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Fujifilm Manager: X100V/X-T3 Firmware, Fujifilm X-H2 will Come, Zero Monochrome Chances, 32 Megapixel Limit for Current XF Lenses & More


Fujifilm UK Manager Andreas Georghiades joined the Fujicast again (see episode 1 and episode 2). It’s a 36 minutes long podcast.

Down below you can read what he says and access the podcast

Fuji Manager Interview

Fujifilm GFX

  • the Fujifilm GFX50S and GFX50R price is now lower than at start. The Fujifilm GFX50R is the price-fighting model
  • medium format is already very cheap, when you compare it to where MF was 3 years ago
  • GFX100 sensor has phase detection pixels built-in, which makes autofocus faster
  • currently there is no 50, 60 or 70 MF megapixel sensor with phase detection detection pixels available

X-T4 shipping

  • in UK the X-T4 body only will ship April 28
  • X-T4 kit end of May
  • factories are back at full capacity since mid-March


  • When asked if there will be firmware updates to improve heating management on X100V, he says it is always difficult to know about future firmware
  • Fujifilm announced a notice of overheating in case of continous use
  • slight temperature increase can occure in those cases
  • the X100V has a tilt screen, takes space, and they had to move circuitry around
  • the X100V actually generates same heat of X100F, but heat dissipation is different
  • there is going to be a X100V firmware update as a warning to highlight when things reach their thermal limit, but not in terms of how thermal usage happens

Fujifilm X-H2

  • Fujifilm X-H line is not dead
  • There is need in the market for bigger camera and more durability
  • there is not one camera for everything. There are different cameras for different needs, but with same image quality
  • the deciding factor is what you want from a camera. Smaller? Stylish? Etc.
  • there is space for an X-H line

New f/1.2 or f/1.4 primes + updated older primes?

  • the limiting factor for the focusing speed is not necessarily always the lens
  • if resolution of sensors continue to increase and if Fuji would use them on future cameras, then Fuji would see a need for newer f/1.2 and f/1.4 lenses
  • current lenses are good for about 32 megapixel
  • if future Fuji sensors will have more megapixel, then there will be a need for new lenses [rumors say 43 megapixel]
  • when asked if there are chances for an updated 18mm he says that there are always chances. But everybody has different wishes. The manager would prefer an updated XF23mm f/1.4 and XF 56mm f/1.2 with weather resistance and fast AF
  • the manger wonders: if you start updating older lenses, will you kill sales of the other older lenses, as everybody would expect those to be updated, too? And if Fuji announces an updated XF35/1.4 in the roadmap, will the sales for the old 35/1.4 dry up?
  • you need to balance the need for future information

Monochrome Camera for Fuji X series 10th anniversary?

  • there are zero chances that Fujifilm makes a monochrome camera for the 10th anniversary of the Fujifilm X series

X-T3 firmware update

  • difficult to say which firmware updates will come
  • but we can definitely expect new firmware updates for Fujifilm X-T3, but which features and when, he can’t say


  • Fuji service is still working
  • he explains how fps works in UK. In short: if you are Pro using Fuji gear, you are in
  • Fujifilm connect: borrow gear for 48 hours free of charge. You can pay to have it longer
  • House of Photography will re-open, as soon as the lockdown is over


  • Avigan is a drug made by Fujifilm back in 2014 for normal flue
  • now they investigate if it helps against COVID-19
  • in Japan they are in Phase 3 of trial
  • other countries have started testing it too
  • there is commercial impact on Fujifilm, but most important is that the team stay healthy

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