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The wonderful Fujifilm X100VI is now reality!!!


X100VI – Official Fujifilm Info

Fujifilm X100VI – First Looks

Mixed News


Launch Videos
Fuji Guys & More

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Fujifilm X Summit Starts NOW – WATCH LIVE on FujiRumors (With Surprises?)

Fujifilm X Summit – LIVE COVERAGE
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Fujifilm X Summit – The Full Coverage Live!


  • Fujifilm CEO greetings (first time I can remember for an X summit)
  • imaging business is thriving and ready for the next 10 years
  • introducing X100VI
  • he calls it X100-SIX
  • CEO assures us that Fujifilm will continue to develop many more attractive products for years to come
  • Now Fujifilm manager takes over
  • Fujifilm is committed to photography
  • the product is X100VI
  • X100VI represents core value of Fujifilm since its foundation
  • 6 stops IBIS
  • 40MP and all the other specs we already leaked
  • optimized dials
  • Timeless Value Project
  • same lens of X100V. Can resolve 40MP. Also with WCL and TCL
  • enhance AF thanks to X Processor 5 and New AF system
  • 2 millimiter thicker and 43 grams heavier
  • new grip design
  • 6.2K/30p 4:2:2 10 bit
  • compatible with Frame.io
  • save viewfinder of X100V
  • slightly better battery life than X100V (despite IBIS)
  • X mount roadmap: XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8. Beyond ordinary kit lens
  • X App version 2 coming, with new equipment page and other features (like shutter count)
  • new firmware coming for 5th generation cameras with latest autofocus system (in spring)
  • Reala Ace will come to other 5th generation Fujifilm cameras
  • Frame.io without need of FT-XH coming via firmware
  • X100VI limited edition ($1,999)
  • next X Summit in Sydney

Fujifilm X100VI
USA: BHphoto / Amazon (black & silver) / Adorama / Moment / Nuzira

Screenshots of the Event / Media Slides

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Fujifilm launches “FUJIFILM X100VI”


Fujifilm launches “FUJIFILM X100VI”

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Fujifilm X100VI Preorders Start at 1:00 AM New York Time and Here are the Links

rendered page (not the real one)
rendered page (not the real one)

The Time

Many asked: when and how can you preorder the X100VI? And we have the answer.

Starting from 1:00 AM New York time (7AM Berlin Time) stores will list the Fujifilm X100VI on their pages and you’ll be able to preorder it.

Down below you’ll find the links to the X100VI at several stores. They might not show the X100VI right now, but at 1:00 AM New York time they will lead you to the X100VI.

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But How Exactly Does it Work?

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UPDATED: First Leaked Fujifilm X100VI Images

UPDATED with MESSAGE TO SOURCE: I assume the comment that came with the other information you shared indicates that it should not be shared publicy on FujiRumors? I’ll go the safest route possible and assume that. Otherwise, feel free to tell me if/how I can handle that part of the rumor.

Original Article:

These are the first leaked images of the Fujifilm X100VI (after the pixelated leaked images).

THANKS to the source for sharing them with us.