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“I Feel like Fujifilm Understands Photographers”: Interview with 2020 World Press Photo Award Winner Romain Laurendeau


Fujifilm & World Press Photo

Fujifilm continues to interview those photographers, who snapped all those wonderful images with Fujifilm X and GFX cameras.

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  • second interview – Luca Locatelli, 1st Prize for environment story in 2020 Word Press Photo Contest
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In this episode, Fujifilm interviews Romain Laurendeau, winner of the overall World Press Photo Story of the Year award with his series of images taken in Algeria.

He took his images with X100 series cameras, and here is what he says:

The Interview + Video

  • he studied sciences, but he dreamed to become a photographer
  • so he went to photography school
  • at some point his eyes got sick and needed a surgery that saved his eyes
  • at this moment he decided to travel and tell the stories of people he meets and he became a visual journalist
  • he just wants to tell stories of people very different from him, trying to understand how the world works
  • for his World Press Photo series, he passed many months sharing the life of the people he photographs, telling stories about human tragedies, that media is not so interested about
  • he wants to make people feel what it means to live in Algeria
  • he told stories about young people, who do not suffer about lack of food or shelter, but suffer from a lack of dreams
  • everything was difficult, from getting the VISA, a room to sleep and of course taking pictures
  • he spend 5 years to make this project
  • he took about 1,000 images a day
  • the X100 line is so silent, so he could take a lot of pictures without disturbing the scene
  • he developed this immersive approach over a long period of time
  • the X100 line allows him to photograph the intimate moments, as it is small, light and silent
  • he wants to become invisible, to capture “moments of truth” of their subjects, without disturbing them
  • he can be close, gently and respectfully
  • he has X100/S/T/F and perhaps he will get the X100V
  • I felt like Fujifilm understood photographers, or at least understood the photographer I was
  • he hopes his pictures do not need words to transmit feelings
  • for him photography is about feeling free

The video is below, and if you want to see his images, check out the World Press Photo page here.

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