Fujifilm Patents 500-2500mm Zoom Lens for 1 inch Type Cameras

My buddy at CanonWatch told me that FUJIFILM filed a patent for a 500-2500mm zoom lens for a 1.0-type sensor camera. These lenses are for a security use.

In recent years, the demand for surveillance cameras used for remote monitoring in harbors and / or airports has increased. Accordingly, the demand for telephoto and super telephoto variable magnification optical systems is increasing. In this type of variable magnification optical system, the optical element disposed closer to the object side tends to have a large diameter and the weight balance tends to deteriorate, and therefore there is a demand for a reduction in the load on the object side portion. There is also a demand for an inexpensive configuration, a high zoom ratio, and high performance.

 However, the variable power optical system described in Patent Document 1 requires a large-diameter aspherical optical element and is expensive.

In order to solve the above problems, the variable magnification optical system of the present invention includes two reflecting mirrors each having a reflecting surface facing each other in order from the object side. “

Lens Specification:

  • Zoom ratio: 5.0
  • Focal length: 500.007 2501.077 mm
  • F number: 3.125 15.632
  • ω: 0.917 0.183
  • Image height: 8.0 8.0 mm

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You can find the full patent here – via hi-lows-note

Fujifilm Patent Shows EVF with Diffractive Optics

Fujifilm has patented an EVF with diffractive optics, which should allow for better and more compact EVF design. From the patent description:

“A finder optical system suitable for an electronic viewfinder, etc., capable of widening the viewing angle, correcting various aberrations and downsizing

 In recent years, an electronic view finder (Electronic View Finder) is often used as a finder of a digital camera or the like. The electronic viewfinder includes a display element such as a liquid crystal panel for displaying an image of a subject, and an eyepiece optical system for observing the image displayed on the display element.

However, the degree of freedom in the configuration of the display element and the eyepiece optical system in the electronic viewfinder is extremely low. If the specification of the finder magnification is increased, that is, the viewing angle is increased, the number of lenses constituting the eyepiece optical system increases, and it becomes difficult to reduce the size of the finder unit. When it is attempted to improve the specifications without increasing the number of lenses, it is difficult to correct various aberrations of the finder optical system.

In view of the above circumstances, the present invention can be suitably used for an electronic viewfinder and the like, and various aberrations can be corrected well while achieving a wide viewing angle, thereby reducing the size of the finder unit.”

Full patent here.

via mirrorlessreports

Fujifilm X-A7 Images Leaked

As we told you here, the Fujifilm X-A7 comes with a fully articulating screen, as now the leaked images of nokishtia show.

Also all the other specs we already shared are correct:

  • bigger screen
  • no D-Pad
  • joystick

I just wish Fuji would have put a pop up EVF instead of a pop up flash into it.

Also, we told you it will come this week.

PS: Thanks for the nickname ;)

BREAKING: Big Fujifilm Kaizen Firmare Announcement Coming Soon

Kaizen Love

I got word (thanks), that Fujifilm will soon announce major Kaizen firmware updates.

I am in constant contact with sources, trying to confirm this rumor and to figure out now which cameras are included.

As soon as I have updates, I will share it on FujiRumors.

Official Fujifilm Firmware Request List

You might remember how Fujifilm made an official list of possible future firmware updates. They did let us vote on them, and the results can be found down below.

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