Rumor: List of Fuji cameras presented at CES

Mirrorlessrumors spottet this rumor at digicaminfo (translated version). Here is the list of cameras that should be announced at the CES-show in a few days.

  • FinePix S8200
  • FinePix XP60
  • FinePix T500
  • FinePix JZ700

Remember that on January 7 Fuji will meet the press and very likely present the new cameras.


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Fuji CES invite

The X-PERT CORNER poll winner is: How to use Extended ISO. Rico will write his article and post it tomorrow.

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Rumor Update: X-20

X-10 price drop

This time the rumor comes from Vietnam, posted on (translated version).

– New EXR CMOS 2/3 14MP

– Fujinon 24-120mm F1.8-2.8

– continuous shooting up to 10 frames per second

– Full HD videos 1080*1920

– maximum ISO 12.800

– 460.000 pixel screen and optical viewfinder

– expected launch: January

So, this new rumor confirms what I’ve already posted on Fujirumors… and after Fan Fuji, now also this new rumor from Vietnam provides us with some more details.

No doubt, the X-20 and the X-100 replacement will come. And very likely they will be launched on January 7! Follow Fujirumors, I’ll continuously update my site. Follow us on twitter (click here), subscribe RSS feed (click here) and join us in facebook.

In the meantime the prices of the X-10 are dropping more and more.

AmazonUS (save $111) / Adorama (save $100) / Adorama X-10 bundle for $ 501(with 8GB SD Memory Card, Spare Lithium-Ion Type Battery, Camera Case, USB 2.0 SD Card Reader) / B&H (save $100) / AmazonGER (save €130) / AmazonIT (save €97) / AmazonUK (save £118) / ebayUS (slidoo) / ebayEU (slidoo)

Rumor Update: X100 replacement + X20

X-10 Amazon

Here again!

A FR reader linked me to the comments in the Japanese website digicame-info. There is a source that calls himself “Fan Fuji” giving some more news about about the X10 and X100 replacements. Some of them correspond to rumors I have from trusted sources. Now let’s make the point of the situation:


The name of the X10 replacement will probably be X-20. The principal improvements will concern the sensor and the viewfinder. So that’s for sure (trusted sources).

And now let’s see what COULD be according to “Fan Fuji”

Fan Fuji says: The X20 has a newly developed EXR CMOS lowpass-less sensor and its viewfinder can display information. [This could correspond with the information I have, that the major improvements will concern the sensor and the viewfinder.] According to Fan Fuji the X-20 will be costlier than the X-10.

X-100 replacement (according to Fan Fuji)

1. the name of X100 replacement will be X100s (we know that the name won’t be X200, so here everything is possible)

2. sensor: 2nd generation X-Trans CMOS (we know that it will have an X-Trans sensor. I’m doubtful if it really will be a second generation X-Trans)

3. new hybrid viewfinder (yes, the HVF will be improved)

4. rangefinder-like focusing gimmick (I would have expected such a feature on future interchangeable lenses cameras…)

5. on sale in February or March (other trusted sources told me it will be March)

6. the price of X100s is as much as X100. (I don’t have infos from trusted sources about the price yet)

Now be careful with these information. I have already posted what I know from trusted sources about the X100 replacement here. And regarding the X20 the only sure thing is that there will be a new sensor and viewfinder. So let’s wait and see if Fan Fuju is reliable.

I tried to contact Fan Fuji through the comments in the digicame post. I didn’t get any answer yet. So, Fan Fuji, in case you’re reading this, please contact me … you can create a fake email account if you want… we could have something more to share…


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Fuji CES invite


Feedback: Capture One (beta)… X-Trans potential unlocked?

Capture One X-Trans Support

A Fujirumor reader sent me this email:


Just to let you know that I’m beta testing the new version of Capture One with full X-TRANS Support. X-PRO1 and X-E1. The quality is amazing. Lot better than the JPG output from the camera. Finally !!”


If Capture One really unlocked the X-Trans potential, then we could say, quoting Paul Steunebrin in the Phase one forum, “well, keep your wallet into position…” ;).” … try out the beta version. You have to contact Lionel of Phase One (lkuhlmann [@] and he will send you the download links!