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Fujifilm X-H2 Coming 2022 with Huge Computational Photography Boost?


Fujifilm X-H2

What could be a good topic to talk about this weekend?

Let me think…

What about the Fujifilm X-H2? Is that OK?

And more precisely, could 2022 be the year that will see a huge computational photography boost in Fujifilm X series cameras, starting with the Fujfiilm X-H2?

I think it could be, and here is why.

Recently I wrote an article called “Top 7 Critiques on Fujifilm that Are Absolutely Justified”.

In that article, I said that Fujifilm should hire the best firmware guy there is, and develop tons of artificial intelligence features, as this is one area where APS-C cameras can easily beat full frame and medium format cameras, as I also explained in my article 7 advantages of APS-C over FF article.

The smaller the sensor, the faster the processing, the less the heat, the more the camera is free to make its computational photography magic.

While writing that article, I remembered that back in 2019, top manager Toshihisa IIda did announced a 3 year computational photography plan and said:

  • In 3 years, AI (artificial intelligence or computational photography) will become important part of photography
  • AI will not manage or control, but help photographers to take better images in an easier way

And more recently here, Japanese Fujifilm managers said:

  • If sensor and processor are very fast, then you can do lots of things with computational photography

Well, it looks like Fujifilm plans to give the X series a massive AI boost by 2022 (according to their own 3 years AI roadmap set back in 2019). And guess which camera is set for 2022 announcement? You got it, the Fujifilm X-H2.

So, in terms of new technology, the Fujifilm X-H2 will not only give us a new hardware platform (new sensor and processor), but, if Fujifilm respects their own timeline, we might see also lots of computational magic being implemented in the X-H2.

Btu to be clear: this is not a rumor. I have no idea what the X-H2 will bring in terms of AI features. But Fujifilm itself hinted that by 2022 something will happen in this department. So feel free to let us know which AI features you’d like to get on the Fujifilm X-H2.

Computational Photography – Good or Bad?

I know that the computational photography topic is very divisive. Where is the fun in photography, when you just press brainlessly a button like on a smartphone and let the camera take any decision and work out its algorithm magic?

But here is the thing you should not miss what the Fujifilm manager said: “AI will not manage or control, but help photographers to take better images in an easier way“.

It is basically option added to our cameras. Nobody will force us to use it.

Camera companies, Fujifilm included, do well to invest in computational photography. It’s the way to save mid-range camera from extinction. Give customers the simplicity of a smartphone with just far superior image quality, and suddenly a “real” camera with real shallow DOF and creamy bokeh, crisp viewfinder and big sensor becomes again more appealing to take family and vacation images. Especially if these cameras are small and portable like an X-E4.

Others instead might appreciate the fact that the more the camera gets right out of the box, the less they have to work later on in post processing.

But what’s your take on this?

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