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Fujifilm Manager About Full Frame vs APS-C, Firmware Updates for X-T3, DSLR vs Mirrorless and Talking Fujifilm X-H2 is like… :)


Fujifilm Manager Interview

The latest Fujicast podcast episode of Kevin Mullins and Neale James just went online.

It’s a special episode from the Fujifilm House of Photography in London with Fujifilm manager Andreas Georghiades.

The podcast is one hour long and you can listen to it here. In this article, we will focus on the Q&A with the Fujifilm manager.

And guess what?

Of course it starts with the Fujifilm full frame evergreen ;).

So the first question is, what is this obsession with APS-C? Full frame would be Fuji’s opportunity to capture the market.

  • There is not really an obsession
  • When Fujifilm first looked at mirrorless, APS-C was the best balanced system in terms of size, weight and image quality
  • Obviously there are advantages to bigger sensors, which is why Fujifilm developed the GFX system
  • bigger sensors also have disadvantages in terms of speed and performance and other things [FujiRumors listed them in this article]
  • that’s why Fujifilm decided to fight on two fronts
  • there is a lot of noise around 35mm. The manager does not call it full frame, as in photography history what was considered full frame always changed. Today it’s just a great marketing terminology
  • if you want high resolution, you can get GFX
  • if you want something smaller and lighter than DSLR, there is the APS-C X series
  • if you go bigger sensor, you also go bigger and more expensive lenses, and you end up with bigger kits
  • Canon, Nikon and Panasonic full frame offering does not give you any benefit in terms of size and weight over DSLR
  • you have to ask yourself the question, why do you go mirrorless. If you want to save size and weight, APS-C is better

How to stay competitive in the market?

  • size and weight advantage with APS-C with minimal image quality difference
  • the future is mirrorless
  • the UK market sells more mirroless than DSLR
  • it’s hard to convert sports photographer to mirrorless, as they invested a lot in their Canon and Nikon gear, and they have their long fast primes
  • the technology, though, is there, to outperform DSLRs

Fujifilm Professional Services, what is Fujifilm doing to win over photographers

  • Fujifilm struggles to get a pan-European agreement, so that when you are from UK, but have a problem with your gear in France, you can work it out with France FPS
  • the service center is in UK, so for UK Fujifilm shooters the service is great
  • the problem is to reduce the turnaround time, as the gear that needs to get fixed in other countries, has to get shipped to UK, and then back to the customer. And this takes time
  • in UK there is a 48 hour turnaround only
  • Fujifilm is working hard to improve the level of service, but it will take time until Fujifilm sets up the infrastructure for that

The new GoPros have hypersmooth system (electronic stabilization. Slightly lower resolution and little crop, but removes the shakes). How difficult is it to stick it in a future Fujifilm camera?

Will there be more Fujifilm film simulations like Portra, 400H etc.

  • for legal reasons Fujifilm can’t use the name of competitor film stock
  • Classic Negative was initially thought as more Reala based, but then they went for something more similar to Superia
  • engineers always look at different film stock to eventually inspire new film simulations

Fujifilm X-T3 with Classic Negative firmware update

  • the manager does not know if Classic Negative will come to Fujifilm X-T3 via firmware update
  • historically Fujifilm is known for updating firmware also after newer cameras come out
  • the Fujifilm team is relatively small, and resources are currently allocated to new products coming out
  • when there is a more quiet time, the manager would love to see the Fujifilm engineers work on updates like classic negative on X-T3, multishot, bracketing
  • updating firmware is not just a copy & paste. Needs resources for development
  • but the Fujifilm managers remarks: “it’s not that I know, and I am not telling you. I really don’t know

Still plans about Fujifilm X-H2 and what about Fujifilm X-T4?

  • talking about rumors is like talking about your next ex wife: you are currently with someone, just enjoy staying with that person. Don’t talk about the future.

But they talk about much more, such as photography books, where they recommend among the others:

You can listen to the full episode here.

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