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Fujifilm X-H1 Snaps Top Winning Image at the World Press Photo Awards, but Canon is Still Top


Ok, this is a mandatory update to our previous post World Press Photo Award post here.

In our previous article, based on the statistics made by thephoblographer, we reported how most of this years’s award winners used Fujifilm and Nikon cameras. ThePhoBlographer writes:

The big winners are Fujifilm and Nikon in terms of camera manufacturers.

More specifically, these were the Fujifilm cameras used: Fujifilm X-H1, X-T3, X-Pro2, GFX100, X100F, X100T, X100S, X100, X-T10)

I was thrilled about it, and reported about it here. And I trusted the great guys over at thephoblographer, who keep delivering great content for the photography community. Honestly I didn’t check it by myself, as today its my birthday, and I have a day planed with my wife at home, cooking and (a bit) drinking ;).

But it turns out, as our fellow FR-readers noticed, the real statistics are a bit different than the one shared at the thephoblographer.

Fujifilm and Nikon are still strongly represented.

In fact, the most prestigious award for the best “General News” image was taken by Yasuyoshi Chiba with his Fujifilm X-H1.

But the most used camera brand overall, was still a Canon.

And yet, year after year, Fujifilm saw a constant rise in terms of awards at the World Press Photo contest. DSLR a constant decline. And yes, it really looks like APS-C is more than enough to take an image worth one of the most prestigious awards on the world.

Maybe, one day, even some popular vlogger like Mr. Jared will be able to take some decent shots with APS-C cameras ;).

Now the ranking:

Camera by brand:
Canon 31,37%
Fuji 17,65%
Nikon 15,69%
Sony 9,80%
DJI 3,92%
Leica 1,96%
Unknown 19,61%

Camera by sensors:
FullFrame 58,82%
APS-C 15,69%
Medium Format 1,96%
Unknown 23,53%

Camera by type:
SLR 43,14%
Mirrorless 33,33%
Drone 3,92%
Unknown 19,61%

Last year Fuji was 10.5%, now is 17.6%, mirrorless was 13% and now is 33%…

This year Fujifilm won the top award. But also in the past years, Fujifilm was well represented. Look at the awards won in the past few years:

And now, here are the most used cameras this year.

Yasuyoshi Chuba (Fujifilm X-H1)
Ricardo Garcia Vilanova (Fujifilm X-T3)
Luca Locatelli (DJI and Fujifilm GFX 100)
Romain Laurendeau (Fujifilm X100, X100T, X100S)
Tatsiana Tkachova (Fujifilm X100T and X-T10)
Peter Mather (Nikon D4 and Fujifilm X Pro 2)

Alessio Mamo (Canon 5D Mk IV)
Nicolò Filippo Rosso (Canon 5D Mk IV)
Steve Winter (Canon 5D Mk IV)
Brent Stirton (Canon 5D Mk IV and Canon 5DS R)
Dai Kurokawa (Canon 5D Mk IV)
Silvia Izquierdo (Canon 5D Mk IV)
Alon Skuy (Canon 5D Mk IV)
Ivor Prickett (Canon 5D Mk IV)
Sean Davey (Canon 5D Mk IV)
Fabio Bucciarelli (Canon 5D Mk IV and Sony a7r III)
Nominee Mulugeta Ayene (Canon 5D Mk III)
Tomek Kaczor (Canon 5D Mk III)
Antonio Pizarro Rodriguez (Canon 5D Mk III)
Katie Orlinsky (DJI and Canon 5Ds)
Mark Blinch (Canon 1Dx Mk II)

Peter Mather (Nikon D4 and Fujifilm X Pro 2)
Matthew Abbott Panos (Nikon D5)
Noah Berger (Nikon D5)
Daniele Volpe (Nikon D600 Nikon D3, Nikon D85)
Wally Skalij (Nikon D5)
Oli Scarff (Nikon D4s)

Fabio Bucciarelli (Canon 5D Mk IV and Sony a7r III)
Lorenzo Tugnoli Contrasto (Sony a7r II and Sony a7r III)
Ramon Espinosa (Sony a7r II)
Adam Ferguson (Sony a7r III)

Olivier Papegnies (Leica M10)

Tadas Kazakevicius (Film)

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