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2020 World Press Photo Winner Ricardo García Vilanova: “For my War Photography I use X-T3 and Only One Lens, the…”


As you might know, photographers using Fujifilm cameras creamed off all the top awards at the World Press Photo Awards 2020.

Fujifilm continues to interview those photographers, who snapped all those wonderful images with Fujifilm X and GFX cameras.

  • first interview – Alain Shroeder, winner of the World Press Photo overall stories category
  • second interview – Luca Locatelli, 1st Prize for environment story in 2020 Word Press Photo Contest

The third interview is with Ricardo García Vilanova, who won the 3rd Prize for General News Singles in 2020 Word Press Photo (in the same category, Fujifilm won also the 1st prize, with Yasuyoshi Chiba grabbing the top winning image with his Fujifilm X-H1).

You can see the video below as well as a summary of the talk.

  • Word Press Photo is the most reputable and popular photo contest in the world
  • for him it was an opportunity to show the reality of a forgotten conflict [Tishreen Revolution, Iraq]
  • the media is not interested in this story
  • people there have no future with lot of corruption
  • Western Media ignores this
  • he was is some very bad situations. You can get wounded, kidnapped, maybe there are snipers on the other side of the street and so forth, but that’s part of the work
  • he has no tips. It’s only an experience and feeling you have. In the war zone, all is a chaos, you can’t plan, you never know what is next
  • he knows people, who first time covering the war died, and others who photographed war for 20 years and nothing happened to them
  • you need experience, but also luck is very important
  • the camera is the essential tool. It’s very important
  • he uses X-T3
  • the camera is amazing, little and fast. A very good camera
  • he used a big camera before, that was not good, people notice you easier
  • favorite lens is the 10-24. He uses only that lens
  • in the job he has, he has to be very close to people
  • if you use telephoto lens, you are not in the same relation with people like with a wide angle
  • for him, the closer he gets, the stronger and powerful the images are
  • his backup camera is a Fujifilm X-T30 with the Fujinon XF27mm f/2.8
  • most important thing for photojournalists is spend time with people. When you spend time with them, they forget you are the photographer, and pictures become stronger
  • the future of photography industry? Now everybody has cameas/phones. Now it’s very easy to take pictures and every person is a photographer in the world
  • the distinction between professional and amateur was very clear. The Pro has a really good camera that takes the pictures of you
  • he does not know the future of photography industry
  • the message he wants to give: you don’t need a really big camera and lots of lenses to do a photojournalist job. You need all the time to become close to what is happening in front of you. This is the essence of photojournalism

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