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Hungry for Fujifilm X-H2, Visions for X-T5, Hopes for X80, Modular Fujifilm GFX, Monochrome and More – FR Readers Wishlist Corner


Fujifilm Wishlist Corner

In response to the terrific response to our first FR-readers wishlist corner article and the massive feedback I have received via email by fellow Fuji X/GFX shooters, here is the second episode of this series.

This series is all about your wishes about future Fujifilm cameras, lenses, firmware features and whatever you desire to see in Fuji’s future.

As I did receive tons of emails last time, I will focus this FR-readers wishlist corner mainly on cameras… lenses and firmware will follow at a later point.

The Hunger for X-H2

It’s interesting to note that most of the wishes gravitate around the Fujifilm X-H2, proving that there is a huge “hunger” for a Fujifilm X-H1 successor.

The (now discontinued) Fujifilm X-H1 was initially a disaster in terms of sales. However, X-H1 sales revived later on thanks to terrific deals that gave it a sales-glory-moment.

The reason for the overall failure of the Fujifilm X-H1 was not its concept, but its timing: a few months later the Fujifilm X-T3 followed with new sensor and processor. I never understood this move by Fujifilm.

And yet, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Fujifilm X-H1, which, I remind you, snapped the top winning image at the World Press Photo awards.

I am strongly convinced that with the Fujifilm X-H2, Fuji is sitting on a potentially big winner.

Many X shooters would like a Fujifilm X-H2 right now, but as FujiRumors always told you, you have to be patient. Fujifilm is not going to repeat the errors made in the past. When the Fujifilm X-H2 will hit the market, it will be the right moment, have the right features and give the X-H line the position it deserves: right on the top of the high end X series line-up!

What’s Next?

Do you have wishes about the Fujifilm future, too? Well, then write me at

Have a wonderful weekend,

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Wishlist Roundup

by Dom

I cant wait to get some rumors on the upcoming GFX body (bodies?) next year. My dream would be to get the Omega with or without a global shutter. This camera design is so clever in multiple ways: it gives multiple users to get what they want (ex: landscape digital back only, lightweight camera mode, better grip/ even boost mode (like xt series with grip), dedicated ratio button (emulate 120 film backs, and even tx camera) AND it gives an option to build your system step by step THAT means cheaper in a sense… Let me explain this: if you can pay 4000 instead of 5000 up front its easier to get to “medium format”. Im saving my money for this big moment ! I think I wont buy into the GFX system until then.

by Andrea

Please give me an X80 pocket camera that can be operated single handedly and no separate detachable lens cap for around 700€.


Fujifilm X-H2

Body and Ergonomics

01 Maintain (or reduce) weight and size vs X-H1
02 Retain sub-display of X-H1
03 Add removable door(s) on left side of camera that cover the ports and can interfere with visibility of LCD and/or L-bracket
04 Retain X-H1’s accessory that protects/manages cables
05 Rear LCD-design that mounts an X-T3 style mechanism on an articulating metal plate [not referring to X-T100 design] 06 The back of the articulating screen, if it shows, should feature the same faux leather that covers other parts of the body rather than a textured plastic
07 Backlit buttons
08 Integrated Arca-Swiss dovetail in the bottom plate of the body
09 2.7m dot rear LCD
10 5.76m dot EVF
11 Higher resolution sensor (minimum 32MP)
12 Blackout (not remove) Fujifilm logo on “pentaprism” housing

Firmware improvements

01 Remove limitations on what settings can be part of custom memories (e.g, I should be able to set up an astrophotography custom preset that a) turns on the self timer, b) switches on long exposure noise reduction, c) sets the information contrast adjustment to “dark ambient”.)
02 Allow users to add any setting/menu item to the Q menu
03 Allow users to add any setting/menu item to My Menu
04 Customizable self-timer duration
05 Add setting to determine if self-timer stays on or turns off when camera is turned off or goes to sleep
06 webcam mode that doesn’t require drivers or software and provides high quality output for video and audio

AF improvements

01 Prioritize continued development of advanced AF functionality (i.e., keep pace with Sony and Canon in terms of eye AF reliability, advanced tracking reliability, low light capabilities for both stills and video)
02 Set up a system for one button focus pull between two predefined AF points
03 Improve quality of focus transitions when shooting video

Video improvements

01 Add waveform and vectorscope displays
02 Improve smoothness to auto-ISO exposure adjustments in video
03 Choice of shutter angle instead of shutter speed when shooting video
04 Add ability to record video to USB-C SSD drives
05 Headphone jack on body

by Sam

I leaned into smaller form factors for specialty shots back when the GH5 first came out and have since been trying to use them whenever possible. The X-T3 was my first major jump into Fuji, it had many of the features I loved about my GH5 but also was a much better stills camera. For most cable shows I’ve never had any issues incorporating the GH5 or X-T cameras as a Specialty cam/3rd angle, but now most streaming companies just demand a more close match to our bigger cameras. So I’ve had to switch to the S1H for my small cam shots..

On to my wishlist:

First and Foremost: I’d love to see the X-H2 incorporate an internal 4:2:2 codec with a true fuji log profile, the V-Log L (GH5/S1R) and F-Log profiles just don’t cut it anymore so I’d like to see more in that space, the biggest reason I had to switch to the S1H was it’s strong 4:2:2 codec and Log profile.

Second: no record limit, obviously I can work around this but when doing doc shows I wind up rolling for 3 hours+ and having to stop down and reslate half a dozen times is never ideal.

Third: VFR in 4K, even if it’s just up to 60p it would be nice to have the option, 120p is the dream but even just having VFR in 48/60/75 would be amazing.

Fourth: 4K/120P, I know it’s not likely but I really want it, right now I lug around a Z Cam E2 just to do slow motion shots in 4K, it’s a great small camera but still too bulky for my taste.

Put those features in an X-H1 body and I‘d have my dream camera.

by Andreas

I’ve been waiting for a GH5 replacement from Fujifilm. A work horse in video and photography, with the beautiful qualities of Fujifilm. For a GH5 replacement, in my opinion it needs to at least match GH5 in the following fields:
  • No time limit, no overheating.
  • IBIS on par with GH5
  • 10-bit HEVC HLG recording. (But since Fujifilm’s colours are great out of the box (as opposed to GH5), 8-bit Eterna could be acceptable for me in most cases.
  • Not bigger than X-T4 please!
  • Flip screen (like X-T4) of course
I’m interested in the X-H2 of course.. but I hope it doesn’t get too big. For me, the X-T4 was almost the one, but the short recording times due to heat dissipation not designed for video – cpu generating too much heat – prevented my wish from coming true this time. So close!

by Ivar

I do a lot of sports and want the X-H to be focus towards the high end market and I need a workhorse like the X-H1 (I have 2). They are perfect on the IronMan world where you are on a motor bike in rain, close to water during the swim etc. They have served me perfectly and still do, but I have som wishes for the X-H2 :-)

– Integrated grip like the GFX 100 (as I also use) Change all batteries during an event is a hassle.
– Larger battery in the grip. one or two.
– Better auto focus

by Dani

For a future XT5 stills oriented body (XT5s? XS5?)

* XT3 screen, perhaps somewhat larger. XT3 body proportions – perhaps even a bit smaller and lighter – but grip can be increased somewhat.
* Button layout like XT4 (FN button in proper position), but instead of Movie/Stills dial, make it M/S1/S2/S3 for storing presets for varying shooting conditions and improve the dial knob for easier switching
* XT4 battery
* No need for video above 1080P, but keep 120/240 speeds.
* No need for HDMI/Mic/Headphone – just USB3 – body might be smaller and lighter
* Provide an “underclock” option to reduce noise as much as possible
* Tilting EVF would be very nice
* Make trash button usable in Shooting mode (firmware for XT3/4?)
* Add option to keep shutter closed when camera is turned off like on new Canon (firmware for XT3/4?)
* Add min. shutter speed multipliers for AutoISO (firmware for XT3/4?)
* Personally I would prefer a focus mode dial instead of the exposure comp. dial, as I always keep it on C anyway…
* Remove the silly PC sync port…

by Marshall

How refreshing it would be to have a fuji monochrome (like the Leica M10 monochrome ) many photographers don’t need video IBIS or colour. It would be so nice to just go out with a Pro 3 like camera in Mono to bring back making stunning mono photographs. Try and put pressure on that wonderful company to bring back simplicity

by Adrian

I wondered for a while if the X-T30 might serve me better but didn’t find it would provide enough saving in size to justify the “worse” grip and lack of weather sealing. By now, I more and more like the range finder type design of the X-E line and was relieved when you reported that iteration 4 WILL come. Now the EVF discussed by Carlos is a good point, as is the tilt screen. But it’s beefing up towards pricey and maybe even bulky territory. I’d submit to getting used to the EVF (even though I know it’ll be tough!), while a simple tilt would be indeed really really good!

What mostly made me stick with the X-T3 though is a tiny inconspicuous thing: The front Fn button – yes, that tiny dot that you almost forget exists! Use it as “front” focus button, together with a thumbrest, and it turns the camera into a single handed everyday companion. I can basically operate the entire camera with the right hand alone via the control dials and even reach the exposure comp., while zipping a beer, checking my phone or holding my girlfriend’s hand with the left one …. That’s bigger to me than any EVF specs! Not sure whether that would still work with the X-E, but if – that would win me over … and a 27mm with an R in the name :)

by gmcjr

I too very much like my X-E3 and would like to see an X-E4 model with these features:

1. A larger viewfinder (like the one on the X100V / X-Pro3).
2. A tilt screen
3. A larger battery like on X-T4
4. Improve ergonomics
5. STILL/MOVIE mode dial like on the X-T4
6. Thirty (30) min. recording limit
7. Uses SDXC UHS-II memory cards