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BREAKING: Fujifilm Announces X Summit in May with 5th Generation X Series Camera (Fujifilm X-H2)


Fujifilm has just announced the next Fujifilm X Summit for May 2022.

The manager introduces the X summit saying:

  • 5th generation X series cameras
  • further evolution of X series based on expertise of the past 10 years

I wonder, what could it be?

FujiRumors always told you that the first Fujifilm camera featuring a new sensor and processor will be the Fujifilm X-H2. Moreover, we told you there won’t be one, but two Fujifilm X-H2. We also gave first specs and price indications. You can find it all down below in our Fujifilm X-H2 rumor recap.

So, while the Fujifilm manager does not mention the Fujifilm X-H2, FujiRumors readers know what the manager is talking about. ;)

Fujifilm X-H2 Rumor Recap

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