RUMOR: Fujifilm X100V Successor Coming with a “New” Lens in Early 2024

We already told you that the Fujifilm X100V successor will be launched in early 2024 (and ship in late 2028 probably :) ).

Well, today trusted sources have informed us that the Fujifilm X100V replacement will come with a “new lens”.

No further details for now but I am working on it and update you as soon as I can.

But I want to be clear:

“New lens” for now is a vague hint and could mean just anything: from a minor redesign that would make the lens weather sealed without the need to apply a filter (which is currently needed to seal the X100V lens) or also a redesign with different focal length/aperture [for example the patented 20mmF2 lens for X100 cameras]. Just everything is possible at this point.

So, for now “new” just means that there will be differences over the X100V lens, but how strong this difference will be I can’t tell right now.

A minor change? A substantial redesigned? I’ll make sure you’ll get the answer here on FujiRumors.

Certainly this comes surprising, as in 5 generation of the X100 line (X100, X100S, X100T, X100F, X100V), Fujifilm has refreshed the lens only once, on the last generation, the X100V. So personally I would not have expected another refresh to come that soon again. But it’s happening. Word of trusted sources.

Fujifilm X100V Successor Coming Early 2024: The Hottest Name Speculations (and Vote Your Favorite)

Now that I have told your that the Fujifilm X100V successor will come in early 2024, I am sure that many of you have lots of questions about it.

Questions, that you are free to share down below in the comments and I promise I will work on them and hopefully be able to answer soon.

One of the questions I have not yet the answer to is the name of the X100V successor.

And since I am tired to share rumors calling it the “X100V successor” I thought I’ll do it like this. I will now share a couple of naming options and you vote on the one you like most. The winning name will be used by me for all further rumors (at least until I find out the real name).

And let’s start with a feedback coming from a FR-reader via the revived rumor box.

X100R because…

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DPRTV and Ted Forbes 2023 Predictions: Fujifilm X-Pro4 and Dedicated Video Camera

DPRTV teamed up with Ted Forbes to predict the future of the Fujifilm system for 2023.

They predict two cameras:

  • Fujifilm X-Pro4 with 40MP
  • dedicated video camera

I won’t make any comment on anything at the moment, because as you can imagine, I am looking deep into 2023 already, and when the time has come and all the checks are done, I will drop 100% accurate rumors for you.

So for now take their predictions as what they are: fun speculations and wishes.

The FujiRumors community has a clear idea on what they want for 2023.

For the X series the most wished camera is indeed the Fujifilm X-Pro4 followed by the Fujifilm X100VI (or X100Vs or X200 or however Fujifilm is going to call the Fujifilm X100V successor).

For the GFX series, the top wish could be summed up with one word: speed!

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