Fujinon GF20-35mm f/4 Constant Aperture (According to Fujifilm’s Own Mock-up)

Back in September 2021 Fujifilm held a very interesting X summit, where they also displayed a couple of mock-ups of future lenses.

One of the mock-ups displayed was the Fujinon GF20-35mm lens (which we find also on the G mount roadmap).

Well, one detail about the GF20-35mm passed unnoticed until today.

In fact, after FR-reader Lars contacted me asking about more details about the GF20-35mm lens, I went back to the mock-ups and gave them another look.

To my surprise, I noticed a detail that during the hasty hours of the mega-launch-summit back in September I missed (and apparently nobody else noticed it either): if you look closely, blurred but still recognizable, you can see “1:4” printed next to “GF20-35mm” (see image above).

This means that, at least at the time of the X summit on September 2021, Fujifilm did plan it as a constant f/4 zoom, hence Fujifilm Fujinon GF20-35mm f/4 R WR.

So there was a change over the internal roadmap we leaked back in 2017, where it was displayed as Fujinon GF20-36mm f/3.5-4.5.

If Fujifilm sticks by that, then it would bring the Fujinon GF20-35mmF4 in line with other top tier GF zooms such as the Fujinon GF32-64mmF4 and the GF45-100mmF4.

For additional images about this lens, make sure to check out our original article here.

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Fujifilm X Summit on May 31: Still Unknown if Fujifilm X-H2s, X-H2 high res, XF150-600, XF18-120, XF56MKII, GF20-35 Will All Drop There

FujiRrumors unveiled that the an epic Fujifilm X summit will take place on May 31.

As usual during Fujifilm X Summits, we can expect lots of gear to come. And in the past we also saw new lens roadmaps, firmware announcements, displays of prototypes and more.

So definitely X Summits are a huge event for us Fuji lovers.

However, I’ve already read comments all over the web claiming that FujiRumors said the following gear will be announced on May 31:

Look, a little bit I got used to the fact that some people make their assumption based on fragments of what I write. In fact, there are at least 10 rumors I’ve never shared about the X-H2 and actually people think I’ve shared them.

So today I feel I need to make another important clarification.

FujiRumors never said that all the gear listed above will be announced on May 31. What we said is that this is the stuff Fujifilm has surely in the pipeline for 2022 and surely some of it must come on May 31. But I have no idea if all of it will come on that date. Maybe yes, I certainly hope so, but my hopes are not rumors.

So I ask you a bit more of patience and I’ll update you as soon as I have solid information on exactly we can expect on May 31.

Fujifilm X-H2/S Rumor Recap

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BREAKING: Fujifilm X Summit on May 31 with Huge Announcements

According to our sources, the Fujifilm X Summit that Fujifilm promised us to happen sometimes in May will happen on May 31.

There is lots of stuff that Fujifilm has in the pipeline for 2022. But will it really be all announced on May 31?

Let’s see what we know will come for sure in 2022 based on our rumors and on lenses Fujifilm has on their official roadmap:

I don’t know yet if Fujifilm will announce everything on May 31. We will update you as soon as we can.

Fujifilm X-H2/S Rumor Recap

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Fujifilm X Summit Talk with Jonas Rask, XF 33mmF1.4 vs XF35mmF1.4, Fuji Guys GFX50SII Unboxing and More

It seems like an eternity, but it was just a bit more than two weeks ago, that Fujifilm launched plenty of new gear (that they will ship sometimes in 2023 ;) ).

So let’s use this weekend to catch up with some coverage that has been shared since them. You can find it all down below.

But before that, in case you just came back from holiday and wonder what the heck you might have missed, here is a recap of previous Fujifilm X summit coverage articles:

Fujifilm X Summit – Review Roundup

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FujiCast with Fujifilm Manager: X-H2 Talk, Monochrome GFX, Amazing 2022 for Fuji, Kaizen Talk, “Tonygate” and More

Fujicast is back with new episode #197 and #198. Also again on the podcast, Fujifilm UK manager Andreas Georghiades.

Not so surprising, as Japanese Fujifilm managers confirmed it already a few times: there will be a Fujifilm X-H2 one day. It’s probably Fuji’s way to facepalm publicy when they read the fake rumor the X-H line had been canceled ;).

They also talk about the Tony Northrup video, where Tony does not look overly optimistic to Fujifilm’s future.

Down below you can find the podcast as well as a summary.


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