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While Sigma Sleeps, Tamron Confirms Three More Fujifilm X Mount Lenses Coming Next (11-20mmF2.8, 17-70mmF2.8 and ?)


Back in July Tamron already officially confirmed that more Fujifilm X Mount lenses will come in future (in addition to the already available Tamron 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3).

Now in a new interview a Tamron manager confirmed it and gave a few more details for the upcoming Tamron X mount lenses, and he mentioned they plan to release three lenses next:

  • a standard zoom
  • a wide-angle zoom
  • a telephoto zoom

So the above is what I have read with my own eyes watching the X Talk with Tamron (video below). But a FR-reader contacted me saying that a Tamron manager also went more specific saying that some of the options Tamron considers to make are the following:

This would make a whole lot of sense as both these lenses already exist for APS-C Sony E mount. And yet, just to be clear, I have not personally read this information but it has been passed to me anonymously by a FR-reader via rumor box, who told me a Tamron manager mentioned these two lenses. If anyone has the link to this statement, feel free to send it to me via or share it in the comments.

As for the telephoto zoom, check out the results of our huge Tamron (and Sigma) X mount lens wishlist survey to see what FR-readers desire most.

Time to wake up Sigma ;).