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Phase Detection Evolution: Fujifilm patents hybrid AF Pixel !


 photo asd_zpsaffcda03.png

Fujifilm continues its research in order to develop new sensor technology. After the organic sensor and the one with different pixel size (enlarged green pixels) egami (click here) spotted a new patent: the hybrid AF pixel.

If I deciphered correctly the google translated text, then here is what this sensor is about:

If you implement phase detection pixels into the sensor (like on the X-Trans II sensor or on the [shoplink 22210]Sony A6000 sensor[/shoplink]) you’ll benefit of faster AF. But, on the other hand, as these pixels can’t be used to gather light, you’ll have some “image quality degradation.”

But the hybrid Pixel is supposed to be able to do both: improve the AF speed and at the same time gather light. As egami explained: “Transmittance would not be 100% that there is an optical element, but I will be able to minimize the image quality degradation.” Egami explains that Fujifilm’s “hybrid pixel approach” is different from the Dual Pixel AF technology of Canon.

What do you think? Is it a wise move of Fujifilm to put R&D into new sensor technology, or should they simply continue to purchase the APS-C sensors of Sony (although Fuji has to wait half a year to get its hands on the newest Sony sensors)?

spotted by egami (translation)

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