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Fujifilm FF240001 Registration Found (3rd Unreleased Product): The Rumors Go Wild with Fujifilm GFX25, GFX100SII, X-Pro4, X100 and More


On the Chinese Weibo (linked below), the patent for a third unregistered Fujifilm camera has surfaced, the FF240001.

So we are now at a total of three registered cameras that have yet to be released.

  • FF230002
  • FF230003
  • FF240001

From here all possible speculations start and you can read them down below.

How do I know these are just made up speculations and not rumors?

Well, because there are so many errors I will have to correct ;). In short here are the “rumors”.

  • What they say is Sure (+ Possible)
  • 4 to 6 cameras coming in 2024
  • GFX100SII with X-T5 retro style body and no 8K video and lack of many video functions
  • X100V successor almost done. 40 MP biggest possibility
  • Highly Reliable
  • X-Pro4 updated to X-T5 performance with normal flip screen. But another source it has still the mini-LCD on the back. New film simulation
  • X100V with IBIS and OIS and 160MP High resolition mode
  • Generally Reliable
  • X100V with 50mm mode (20MP resolution)
  • 2024 is the year of GFX, with GFX100SII and several GF lenses with good focus performance
  • GFX25 coming mainly for video shooting (multiple sources confirm this)
  • Basically Impossible
  • GFX200 with 200 Megapixel
  • X-T40 ready to be released with 40 megapixel
  • No Reliability Rating
  • X-E series update in summer 2024
  • GF 14-20mm coming
  • 2x TC for GFX

But hey, it’s online. Let’s have fun even if it’s just made up stuff :).

Fuji registered the new machine FF240001 (2023AJ20262, 2023-12-08) again yesterday.

Fuji may release more than 4 new cameras in 2024, or even 6 cameras.

1. 2024 is the year of GFX. After GFX100 II, GFX100S II was launched, which has the style of X-T5 after X-H2. Among them, EVF has returned to a non-removable design and the resolution has decreased. The fuselage design is more retro, and the top prefers an elegant wave wheel appearance. Among them, 8K video was cancelled.

2. GFX100S II cancels most of the video functions, only providing full-width 4K/30pHQ and 4K/60p video, as well as 1080/120p video; at the same time, 14bit 8fps RAW continuous shooting of 12bit AD is canceled, reducing the continuous shooting cache However, the focus system is consistent with the GFX100 II.

3. The X100V follow-up machine is almost nailed, but not all the specifications are clear. However, 40-megapixel sensors with X-T5 and X-H2 are the biggest possibility.

The following information is more reliable:

4. When X-Pro 4 is updated, its performance is basically the same as that of X-T5. Among them, the most significant thing is that this abstract folding screen has been changed and finally became a modern flip screen, with an axis that can be used for normal Live View.

5. X-Pro 4 brings new film simulation, but still retains the small film display. Not the same source as 4)

5. Relevant people claim that the X100V follow-up machine supports IBIS and lens anti-shake collaboration, and supports multi-frame 160MP high-resolution mode.

6. GFX100S II may bring a new pricing range, GFX100S, GFX100S II, GFX100 II, three machines sold together to build a new 4433 medium-frame price echelon. Among them, the price of GFX100S may fall.

The following information is generally reliable:

7. The high-resolution sensor of the X100V successor machine makes it have a 50mm mode to cut 20 million pixels for the equivalent 35mm lens. ( It’s not Fuji’s style)

8. 2023 Q3 to 2024 Q3 is the year of GFX, not only GFX 100 II, GFX 100S II, but also several GF lenses with good focusing performance. Personally, I doubt it.)
In addition, there is a new positioning camera of GFX 25, which has a resolution of only 1/4 of the GFX 100 II, but it is suitable for high-sensitivity scenes, high-speed continuous shooting scenes, and the most important video scenes.

9. Several sources claim that GFX 25 exists and believe that it is the main video shooting. I have received this kind of enchantment for more and more 7 times.)

10. GFX25 supports 4:3 OG 5.8K/30p, 17:9 point-to-point 5.8K/60p, Premista cutting point-to-point 17:9 5.4K/60p, 35mm cutting point-to-point 4.8K/60p, all field cutting Oversampling 4K/60p, cutting point-to-point 4K/120p. ( As far as I know, Fuji’s encoder does not design 60p recording with a resolution above 4K. If there is GFX25, the resolution may be correct, but the maximum frame rate is wrong.)

Basically impossible information:

11. GFX’s largest flagship GFX 200 (16384×12288 200M stack sensor) in 2024 will debut from September to December 2024. Where did the sensor come from? What price is it? Can the business still be done?)

12. X-T40 is ready to be released, and its 40 is just suitable for 40Mp, equipped with a 40-megapixel sensor. 8 comments: Such a narrow price range between X-S20 and X-T5. Fuji can’t even cut a 40M X-T40, which is simply fighting with X-T5.)

The reliability of the following information cannot be judged:

13. The X-E series was updated in the summer of 2024 at X-Summit, using hardware similar to X-S20.
14. The GF system is preparing an ultra-wide-angle lens with a range of 14-20mm.
15. The 2x TC ring of the GF system will be launched.

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