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FujiCast with Fujifilm Manager: X-H2 Talk, Monochrome GFX, Amazing 2022 for Fuji, Kaizen Talk, “Tonygate” and More


Fujicast is back with new episode #197 and #198. Also again on the podcast, Fujifilm UK manager Andreas Georghiades.

Not so surprising, as Japanese Fujifilm managers confirmed it already a few times: there will be a Fujifilm X-H2 one day. It’s probably Fuji’s way to facepalm publicy when they read the fake rumor the X-H line had been canceled ;).

They also talk about the Tony Northrup video, where Tony does not look overly optimistic to Fujifilm’s future.

Down below you can find the podcast as well as a summary.


  • Tony makes the point that Fujifilm is very good at experience
  • Fujicast then sums up Tony’s video by saying that Tony basically recommended to Fuji to make more hipster cameras to survive in the market, and become more a poor man’s Leica
  • Kevin Mullins says it is purposly conflicting

And now to the part of the interview of the UK Fujifilm managers.

  • Fuji UK has become more inclusive in their X photographer program. Now 5 out of 15 X photographers are women
  • In the UK, X photographers have to make most of their income from photography. They will have to purchase their gear themselves (no free gear from Fujifilm). Fujifilm might also ask them to be active on social media for Fujifilm, run workshops, make webinars and feature them in products launches or other stuff
  • Fujifilm USA program is different
  • Battery life: on mirrorless cameras, it is better to switch off the camera when not in use. For the battery longevity itself, engineers did not tell him that switching on and off regulary would shortn the life of the battery life itself
  • on GFX, you have to press the button and then turn the dial to change exposure compensation. On other cameras you put it the exposure compensation dial on C mode and then you can change exposure compensation with front dial without needing to press anything else. It is unlikely that this will change on GFX cameras
  • on the recommendation to intruduce a paid model for firmware updates, the manager prefers not to have it. You end up splitting the range even more on what each camera can offer. It would end up in a logistical nightmare
  • Chip shortage: originally prediction was the shortage to massively improve by late October (when the GFX50SII should be released). But now for example Intel does not expect the shortage to end until 2022.
  • X RAW Studio on iPad: iPad uses a differen OS, so Fujfiilm has to develop a whole new app. If Fujfiilm would divert resources to that, then people would say they prefer resources to be directed to work on a camera remote App that actually works.
  • Nostalgic Negative works only X Processor 4. Originally engineers said they could only get Nostaglic Negative on GFX as it gets more information and tonality. However, they are going to investigate if it’s possible also on APS-C X series.
  • As of deciding which firmware will come, Fujifilm managers worldwide give feedback to Japan, with a list of priorities. Often it happens that the Japanese team picks not the top wishes on the list, but some lower in the managers’ priority ranking
  • It can happen that a firmware, when released, has a flaw, like recently with X-T4, but Fujifilm will fix it quickly.
  • Monochrome GFX? It’s not as easy as removing the color filter and done. You have to completely re-write the firmware to make the processor “understand” monochromatic. Developing it will cost lots of money, and Fuji is right now not confident they’d sell enough to justfy the investment. When the manager ask the Japan team about monochrome, they now even stopped saying to him “we shall consider”.
  • X100V automatically switches of the EVF as soon as the LCD is tilted out. Users wish this feature also for other cameras. The UK manager says he will redirect this request to Fujifilm Japan
  • Fujifilm has released a couple of new lenses, also updated MKII lenses. Some of the updates are to make lenses future proof for higher resolution cameras to come. Other just needed to get weather sealing.
  • If there are other lenses that are not able to resolve more pixels, they might be updated, too
  • Fujifilm must make new lenses, update lenses, make GFX lenses, and all this is done by one team
  • Fujifilm Japan has commited to make a Fujifilm X-H2, so it will happen
  • Firmware wish: share camera settings among different cameras. Current sensor / processor can’t, but who knows in future
  • 2022 is 10th anniversay, and it will be amazing

  • Camera Remote App, when will it be improved? The Manager just answered “Yes”. The Manager says he is able to connect his cameras with the App, but he can understand the frustration that it should be easier. The stability of the App improves over time, and an update will come in future, too.
  • Many complain about controlling the camera via App
  • If you have connectivity issues, often it happens after an update. The manager recommends to delete the pairing and then pair again to fix that and make future connections more stable
  • X-Trans 1 sensor in newer cameras with newer processor? Unlikely.
  • GF tilt shift lens coming 2023. Everybody wants everybody wants everything immediatly, but that’s not possible
  • 50 Megapixel sensor of GFX50S in latest GFX100S body results in GFX50SII
  • A lot of people want high resolution but don’t need 100MP
  • switching systems is never cheap. Fujifilm needed to make the GFX system smaller and cheaper. So it is a bit easier to make people switch to the GFX system
  • TASCAM announced XLR audio adapter for Fujifilm mirrorless cameras. Technically it is compatible with every camera that has 3.5mm jack, but from a digital recording perspective only X-T4 and X-S10 will be compatible with it
  • discontinued products: X70 screens went out of productions shortly after annoucement. Fuji bought all the screens they could, but now they sturggle with repairs. Best directly speak with repair team
  • X RAW Studio probably won’t ever support older cameras (X-Pro1 etc). After a while older products are simply no longer supported in any company.
  • Fujifilm X80? The manager would love to see one, but he can’t discuss anything in regards products that might or might not come in future