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Kenko 400mm F8 IIS Mirror Lens for Fujifilm X Coming Soon

Kenko 400mm f/8 - MK I Version
Kenko 400mm f/8 – MK I Version

If you ever checked out the “Complete Overview over the available and upcoming Fuji X-Mount lenses” at our Fujifilm X Forum (made by FXF member Quincy), then you will already know that Kenko offers the Kenko 400mm f/8.0 mirror lens for Fujifilm X Mount.

However, the lens has in the meantime been removed from the Kenko page (you can see the Google cached page here).

Now it seems that a refresh is on the way. In fact, Nokishita reports that the Kenko 400mm F8 IIS Mirror Lens for various mounts (including Fujifilm X) will come shortly.

Mirror Lenses for Fujifilm:

via nokishita