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Fuji Guys X Summit After Event Starts Now – X-H2S, High Res X-H2, XF8mmF3.5, XF30mmF2.8 Macro, XF150-600 & Much More


X Summit Americas

We had a fantastic start in this day thanks to:

But the party continues with The Fuji Guys, who are now startin the “X Summit Americas After Event“. We will cover it live here on FujIRumors.


Fujifilm X-H2S

  • Daniel was most impressed by the new sensor. Still 26MP, but with stacked it opens a whole new world for video but also for stills
  • Steve remarks that it is Fuji’s flagship camera
  • Francis is a lot into video, and he is excited by all of the video specs
  • 4:2:2 10bit ProRes internally
  • X-H2S is the speed camera
  • stacked sensor helps with less rolling shutter. Ability to shoot in electronic shutter much more
  • stacked sensor is a step up in the camera world in terms of features and functionality
  • confident autofocus. Billy films a lot himself for the youtube channel and with the 5th generation sensor and processor autofocus is better and a game changer
  • subject tracking and “deep learning” is Billy’s biggest point out of this announcement
  • Daniel was blown away by the AI Autofocus focus. Bird tracking picked up the ducks before he could see them in the frame
  • 15 fps mechanical with endless buffer
  • 40 fps electronic shutter
  • readout speed is amazing
  • X-H2S is in line in terms of technology with Sony A1 and Nikon Z9. But the X-H2S is smaller and costs much less
  • APS-C sweet spot
  • processor has its own dedicate chip just to handle the infomation of IBIS
  • IBIS still needs to be fine tuned until the release in mid-July. The goal is to make it a gimbal-free camera
  • bigger EVF and also re-designed optics. On older EVFs if you are off-center you start to see the field curvature. But now you always see it sharp and not curved. A beautiful, big and clear viewfinder
  • ProRes Internal is not so power hungry, but big in file size
  • bit rate jumped from 400MP to 720 Mbps and ProRes has even higher bit rate. That’s why it works only with CFexpress Type B cards
  • HEIF 10 bit for stills
  • Francis will move away from JPEG to HEIF for extra depth and flexibility in case he wants to make some little re-touching
  • dynamic range in stills was always great, and  in video is now 14+ stops. Flog-2 extends dynamic range in footage
  • there was no X-Trans ProRes. Until now Fuji had it only on Bayer GFX. Now it finally is available also on X-Trans. Also Blackmagic RAW external
  • X-H2S has almost everything it needs for video, still not a true video-camera
  • X-H2S does also photos well
  • Billy had never issues also with previous X series generation. He loves Astia. Great white balance
  • X-H2S is APS-C. Other stacked sensor cameras are M43 and FF
  • in video too much background blur is not nice. You don’t want the nose out of focus in video
  • in video, too much blur distracts from the story
  • APS-C is a great sensor for video work
  • Camera has a cable lock in the box to clip on your HDMI and other cables
  • 24 bit audio inside (good pre-amp) but it supports also the Tascam XLR for Fujifilm
  • 2 Hand grips, a normal one and one with additional antennas for WiFi communication and LAN connection
  • FUJIFILM FAN-001 Cooling Fan pulls power from the camera. It is weather sealed. You have lots of control over how it works. Something for really though conditions (Steve makes the example of the hot jungle in Colombia) etc.
  • the fan is removable. If you don’t need it, don’t use it and enjoy a smaller camera. Same thing with the grip. Don’t need it, don’t use it.
  • you can use the X-H2S as a webcam as 4K/30p
  • if you had a movie/photo switch, you could not switch so fast between various settings by using the C1 to C7 settings
  • they keep saying how convenient the C1 to C7 custom settings on the dial are, as you can switch blazing fast between your prefered settings
  • versatile handheld camera
  • the show a clip filmed in Colombia
  • the camera worked very well in the tropical Colombian heat
  • great video in low light situations
  • for Billy one key aspect is 4K/120p for cinematic shots
  • they show underwater footage using underwater housing. In situation like underwater the simplicity of having all settings stored in the various C positions on the PSAM dial is convenient
  • Wooden Camera Full Camera Cage for FUJIFILM X-H2S already under develpment


  • all inner focus
  • Fuji never had a super-telephoto zoom with that reach
  • nature photographers will love this lens. It’s lightweight and size is perfect
  • compatible with 1.4x teleconverter and 2x teleconverter
  • equivalent to 914mm on full frame
  • OIS is impressive and works together with IBIS. Rock-steady. Nice to pan with it
  • some would love a faster lens on the long end, but you’d sacrifize size and portability
  • you can snap the foot off. So you have it on a tripod, don’t need to unmount the whole thing. Just snap it off of the foot, shoot handheld, and mount on again

XF18-200mmF4 PZ lens

  • can choose instantly MF or AF with it and control the zoom with power control
  • zoom with the push of a button and you can adjust the speed
  • it does it all. Fuji Guys might use only this lens in future for their videos. Billy was really surprised by the performance. Close focus distance. Great for B-Roll and talking head and just a great video allrounder
  • completely stepless, really smoothly in an electronically contolled enviroment

New Roadmap

  • XF56mmF1.2 with slightly tweaked optical design and weather sealing
  • XF30mmF2.8 Macro lens. Really small and compact
  • XF8mmF3.5 ultra wide lens

Fujifilm X-H2 high resolution

  • 40 Megapixel
  • 2 flagships: X-H2S and X-H2
  • depending on what type of work you do, pick your version
  • decision between resolution or speed
  • Francis picks the X-H2S, as he shifts more towards video. But 40MP on the X series is very interesting
  • Billy: We see lots of video content, but most people don’t do video. Lots of people will find it interesting in the Fuji lineup.
  • Billy hopes it can retain high ISO and dynamic range performance