Holy Shot! 2 Popes & 1 Fuji (vs Nikon): X-T1 good for God’s work and photojournalism :)


 photo PopeKopie_zps7d9f3c84.jpg

Holy Shot!!!!” © Lords of Mt. Fuji

As Tom, who spotted the image said: “If the Fujifilm X-T1 is good enough for gods work, it must be an awesome camera.”

Note the difference: With the Fujifilm X-T1 (+ 23mm I think) you need just one hand to hold it, set and shoot… seems like the Nikon is quite a bit heavier ;) .CNN, the week in 35 images. See the Popes image here.

Graphite X-T1: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay Fuji X-T1: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

I wish you all a blessed weekend
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  • The Badger

    Now you know why they slapped the huge “Fujifilm” logo in the front end of the viewfinder. Makes it easier for Fuji fans to spot the camera in public ;)

    • David

      I know, what crass marketing, unlike that discrete two handed Nikon

      • On some Nikon or Canon’s, the branding actually glows in the dark!! I never knew that until this year! That’s taking it a bit far I think…

    • Jonavin

      I gaffer tape over my logo. Fujiguys don’t like it when they see with it. Other photographers seems to think it’s an A7 at first glance; probably never seen an X-T1 before.

  • jodel

    did this guy put an “inadequate” thumb rest on his x-t1? not such a bad idea! – definitely a pro…

    • arhmatic

      Got one on my xe1. Fuji should include them. Very useful. It’s just a little piece of metal. $10 or so…

  • Lords of Mt. Fuji

    Holy Shot!!!!

    • Finally someone with the right attitude. Thank you . . . I thought for a moment that I would . . .

  • It’s a thumbs up, but obviously not one made for the X-T1

    • mrgecko

      So you think that is a “one of” custom UP? I hope not. Anyone know of a thumb up for the X-T1?

      • I think the guy is using a “generic” thumb grip, and doing a great disservice to his camera’s hot shoe by doing so. But it seems that for him, a thumb grip is a necessity: look at hid hands, he covers the entire height of the X-T1’s body with just 3 fingers. Anyway, he should’ve bough a large Fuji handgrip instead.

        • mrgecko

          Yeah, I get it with the XT1 but I like to cup the camera for street like I did with the X100. With the 23 or 10-24 it is just not doable. Less you have a trick you want to share. I love the XT1 but will prob move back to the X100 platform or Pro2 when it comes out. Total toss-up as I love the extra dials and ergo

          • Well, photographing Popes (plural!) isn’t exactly street photography… :)

            On a serious note, stealth is not X-T1’s strong side (unless you are in the middle of a crowd of DSLR shooters). It doesn’t look “pro”, which is a good thing – some venues here charge professional photographers for the privilege of shooting on premises… But it doesn’t look like an old film camera either. That’s part of the reason why I’ll keep my X100s.

    • lee
      • I think I had that one. Had. God-awful! The original truly is the best, but I don’t they’re make one for the T.

        • They don’t, and they shouldn’t – T has a sufficient thumb rest already built in, if you need an extra grip – invest in front grip accessory.

          Speaking of “original truly is the best”… not my experience. I’ve had both Match Technical (AKA “the original”) and a Lensmate thumb grips for my XE2 and X100s… Lensmate won, so I sold the “originals”.

  • tthorne

    “Good enough”… Just what every product should strive to be…

    • Patrick

      “good enough for God’s work”

  • hal

    Make you a bet none of the fuji’s photos are in focus!!!

    • Didiergm

      Sure an accredited photojournalist would obviously use gear that can’t focus and won’t let him/her bring back images to the office. Everybody knows that! Anything else interesting or useful to say ?

    • Tankerman

      If anybody’s photos are going to be out of focus or with camera shake it’s the one holding the Nikon. He’s holding it with both hands on the camera.

  • LC

    I feel like I’ve seen several Fuji X-T1s now post college football and NFL games, where photographers are milling about trying to snap an image. Seems like an idea situation to use a Fuji with one of its high quality primes.

  • LCN

    I’ve seen some X-T1s in a shop. An X-Pro1 in my bag. An X100 on my shelf, this morning. So what? Did the world stop turning? No it didn’t. But I did see a very unpleasant picture made of a gently english aid helper prior of being beheaded. Was this also God’s work? And it didn’t interest me whether this particular picture was taken with a X-T1, a Nikon or any other camera made by people that intended it to use for far better purposes than fighting our world.

    • REL

      Geez…what’s your sad point?

      • LCN

        I really had the same feeling about the title.

    • windeguy


  • M

    This post is a mystery to me. What tells you the image is shot with a Fuji?

    • It probably is not, but the post is about he cameras IN the shot.

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