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Mission Impossible: Official “Fallout” Photos Taken with Fujifilm X and GFX Gear

Mission Impossible: Making Professional Work with Fujifilm Cameras :)
Mission Impossible: Making Professional Work with Fujifilm Cameras :)

Fujifilm’s Mission Impossible

If you are one of those, who thinks Fujifilm is not for Pros (APS-C is crap, MF is too slow), then please stop reading now, since I would like you to keep your sweet illusions ;).

Still sticking around? Well, then here is todays’ story.

After we discovered that the official images of Hollywood’s blockbuster “Dunkirk” were taken with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and Fujinon XF18-135, fellow FR-reader Sam Zhai (instagram @hermeneuticlens) now spotted Fujifilm cameras on set of Mission Impossible – Fallout. (Instagram cbj_photo) used the following gear, to snap the official images for the movie:

Looking at the EXIF data shared at the 60+ high-resolution images (not all of them contain the EXIF), it looks like about 70% of the images used to promote Mission Impossile: Fallout are taken with Fujifilm gear.

So maybe it’s not really like some of those web influencers say, that only full frame is good for professional work. Or maybe shooting the Behind the Scenes of Hollywood bluckbusters simply can’t be considered as professional as making selfie vlogs and taking pictures of a wall ;).


  • – official page, includes Mission Impossible Fallout images
  • Instagram cbj_photo – official instagram page
  • – EXIF data in featured images says it is a GFX 50S image
  • – Mission Impossible Fallout 60 plus High Res Images
  • flickr – not official, but artist is credited. Shows some Mission Impossible Fallout images with EXIF data

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