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Fujifilm Announcements: X Summit BKK on May 24, New Firmware for 12 XF/GF Lenses and FujiKina on May 27


Fujifilm has released a video where they finally announce what FujiRumors is telling you since a weeks: there is no Fujifilm X Summit in April, but it will take place on May 24 (as we told you) in Bangkok. Fujikina will take place on May 27 also in Bangkok.

This is what they say in the video.

  • they talk about the new firmware updates for X-H2 and X-H2s ( integration)
  • they announce new firmware for XF/GF lenses that reduces focusing noise with certain linear motor AF lenses, smoother aperture operation and improved focus tracking performance during zooming
  • GFX Grant Challenge program updates
  • Fujifilm X Summit in Bangkok announced for May 24
  • Fujikina Bangkok on May 27

FujiRumors has so far rumored two cameras and one lens.

Maybe some of this (or something else) will drop on May 24.

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