Fujifilm FF230003 Registration Found (2nd Unreleased Product): Shall the X-Pro4, X-E5, X-S30, X-T6, X-T40, X-H3, X-H3S, X80, X100R, GFX100R Rumors Magically Appear ;)

Fujifilm has registered the FF230003, so we now have a total of two unreleased products registered:

  • FF230002
  • FF230003

Ah, that’s not enough!!!

Because as we told you, Fujifilm will announce more cameras in the first months of 2024 than in the entire year of 2023 (hence 3 or even more cameras in just a few months).

So there are still registrations missing here, trust me ;).

And we also told you (many months ago) what one of the cameras will be: the Fujifilm X100V successor (which you guys decided to call Fujifilm X100R).

Now, I can see the “rumors” about the Fujifilm GFX100R, Fujifilm X-Pro4, Fujifilm X-E5, Fujifilm X-T6, Fujifilm X-T40, Fujifilm X80, Fujifilm X-H3, Fujifilm X-H3S and more pop up. But those “rumors” appeared also ahead of the X Summit on May 24 and September 12, and of course none (not a single one!!!) of them materialized. But I guess misleading readers for traffic and good SEO is a great deal for them.

Here on FujiRumors we don’t mislead you with fake rumors.

Here we will tell you the real deal, and you will know it all very soon (promised!!!).

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Fujifilm to Announce More Cameras in First Months of 2024 than in the Entire Year 2023 – Which Cameras Do You Think will Come? VOTE NOW

Fujifilm Future Poll

INSANE DEAL (only for Black Friday)

We just told you that Fujifilm will announce more cameras in the first months of 2024 than in the entire year of 2023.

All the answers will follow on FujiRumors. But in the meantime I thought it could be fun to vote on which cameras you think will come.

But note a few things:

  • this is a survey on gear that you THINK will come, not what you wish will come
  • this is why I stayed rather “conservative” with my poll options and mainly only include successors to current camera lines

Regarding the successors, a very important note:

  • it is not clear if all current X/GFX the lines will get a successor. Will there ever be a GFX50RII or GFX100RII or GFX100SII or X80 or X-E5 etc?
  • I will include them anyway in this survey, just to see how much demand there is for such cameras among the FR community

And now a quick explanation on the survey itself.

  • recently refreshed cameras will not be included in the survey (no Fujifilm X-T6 or Fujifilm X-H3/S)
  • X100V successor is not included in the list, as that one will come for sure in early 2024

And if you Need to go Wild… ;)

There is always a possibility that Fujifilm will launch something new, hence a new type of camera or new camera line.

And while you can’t vote on it, you can still express your wildest wishes in the comments below. At a later stage we can make a separate survey if it’s something you’d like to vote on.

Which Fujifilm Cameras do You THINK will be Announced in the First Months of 2024 (max 1 pick)

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RUMOR: Big Start for Fujifilm in 2024 with Multiple (and Record?) Camera Announcements

Starting Big in 2024

So, we told you that there won’t be any new Fujifilm gear announcement in 2023.

But don’t worry, Fujifilm is working full power right now.

In fact, we have been told that in the “first months of 2024″ Fujifilm will announce more cameras than in the entire year 2023.

Considering that we got a total of 2 cameras in 2023, this means we can expect three or more cameras coming in the first months of 2024.

I have checked back, and as far as I can see, in 13 years of X/GFX series there has been only one year in which Fujifilm launched more than two cameras in the first months of the year (without counting the entry level cameras that were made by Xacti Corporation and not by Fujifilm).

It was back in 2017 when Fujifilm released the Fujifilm GFX 50S, Fujifilm X100F and Fujifilm X-T20.

But even if we would count the Xacti cameras (X-T100, X-T200, X-A5, X-A20 etc), we would get a total of 3 years out of 13 in which Fujifilm kicked off the year with more than two cameras, and also in that case we reach 3 cameras max (as in 2017).

So, by launching three or more Fujifilm cameras (made by Fujfiilm) in the first months of 2024, Fujifilm is out for a record release rate, matching or exceeding the announcements we had only once in 13 years of Fujifilm X/GFX history.

Not bad ;).

One Camera is Sure

Now, thanks to our sources we know already what one of these cameras will be: the replacement of this camera here.

What will the other cameras be?

Well, you know what you have to do: just stay tuned on FujiRumors, and you will know it.

And what about lenses?

Well, we know that the next XF lens to come will be the replacement of this lens here.

But even though I have no further solid lens rumors right now, I do hope to be able to share more soon.

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Fujifilm 2024: A Look Ahead Between Rumors and Speculations (X-Pro4, X100R, X-E5, X-T40, New XF Lenses, GFX Future)

2023 is Done

We just told you that there will be no more Fujifilm announcements in 2023.

And since in terms of new gear we are done for this year, lots of people started asking me what is coming in 2024.

Now, I am working on it, and we have shared already something.

For example we told you that the next XF lens to come is the replacement of this lens here.

More rumors will follow.

But as you know, on FujiRumors we will not make up a single rumor just to make traffic, nor share anonymous rumors we receive in which I don’t trust.

We prefer to share less rumors, generate less traffic, make less money, and value your time with less, but accurate rumors.

But until more rumors drop, I thought we could also make one single article where we talk about the current state of the rumors and also make speculation on what could or we would like to come in 2024.

2024 – A Look Into the Future

** CLICK HERE to Read the Rest of the Article **

Fujifilm X-H2S or X-H2 or Fujifilm X-T5 or X-T5s – Which One Are You Most Interested in? VOTE NOW!

Here on FujiRumors we try to be as accurate as possible.

We multiple check, we verify, we investigate, we don’t speculate, we don’t share fakes and by doing so we reach a 90%+ rumor accuracy.

But why am I so careful with the rumors?

Well, because I know that some of you make buying decision based on our rumors, and, true story, some even cancel their holidays based on our rumors (as a well-known youtuber recently told me, who canceled a family holiday after I’ve shared the rumor of the May 31 announcements).

So, that’s quite some responsibility I have to deal with, that I try honor by being as accurate as possible.

But for one time today…

… let’s just start the week by having some fun!

I’d like to launch a survey that is totally hypothetical, has no rumor-foundations and is merely something to satisfy my curiosity and have fun to speculate about.

Let’s launch a survey, based on the assumption (not rumor, a mere speculation) that just as Fujifilm will launch a 26MP stacked sensor X-H2S and a 40MP non stacked sensor X-H2, they will also release one day a Fujifilm X-T5 with 40MP non stacked sensor and a Fujifilm X-T5s with 26MP stacked sensor.

Between these 4 cameras, which one is the one that interest you most?

And yes, I know it’s just speculation. And I know we don’t know the price of each of these hypothetical cameras (which we don’t know if/when they will come). And we also don’t know the specs. But you guys can make educated guesses and estimates on this, I am sure of that. And you also have your design and ergonomic preferences.

So, just roughly, just for fun, feel free to vote the survey below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

I am most interested in:

View Results

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