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Fujifilm to Launch Three Cameras within First Half 2024 – But the Biggest Release is Another One ;)


Best News First: the Biggest Release is…

Yes, we are going to talk about the three cameras. But first you need to know this.

There is one release in just a couple weeks that will overshadow everything else Fujifilm will launch.

Well, at least for me.

Because my second son will be “released” in the next couple of weeks, too :)

But don’t worry guys.

There shouldn’t be any schedule conflict with the X Summit on February 20 (unlike with my first sons’ birth, when Fujifilm made its mega announcement literally just hours after he was born and I had to live blog right after I came home sleepless after his birth).

So I am ready to cover it all non-stop here on FujiRumors.

* NOTE: if on Feb.20 you decide to pre-order the X100VI using our affiliate links, FujiRumors will invest the earnings in diapers :)

Big 2024 Start Confirmed

And now to the stuff you are here for: the rumors!

I got in touch with the source, who told us Fujifilm would launch “more cameras” in the “first months of 2024” than in the entire year 2023, to see if there are any updates on this rumor.

Well, I got some feedback and updates. So here they are:

  • the announcements will happen within the first half of 2024
  • the number of cameras announced in this period is three (3)
  • if we include the limited edition X100VI, then it would be a total of four (4) cameras
  • Instax is not included in the list of cameras

That’s at least the current state. But don’t crucify me if Fujifilm makes any changes to this plan.

I mean, do you remember when Fujifilm officially announced to the world the X summit for April 2023, but then they canceled the entire event end moved it to a later month?

So, if even after the official announcement Fujifilm can change announcement dates, imagine how often they can change dates before they make any announcement at all.

I guess that’s also the reason why our source never gave us precise dates (except for Februar 20 for X100VI), but it always remained a bit vague, saying “first months” and “first half”. It probably knew that nothing was really rocksolid, and that the final dates had not yet been set (or were still subject to change).

Anyway, so far so good: the 3 cameras are coming, and they are coming fairly soon. And today we can confirm that.

Which Cameras?

So what are the three cameras?

Well, for sure we will get:

As far as the third camera goes, there is of course lots of talk about several cameras.

Personally, I would still appreciate it if the X-T*** would continue, hence if we’d get a Fujifilm X-T300 at some point. I know, entry level has been declared dead. And indeed, if you look at the official Fujifilm product page here, you won’t see any of the countless X-A camera listed there anymore. However, you can still find the lovely Fujifilm X-T200 listed. So maybe this signals that Fujifilm has still some plans for an X-T300, even though so far I have no rumors about it.

There is also some chatter about Fujifilm X-T6, Fujifilm X-H3 and Fujifilm X-H3S as well as hopes for a Fujifilm X80 and what not. But I’d not be overly optimistic about any of these to come in the first half of 2024.

And then there are the unique cameras, like the long hoped for (but never rumored):

  • Fujifilm Monochrome
  • Fujifilm X-Pan

Unlikely? Maybe!

But this is Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary and it could be an ideal time to celebrate it properly by launching a truly unique and special camera that is the highest expression of Fujifilm’s photographic culture. A camera that goes a different path, that does not participate to the specs sheet battle and that incapsulates the true soul of Fujifilm: love for photography!

So overall there are definitely a lot of options. Let us know which one is your favourite as far as the third camera goes.