PDNonline confirms the Fuji lens roadmap (and adds small bits of info)

PDNonline (Click here) posted the Fuji lens roadmap and added some info about the aperture of most of these lenses:

•    14mm (21mm equivalent) super wide
•    18-72mm f/4 (27-108mm equivalent) image stabilized zoom
•    23mm f/2 (34mm equivalent) wide
•    28mm f/2.8 pancake design (42mm equivalent) normal
•    12-24mm f/4 (18-36mm equivalent) image stabilized zoom
•    70-200mm f/4 (105-300mm equivalent) image stabilized zoom

As you see the only lens that lacks an aperture info is the 14mm lens. Fuji marketing said it shoudl be somewhere between f/1.4 and f/2.0. I guess it will be the second :)

Fuji M-mount comes in April, Fuji X entrly level camera sometimes later.

Photographyblog (Click here) reports that Fuji will release the new M to X mount adapter in April. That’s just one month after the X PRO 1 will hit the stores. Dpreview (Click here) has been told by Fuji that one more less expensive X mount camera will come in future. AT the same time they gave two more interesting info:
1) New X10 firmware will be released in February to fix the ‘white-orb’ issue.
2) Fujifilm Digital Imaging director Adrian Clarke said that when launching the X100 they didn’t know who was going to buy the X100: “but twice as many people bought them as we expected.

I am wondering how this “entry-level” X camera will be. Probably it will have an optical viewfinder only, and be a bit smaller. But I cannot imagine it to be much cheaper than the X PRO 1. Cannot image Fuji to use cheap plastic to lower the cost of the body.

Fujirumors! A new website for a new Fuji future!

 photo asd_zps78117764.jpg

What drives someone like me to open a new website is passion. And in times like that it’s hard to find companies bringing some REAL innovation. In a digital world dominated by Canon and Nikon there is not a lot of room for new ideas. And I am also a passionate analogue film photographer, and when it comes to talk about the future of film you really have to struggle to see some news. With the recent announcement of the X PRO 1 Fuji has proved one more time that they are willing to take risks, to try new ways of thinking innovation. And this simply attracts my childish curiosity. I want to know more about their plans in both worlds, digital and analogue. I want a website where I can follow their daily news, suggest my ideas, discuss with Fuji friends. That’s why I started this little blog. It should make it easier for all current X camera owners, like me, to have daily news tips and rumors about their Fuji stuff.

I am here, ready to tell you new Fuji stories!

so it begins ;-),