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XF 16mm F1.8 Patent Spotted



patent 2

The Japanese site Egami spotted an XF FUJINON 16mm F1.8 lens Patent.

google translated version of the patent

Extremely reputable Fujinon lens

Acquaintance had envious a Fujinon. One of the image quality evaluation is high reason of Fujinon, relatively huge optical system it is because has given to the APS-C. 35mm 1.5 times and do it at full size it will be size. Because does not change human use also changed the format size, small format is the easy to adopt a relatively large optical system.

35mm full-size mirror-less has been increasing. 35mm full size amount of blurring and high sensitivity and the number of pixels might be advantageous, but to but not less ponderous of AF, will be required bloated optical system and an attempt is resolved to the periphery. It might be a good even APS-C mirrorless has been reviewed.

F1.8 / F2 single-focus series

Patent applications of Fujifilm is an optical system of 16mm F1.8. XF 16mm F1.4 R WR because of the design, which was involved in image quality to correct the aberration optically, or would AF can be said to be somewhat sluggish. 16mm F1.8 of the patent application does not undertake any optical correction of easy distortion and chromatic aberration of magnification and digital correction, it is an excellent lens in harmony with the digital.

XF90mmF2 R LM WR and XF35mmF2 R WR F1.8 / F2 series that was started in starting is, 14Mm F1.8 and 16mm F1.8 is to be lineup I do not maybe.