Camera Autofocus Ranking: Fujifilm X-H2s and X-H2 vs Sony, Canon, Nikon, OM System (Bird Photography)


Bird Photography with X-H Cameras

Mathieu Gasquet has tested the Fujifilm X-H2s and Fujifilm X-H2 for bird photography.

He compares rolling shutter, drive speed and other aspects between X-H2 and X-H2s. So definitely check out their full video above.

For the purpose of this article we will focus on one aspect only: bird autofocus tracking accuracy.

  • Green Column: 100% sharp images
  • Blue Column: sharp + slightly out of focus images

The Fujifilm X-H2s gives a total of 82% perfectly sharp images, whereas the X-H2 tops at 78%.

Old Firmware Beats New Firmware?

Here comes the “shocking” part.

In his test, the Fujifilm X-H2s with old firmware 1.03 performed better than the X-H2s with the new firmware 3.00.

  • 82% accuracy with firmware 1.03
  • 77% accuracy with firmware 3.01

This is very surprising and goes against many other tests we have seen so far, for example here and here.

But I do respect and trust Mathieu’s work and hence I share it here on FujiRumors.

And I also say to Fujifilm: go back to work and make it better with the next firmware!

Compare to Sony, Canon, Nikon & Co

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Sigma 23mm f/1.4 DC DN Announcement on April 3


Sigma has announced an product event launch (Sigma stage online) on April 3rd at 9PM Japan time.

Sigma has a couple of lenses to be launched (and already leaked), among them the Sigma 23mm f/1.4 DC DN for Fujifilm X mount.

Specs and images of the upcoming Sigma 23mm f/1.4 have already been leaked here.

Currently Sigma offers these four AF X mount lenses. The Sigma 23mm f/1.4 DC DN will be their fifth AF lens for the Fujifilm X mount.


LAST DAY of Fujifilm X/GFX Deals and the 1.5 Million Dollar Tripod Now With Lifetime Warranty


Tripod Success

The new Benro Theta Travel Tripod has collected over 1.5 million Dollars on Kickstarter.

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Ending Fujifilm Deals

We are now at the last week of Fujifilm X and GFX deals. Check out the full list of deals below.

Price Drops

X Camera Deals

GFX Deals

Skylum Ultimate Photography Bundle

Skylum has launched their Ultimate Photography Bundle offer.

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miXed Deals and Fujifilm Officially Recommended Accessories

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CURIOSITY: Fujifilm Switzerland Shows X-Pro3 without Hidden but Regular Tilt LCD Screen – UPDATE


UPDATE: Error is now fixed

Here is a weekend curiosity:

Fujifilm Switzerland is currently showing a Fujifilm X-Pro3 with a normal tilt LCD screen rather than with the hidden LCD.

I have no idea why they decided to photoshop the mini-LCD away and replace it with a regular one.

Some will speculate that Fujifilm is now preparing for a Fujifilm X-Pro3 MKII with normal tilt LCD. Well, I have no information about such a camera coming. Nor have I information about the Fujifilm X-Pro4.

Let’s see how long it takes for Fujifilm Switzerland to fix it. Or maybe they are preparing for April 1? ;)