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Fujifilm XF 80mm Macro Currently Planed without OIS! – Design not Final yet



I told you back here, that Fuji will make an XF80mm macro lens instead of the 120mm (that is currently still listed in the roadmap).

Well, according to a trusted FR-source, at the current stage, Fujifilm does not plan to add OIS (optical image stabilization) to the 80mm. The source adds however, that the design is not final yet.

I’m aware that every long-term rumor I share (like the X-Pro1s (see official protoype), X70 in 2013 and much more) that was actually correct at the time of sharing, but did not materialize because Fuji changed plans, will lead to a shitstorm on FR. There are quite some haters out there. But I believe my job here is not to wait the last few days before an official announcement to share the rumors (the only way, for me, to be 100% accurate… now it’s just 90% ;) ). My job is to inform you about Fuji’s plans anytime, as long as I consider the rumors plausible… and, if possible, update you as soon as possible if Fuji changes plans again.

So I’ll keep up sharing anytime… but take long-term rumors always with a grain of salt.

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