Nope, there is No Fujinon XF300mmF4 and XF500mmF5.6 Coming in 2021

Do you know those automatic tennis ball machine launchers that constantly fire off balls at you, so fast that at some point you just can’t catch them all anymore?

Well, it’s not much different with fake rumors ;).

Sometimes the fake rumors are thrown out in the world with a pace, that here on FujiRumors we just can’t debunk them all fast enough.

But I try to catch up, and here is one that passed the FujiRumors firewall so far but will now be set right.

Back in March 2020 we reported about two Fujifilm patents showing a Fujinon XF300mmF4 and Fujinon XF500mmF5.6.

Now, I keep getting emails of people firmly believing that the Fujinon XF300mmF4 and Fujinon XF500mmF5.6 will come out for the summer Olympics 2021 in Tokyo.

And guys, I hate to be the one that brings the bad news, but whoever told you that, it is not going to happen.

As a matter of fact, those lenses won’t even come in 2021.

Will they come in 2022? Or in 2023? Or maybe never? I have no idea at this point.

But I tell you this: I blog on FR since 9 years now, and I have reported about countless of patents. And if I have understood something about patents in all these years, then it’s that there is a long way between a patent and a final product. And often patents never even materialize into a final product.

So, take patents with a grain of salt, always.

With that said, I do hope those lenses will come. Maybe Sigma will do them?

Stay tuned on FujiRumors, and I will give you updates as soon as I have them.

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Fujifilm XF 300mm F4 and 500mm F5.6 Patents Found

FUJIFILM has filed patent for a Fujinon XF 300mm f/4 and 500mm f/5.6 with DOE (Diffractive optical element) for APS-C cameras.

The image above shows the 300mm lens, while the one below the 500mm lens

Embodiment 1
Focal length: 292.94 mm
F number: 4.11
Angle of view: 5.6

Embodiment 4
Focal length: 486.99 mm
F number: 5.76
Angle of view: 5.0

You can check out the patent here.

Congratz to hi-lows-note for spotting the patent 7 hours ago.