2019/2020 EISA Awards for Fujifilm X-T3 and Fujifilm GFX100 and a Look Behind the Lucrative Award Business



Ok, let’s start with the news. The following photography products won the EISA award 2019/2020.



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The Awards Business Exposed

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Luminar 4 Sky Replacement Feature Video Demo (a Feature ADOBE Failed to Deliver) and Lumianr 3.1.3 Released


Luminar 4 Sky Replacement

Remember when back in 2016, Adobe announced “Project Sky Replace”, which promised to fully automatically replace the sky with 1 click?

Maybe I missed something, but how did it end with that one? Nothing, right? I mean, you can of course replace the sky in photoshop, but you do it manually, and I guess it costs about 10 minutes, not more. But still… 1 click is better than 10 minutes ;).

Now Luminar 4 is about to be released (coming this fall), and it promises to deliver, where Adobe failed so far: full AI sky replacement!

Skylum has now released a video (see above), where they show a beta version of the sky replacement in action.

It is, of course, a beta, but more importantly, it is a video aimed to market Luminar 4. We will have to wait for real life testings, to see how good or not it really works, especially in more tricky conditions, like when the sky is fragmented in many pieces, for example when shooting through trees or so.

But Skylum seems confident, and they market it big way.

If you want to test Luminar 4 AI sky replacement by yourself, there is a huge pre-order deal running now. Check pricing below.

Lumianr 3.1.3

Last but not least, Skylum just released Luminar 3.1.3. You can read all details here.


Adobe Adds Fujifilm GFX100 Film Simulation Support


Adobe still not fully supports the Fujifilm GFX100. However, with the latest release, they added Fujifilm film simulation support for GFX100.

However, Adobe itself says that it is still a preliminary support.

All details about Adobe August release here.

Fujifilm GFX 100: B&H Photo, AmazonUS, Adorama, Focuscamera

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Xiaomi Teases 108 Megapixel Smartphone with Fujifilm/Samsung ISOCELL Sensor Technology – Cancel Your Fujifilm GFX100 Order? :)


Xiaomi, world’s 4th largest smartphone manufacturer (as well as my weapon of choice to clean my appartment), has teased a 108 megapixel smartphone with ISOCELL technology on their twitter page.

There are currently not many details about this new sensor, but we know it will be an ISOCELL Samsung sensor, which, as we already reported, involves also Fujifilm.

In fact, Fujifilm delivers a special material that allows it to remove the metal barrier between pixels, making the ISOCELL sensor more light sensitive, color accurate, minimizing light reflections and more.

You can read the latest update regarding the Fujifilm / Samsung ISOCELL sensor in this article.

So here we are, a 108 megapixel smartphone! Anyone going to cancel his Fujifilm GFX100 order for this? ;)

Oh, btw, DPReview just said the Fujifilm GFX100 outperforms full frame and it’s the camera with best image quality they ever tested.

via Xiamoi Twitter – via Engaged

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