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Pulitzer Prize Winner Ringo Chiu uses Fujifilm X Gear


Ringo Chiu won the Pulitzer prize 2021 as part of the awarded photography staff of Associated Press for a collection of photographs from multiple U.S. cities that cohesively captured the country’s response to the death of George Floyd.

Now NBC News just published a video about Ringo Chiu. In the interview, Ringo Chiu’s first sentence is “I just love photography” and then he goes on telling his story that brought him from China to USA and finally to win the Pulitzer prize.

So what has this to do with Fujifilm?

Well, photography lover Ringo, who grabbed one of the most prestigious awards for photojournalism on the planet, also shoots Fujifilm, as we can see multiple times during the video.

So let’s celebrate yet another Fujifilm X shooters who achieved great results thanks to his passion and talent for photography.

And yet, I am pretty sure that somewhere in a basement or fancy loft, a youtuber is already preparing a video with catchy headline declaring that the Fujifilm X system is no good for any professional use ;).

You can see the video above and check out Ringo Chiu’s work at his instagram here and website here. For the Pulitzer price photo series about the Black Live Matters coverage see this link.

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image courtesy: Ringo Chiu - Taken on Fujifilm X-T2 with 10-24mm
image courtesy: Ringo Chiu – Taken on Fujifilm X-T2 with 10-24mm