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Fujifilm Managers Interview: Talking Fujifilm X-Pro4, Autofocus, Fujifilm X-T5 Sales, 5th Generation GFX, X100V Demand and More


The French website Phototrend interviewed a couple of Japanese Fujifilm managers at CP+.

You can find the full interview in French linked down below as well as a summary.


5th Generation X series Gear

  • it took around 4 to 5 years to develop the 5th generation cameras (X-T5, X-H2 and X-H2s)
  • 5th generation expands the range of possibilities: for moving subjects with the X-H2s and commercial, product, landscape photography with 40 megapixel cameras
  • other cameras with stacked sensor? “There is no point in releasing the exact same camera. If we can come up with a different concept using its back-illuminated and stacked sensor, of course we will use this sensor.”

Firmware and Autofocus

  • latest Firmware 3.0 for X-H2s was developed based on user feedback
  • user feedback helps to improve Fujifilm’s cameras
  • Fujifilm updated the deep learning library in order to detect subjects better
  • Fuji is also improving the algorithm itself to obtain better autofocus
  • Detection and Focus are different, and Fujifilm needs to improve both
  • improved AF is important also to encourage more videographer to use Fujifilm cameras
  • focus for stills has to be quick to capture the subject. For video it should be smooth, stable and precise for a cinematic expression and also choosing the AF speed is important

X-T5 Sales & Dials vs PSAM

  • X-H2 and X-H2s have been launched before the X-T5, but sales of X-T5 were very good anyway.
  • sales of X-T5 are doing well also when compared to the sales of X-T1, X-T2, X-T3 and X-T4
  • X-H line opens up a whole new category and does not affect X-T sales
  • X-T5 more focused on photography
  • people commented that Fujfilm started to remove dedicated dials. But we develop products for each category and the request of each user. X-T5 has all the dials
  • for photography centric dials the dedicated dials are the best fit

Fujifilm X-Pro4

  • X-Pro4? Of course we can’t say when, but we haven’t forgotten the X-Pro series
  • However, we only release new products when necessary and useful. We don’t release new bodies just because we can. Especially for the X-Pro which is a very special device. For his successor, it has to make sense and really benefit users. Once these conditions are met, we will be able to launch a new X-Pro device.”

X100V demand

  • on TikTok the younger influencers don’t show images of the X100V, but they show themselves carrying the X100V. This means the camera looks cool and it’s like a fashion item
  • The X100 series is also a very important gateway device for Fujifilm. By using it, people learn about our color science and image quality, and often switch to our hybrid system
  • Fujifilm will try to increase production capacity to meet X100V demand. But the demands keeps growing
  • if the demand would stop now, they could catch up in 2/3 months
  • no new factories are planed for now. But other changes are made, like the design of certain components to work in a similar way to reduce the risk of shortages

Open X Mount and How Many Lenses per X and GFX camera

  • positive feedback from customers about opening the X mount to third parties. Customers have more choice
  • but also X mount lens sales are increasing, which means the system is gaining popularity
  • X shooters have usually 2.5 lenses per camera
  • GFX shooters have at least 3 lenses per camera

5th Generation GFX?

  • 5th generation GFX? “Unfortunately, we cannot mention our plans for future cases. But as you can imagine, now that we are in the 5th generation, we will of course continue to invest in the development of the GFX system.”
  • 5th generation processor supports AI and deep learning
  • technically speaking this could be implemented in a sportier GFX camera, but performance would be different due to size and weight of GF lenses. Also depth of field management is different between X and GFX.
  • New processor could improve GFX performance, but we can’t say when or how
  • there could be a demand for sports GFX medium format camera. There is no such camera on the market now
  • some photographers used the GFX100S during the Tokyo Olympics

R&D Team

  • at Fujifilm there is one product development team divided into several groups
  • Engineers can work on both, X and GFX series. Technology is identical

The Future

  • we don’t know how things will develop in the photography market
  • during Covid, maybe because people could not travel, they might have decided to spent money in gear. It’s unclear if now post-Covid the demand will keep to be this strong or not
  • the photo market has contracted sharply. People who use cameras today are enthusiasts [admin note: meaning that non-enthusiast just use their smartphones]
  • it’s up to manufactures to offer superior devices for our users
  • the state of the market? There is no difference anymore between USA, Europe and Asia. The market has shifted everywhere to hybrid
  • as for lenses, Fujifilm is happy with the progress they made since their beginnings (also in terms of lenses for hybrid shooting), but they are not satisfied with the status quo and will continue to expand their range

Read the full interview at Phototrend.