
via Etienne Waldron via dpreview

Dpreview and Petapixel have reached out to Fujifilm, asking about the issue some Fujifilm X-Pro3 users are having with overexposed EVF’s (see image above).

Fujifilm has answered:

Our customers are always our number one priority. We take feedback to heart and always strive to provide the highest possible quality in our products. We are aware of the phenomenon affecting the viewfinder in a very small percentage of X-Pro3 units. We advise our customers to contact Fujifilm customer service directly to solve any questions or concerns they may have about the camera.

Currently it does not look like this is such a wide spread issue like the recent Fujifilm GFX100 vertical grip control lock issue or the Fujifilm X-T1 light leak issue.

We will keep you posted in case there are any updates.

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Fujinon GF45-100mmF4 Hands On Images and Announcement Late January


We recently broke the rumor, that the Fujinon GF45-100mm f/4 will be announced in late January.

Now first images of working samples of the Fujinon GF45-100mm f/4 have been shared at our fantastic Fujifilm GFX community here.

Nokishita has also spotted, that websites are getting ready for the launch of the GF45-100, as he tweeted here.

We remind you that there will not be any new GFX camera in 2020.

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Happy Birthday: Fujifilm Turns 86 Years Old Today… and About How Fujifilm Survived the Digital Age


Fujifilm Birthday

FujiRumors had birthday just a few days ago.

Now it’s time to celebrate Fujifilm, as today they turn 86 years old!

In these 86 years, Fujifilm has proven to be an innovative and creative company, that was able to smartly maneuver around some serious crises and find new solutions in a rapidly changing market.

Also, Fujifilm was able to succeed, where other tech giants (Samsung) failed: enter the highly competitive camera market and experience a steady grow, that puts it in the third position of the global mirrorless camera sales ranking.

And while having a glorious history is nice and good, Fujifilm should not rest on its laurels. The camera market is shrinking, and it will require, once again, all the creative and technological energy inside Fujifilm, to remain competitive and profitable.

So, from all my heart, I wish happy birthday to Fujifilm, and I think the best way to celebrate its birthday, is the documentary I share below, about how Fujifilm was able to survive the digital age. Note how at minute 35, the manager says:

I had announced that we would protect the photograph culture. No matter how small it gets…we might downsize production, but we would keep the culture alive and protect it. The culture of photographs is one that mankind can do without…No matter what we will not get rid of photography.

You may say what you want about Fujifilm, but I think we can all agree, that Fujifilm has a massive photographic culture, that one can feel, even when he picks up a digital camera.

This happens, when the top manager responsible for digital cameras inside Fujifilm says he actually does not like digital cameras, but he loves film.

Or when the guy, who designed the original X100, tells the story about his father, his cameras, and how this inspired him to design the first Fujifilm X series camera.

Keep up being creative and inspired, Fujifilm!

All the best, from Patrick and from all other fellow Fujifilm lovers reading this blog.

Documentary: How Fujifilm Survived the Digital Age

video via video.toggle