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Fujinon 28mm f/1.0, 32mm f/1.0, and 35mm f/1.0 Patents


Fujifilm has patented the following lenses:

  • Fujinon XF 28mm f/1.0
  • Fujinon XF 32mm f/1.0
  • Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.0

You know what I think about patents. 99,999% of them will remain forever on paper.

Patents Details

  • Example 1 (35mm f/1.0)
    Focal length: 34.686
    F number: 1.03
    Angle of view: 45.4

  • Example 4 (28mm f/1.0)
    Focal length: 29.079
    F number: 1.03
    Angle of view: 53.2

  • Example 9 (32mm f/1.0)
    Focal length: 32.022
    F number: 1.03
    Angle of view: 49.8

  • Patent holder: Fujifilm Corporation
    Patent: 7048521
    Published by: P2020122941
    Application number: P 2019016232
    Registration date: 2022-03-28
    Issue Date:2022-04-05
    Name of invention: Imaging lens and imaging equipment
  • In recent years, lens systems with F numbers that are even smaller than the F numbers of the lens system described in patent documents 1 to 4 have been requested.
  • There is a problem that the Gaussian type has a large sajitarkoma aberration when the angle of view is wider, but even though it has a small F number, there is a need for a lens system that can obtain high-quality images by correcting aberration well.
  • In addition, lens systems with small F numbers are desirable because there is a problem of disadvantageous speeding up autofocus because the weight of the group moving at the time of focusing becomes heavier, so it is desirable to reduce the weight of the focus group.
  • This disclosure is considered in view of the above circumstances, and although it has a small F number, it is designed to reduce the weight of the focus group, and the image sensor with high optical performance with good aberration, and an imaging device with this imaging lens. The purpose is to serve.

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