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FR-readers Wishlist Corner: Fujifilm X-H2 Dream Features, Fujifilm X-E4 Survey, Fujinon XF 135mm F3.5 and More


I apologize, because…

… I try and I think I succeed to reply to every single one of the 20+ emails and personal messages I get every single day.

However, not always I am able to give you the comprehensive reply you’d deserve, for a simple reason: time!

In fact, I have day job as a teacher and I run FujiRumors totally alone. Hence, in order to be able to reply to everyone with the limited time I have left, sometimes I just must give a shorter reply, even if often your emails would deserve a comprehensive answer.

Now, some of the most interesting emails I get, are those, with input, ideas and wishes for future Fujifilm products.

And since also to those emails, often I can’t reply as comprehensively as I’d love to, I had the idea to share them with the entire FujiRumors community, and extend the discussion to all of you.

Last time we discussed:

  • read here – FR-readers Wishlist Corner: Fujifilm X-TSony, Firmware Upgrade Suggestions, Lens Wishes and Much More

Today I’d have selected a few more of those wishes.

So, if anyone reading this is interested, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments.

You have wishes about the Fujifilm future, too? Well, then write me at

Have a wonderful weekend,

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Wishlist Roundup

by Andreas

There is a type of lens which was very common back in the 60s, 70s and 80s but which went out of fashion with the rise of the modern tele zoom lens: I’m talking about small tele prime lenses with higher apertures like a 135mm F3.5 or lenses like that.

I personally would like to see a renaissance of lenses like this fr the Fuji X-System. Imagine a 90mm F2.8 or a 135mm F3.5 as a Fujicron lens with R and WR – not much bigger than the existing 50mm F2. I can totally see myself packing a Fuji body and nothing more than the 16mm F2.8, the 35mm F2 and the above mentioned lenses. It would be the perfect travel kit for prime travel shooting…

What about you guys: Would you buy a 90mm F2.8 or a 135mm F3.5, given that they are as small as a Fujicron and have weather resistance?

by Carlos

I like very much my X-E3 and would like to see an X-E4 model. For the new model I would like two improvements:

  1. A larger viewfinder (like the one on the X100V / X-Pro3).
  2. A tilt screen. It can be like the X100V or like the X-Pro3. Any of them would be fine.

I would gladly pay the extra cost of these features.

When I use my X-T2 I appreciate the large viewfinder but I use more often the X-E3 and X-T20 because of the smaller and lighter bodies.

I am considering an X-Pro3 but its too expensive, as well as larger and heavier body, which I want to avoid. I have read that a great part of the cost is the hybrid viewfinder (which is manually assembled) and I would rarely use it.

Would you like these two features and be willing to pay the extra cost?

How about making a poll?

Would you pay an X-E4 more (than the current X-E3) in order to have a tilt screen and a larger EVF?

View Results

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by Tim

Both my GH5 and Z6 have an option to change the crop, and therefore offer a second ‘virtual’ focal length when using a prime. Sony has the most advanced system with Clear Image Zoom which offer precise incremental changes in crop factor.

This is especially useful when shooting stealthy with a small camera and a single prime.

Perhaps something they can consider adding on, especially now video is becoming more important?

by Reza

After 20 + years with Nikon pro bodies both DX and FX, I decided it was time to move to a ”better” overall system and after long deliberations and tests I chose Fuji XF anf GF system.

I have a suggestion you might like to put on your website: to make a poll about X-H2 wanted features.

I have a couple I can add like:

  • have a ”copy-backup” choice to save same the file(s) on BOTH SD cards simultaneously or Raw on first and jpegs on second card.
  • to give more options for timer not just 2 and 10 seconds. 5 would be great.
  • PLEASE let the Electronic level to stay ON not just for Roll but also for Pitch. It is extremely annoying to loose pitch indicator after each shot and have to invoke it again and again. Bad logic!
  • PLEASE KEEP the screen as it is. It is one of the main reasons I chose GFX 50S and X-H1 BUT they NEED anti glare coating AND automatic brightness boost under Sunlight.
  • Illuminated buttons like Nikon D500, PLEASE!
  • Allow 100% magnification in playback for RAW files not just jpegs.
  • Add User Settings (1,2,3) or Shooting Banks (A,B,C) and make them accessible either physically via Exposure dial or via Q button in Quick Menu screen.
  • Built-in ready made HDR with DNG output and adjustable EV settings for 3,5,7,9 shots.
  • Auto WB just as improved as in X-T4 (should be a given now)
  • Keep the amazing feather shutter from X-H1/GFX100
  • PLEASE  implement a top quality anti glare anti reflection LCD usable under outdoor lighting.
  • Rubberize the command dials or make their edge-design to be ”rougher” and less slippery
  • Absolutely keep the 3-axis electronic level on and not turn it off after each shot.
  • 5 second time besides 2 and 10, Please!
  • And my highest ever Dream: make a left grip with shutter and command dials as an accessory, making all left-handed photographers (and thus who do not have a right hand like myself) happiest people in the World. It is a Dream I will keep till I die

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