Fujifilm to Launch Three Cameras within First Half 2024 – But the Biggest Release is Another One ;)

Best News First: the Biggest Release is…

Yes, we are going to talk about the three cameras. But first you need to know this.

There is one release in just a couple weeks that will overshadow everything else Fujifilm will launch.

Well, at least for me.

Because my second son will be “released” in the next couple of weeks, too :)

But don’t worry guys.

There shouldn’t be any schedule conflict with the X Summit on February 20 (unlike with my first sons’ birth, when Fujifilm made its mega announcement literally just hours after he was born and I had to live blog right after I came home sleepless after his birth).

So I am ready to cover it all non-stop here on FujiRumors.

* NOTE: if on Feb.20 you decide to pre-order the X100VI using our affiliate links, FujiRumors will invest the earnings in diapers :)

Big 2024 Start Confirmed

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CONFIRMED: Fujifilm X100VI Announcement on February 20 (and More?)

So Fujifilm just officially announced the next Fujifilm X Summit for February 20.

And according to our sources, for sure we will get the Fujifilm X100VI on February 20.

Will we get even more?

Well, at the moment I don’t know it. But what I know is that Fujifilm has LOTS of stuff in the pipeline for the first months of 2024.

In fact, we confirm: Fujifilm will announce more cameras in the first months of 2024 than in the entire year 2023. Which means “3 or more” cameras.

We also told you that the successor of this camera here is the next MILC camera to be launched, as we reported here.

And last but not least, we already leaked the images of the next XF lens that Fujifilm will launch, which will be the replacement of this lens here. If you want you can see the images here plus read additional specs here.

Finally, there are lenses on the official Fujifilm roadmap for 2024 and other gear that could come (but we don’t really have solid rumors about them for now). We shared a big Fujifilm 2024 overview here.

I will try to figure out exactly what will come.

But for sure I can tell you now: the Fujifilm X100VI is scheduled for February 20 announcement.

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Fujifilm X Summit on February 20: What’s On Top of Your Wishlist? X100V Successor, GFX100SII, New Lenses and What Else – VOTE NOW

We told you that the next Fujifilm X Summit will take place on February 20, 2024.

I thought it could be nice to see what your top wish is as far as announcements goes.

So I took all the Fujifilm gear listed on our Fujifilm 2024 overview and made a survey out of it.

To be clear, I am not saying that everything in this list will come in 2024. Some of it will come for sure, some of it has only been vaguely hinted by Fujifilm managers, and some are just mere wishes and hopes of the FujiRumors community.

To see more in detail which gear will surely come, which maybe, and which one probably not, check out our full Fujifilm 2024 overview article.

With that said, now drop your vote :).

On February 20, 2024 I would like to get:

View Results

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What to Expect from Fujifilm in 2024 (and What Probably Not)

Fujifilm 2024

In November we have shared quite some rumors (as you can see here). And not only that! In our previous 2024 outlook, we forgot to add gear that Fujifilm has already pre-announced to come in 2024 as well as give you a look into rumored third party AF lenses.

That’s why we need to update our view into the Fujifilm year 2024.

All the X/GFX rumors come from our sources, whereas the speculations are often based on hints and comments that managers gave in interviews.

Remember, Fujifilm will launch 3 or more cameras in the first months of 2024. This means there are still more cameras we have to (and we will) leak here on FujiRumors.


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Fujifilm FF240001 Registration Found (3rd Unreleased Product): The Rumors Go Wild with Fujifilm GFX25, GFX100SII, X-Pro4, X100 and More

On the Chinese Weibo (linked below), the patent for a third unregistered Fujifilm camera has surfaced, the FF240001.

So we are now at a total of three registered cameras that have yet to be released.

  • FF230002
  • FF230003
  • FF240001

From here all possible speculations start and you can read them down below.

How do I know these are just made up speculations and not rumors?

Well, because there are so many errors I will have to correct ;). In short here are the “rumors”.

  • What they say is Sure (+ Possible)
  • 4 to 6 cameras coming in 2024
  • GFX100SII with X-T5 retro style body and no 8K video and lack of many video functions
  • X100V successor almost done. 40 MP biggest possibility
  • Highly Reliable
  • X-Pro4 updated to X-T5 performance with normal flip screen. But another source it has still the mini-LCD on the back. New film simulation
  • X100V with IBIS and OIS and 160MP High resolition mode
  • Generally Reliable
  • X100V with 50mm mode (20MP resolution)
  • 2024 is the year of GFX, with GFX100SII and several GF lenses with good focus performance
  • GFX25 coming mainly for video shooting (multiple sources confirm this)
  • Basically Impossible
  • GFX200 with 200 Megapixel
  • X-T40 ready to be released with 40 megapixel
  • No Reliability Rating
  • X-E series update in summer 2024
  • GF 14-20mm coming
  • 2x TC for GFX

But hey, it’s online. Let’s have fun even if it’s just made up stuff :).

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