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The Future of Fujifilm in Patents: Full Frame Lenses Coming, X100 with 20mmF2 lens, Foldable Fuji Smartphone and More


The Future of Fujifilm in Patents

Why Fujifilm?


Why are you doing this?

There is no need for one, totally wasted R&D.

These lenses make no sense!

That’s how some of the comments sounded on my various platforms after I have published the latest patents of the XF56mmF1.7 and re-designed XF18mmF1.4.

And these comments came after I warned you in the article that in 11+ years of blogging I have never seen a patent actually become a real product.

And despite my repeated warnings, some people keep taking those patents as an indication of what’s really coming next from Fujifilm.

But if it was really like this… I mean, if patents would really show us the way that Fujifilm is taking, then where are:

So, even though I feel a bit like Don Quixote fighting the windmills, I will give it another try today.

But I’ll take a different approach this time.

Because, well aware that a good number of people don’t go beyond the headline, I decided to create a headline that shows how absurd it is to put any trust in these patents. And hopefully, this will motivate people to look deeper into this subject.

And how do we look deeper into it?

Well, in this article we look at the 67 patents FujiRumors has shared starting from our first one posted back in 2012 until the latest one here.

Give them a look, and then make up your own mind if you should take patents as solid indications of future products.

All the Patents (Have Fun :))


The only patents that were ever accurate, where the ones spotted years (!!!) after the product was already made public by Fujifilm. Those patents are therefore not on the list below. For example:

Many other patents are just variations of already existing products and also those patents were discovered long after the final product was already on the market. And yet, we will keep them in the list because they are not exactly the final product. For example:

And then there are all those patents of lenses, cameras and more that exist since many years and are still waiting to become any sort of real product.

Will any of it ever become real?

Well, you can never say never, and the patents are many. But the goal of this article is not to say that nothing on this list will ever come, but to say that patents are an unreliable indication about Fujifilm’s future.

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